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Chapter One: The CEO

"I've tried to go on like I never knew you

I'm awake, but my world is half asleep.

I pray for this heart to be unbroken

But without you, all I'm going to be is


"Incomplete" By: The Backstreet Boys

Seto Kaiba was doing something that he never did on a regular workday: walking. More important than that, he was walking along the beach. Usually, at around this time, he was up and working on his lab top, but he decided that he seriously needed a break. After making sure that Mokuba was asleep, he put on his white trench coat and began to walk around Domino City. He wound up walking along the beach.

He stopped as the ocean lapped against his rubber boots. He stood up straight as he stared at the glorious sun sending blood red rays, orange dazzles, lavender dots, and pink streams throughout the sky as it set. He remembered the last time that he had been here, and he slightly frowned.

He shook the distant memory out of his mind and continued to stare at the setting sun. His short brown bangs brushed against his large cerulean eyes as the wind whistled past his ears, taunting him.

He took in a deep breath and almost choked on the fresh, salty air that the sea emanated. It had been a long time since he had gone to the beach, and he had forgotten the smells and the sights of it.

Although he hated the beach, the reason why he was really here was that he felt tied to it. The breaking waves, the sun, and most of all, the sand. He felt as if the sands had dragged him here for a mission, some kind of purpose. He couldn't help but realize that the sands reminded him of some distant past that he couldn't quite remember or grasp. They would lead him to his destiny, his fate.

Seto almost laughed out loud as he pushed his ridiculous theory out of his mind.

"Maybe Ishizu's hocus pocus shit finally got to me," he thought as he shook his head once more. The sun had finally set, and he turned his back to it. He was about to leave when he heard a beautiful sound. A sound so pure and so innocent that it caused his heart to ache with pain. He turned again and saw where the sound had come from.

A girl wearing a plain, black two-piece bikini was holding a white towel in her soft, delicate hands. A small white dog was barking and chasing after it. Her long, red hair fluttered in the wind. She had nice curves, and she was about 5' 6" tall. Her green eyes were filled with a serenity that could calm the most violent of storms, and they were so warm that they could melt a heart encased in a thousand layers of stone. Her luscious red lips turned up into a beatific smile. That innocent and pure sound that escaped from those lips, from her gorgeous mouth, was the sound of plain laughter.

"Come on, Tito!" said the girl as she ran faster. The dog barked back excitedly as she giggled again.

Seto was entranced, almost hypnotized by her figure. He felt a slight tugging sensation at the back of his neck as a distant memory resurfaced in his mind.

"Akunadin!" screamed a man with bronze skin. He was wearing a blue outfit with golden stripes, and a blue cape hung across his back. On his short brown hair, there was a large hat with blue and golden stripes. A statue of a golden serpent ready to strike lay at the front of it. In his left hand, he tightly gripped a golden rod that was known as one of the seven Millennium items: the Millennium Rod. His dark blue eyes narrowed at the sight of the old man. Although he was handsome, his cold dark demeanor made people cower at him in fear.

He walked towards a man wearing a plain cloak.

"Akunadin! Did you not hear me?" barked the man as he towered over the plain-cloaked man.

The man raised his head. He was clearly the elder of the two, and he had a gray beard. Instead of two eyes, however, one was replaced with a golden eye, which was another Millennium Item; one known as the Millennium Eye.

"Priest Seto, you should watch that mouth and volatile temper of yours," replied the old man with a smirk. The smirk could send chills down anyone's spine, but Priest Seto was firm and did not care what others thought of him. He ignored the old man's advice.

"Have you found her?"

"As a matter of fact," said his father slyly, "I have. Her name is Kisara. She lives just outside the city of Alexandria."

"Akunadin, do you believe that this will be successful?" asked the young priest. Thirsty as he was for power, even the young priest felt as if this was wrong.

"Seto, do not worry. I am sure of it."

"But-" Before Seto could protest, he fell to his knees and clutched his head. He could feel something dark and powerful taking control of his mind. Akunadin chuckled and knelt by him.

"Seto, you cannot fight it. I have placed it in you, and he will make you the most powerful man in the world."

"Akunadin, what have you done to me?" gasped Seto as sweat began to pour down his face.

"You will thank me for it. Spirit, take hold of his mind. Seto is stubborn, but he will eventually give in."

"Yes, Akunadin, as you wish."

Before the priest could let anything escape from his mouth, he felt a firm hand cover over it and his nose with a damp, smelly cloth. His vision clouded as he tried to look up, but he was struck hard across the face. He hit the floor with a thud as his world turned into darkness...

Kaiba slightly gasped as he clutched his chest and fell to the sand.

"That dream...that nightmare...can't be real...It was fake...It was fake...Wasn't it?" thought the young CEO. His large blue orbs turned into tiny gray dots as he felt pain course through his body.

"Sir, are you all right?" asked a worried voice. Seto looked up to see the girl with the long red hair holding her white dog in her delicate arms. The wind rustled through her long, red hair, which kissed her silky smooth legs. She was beautiful, all right. Seto found it slightly amusing, though, that the girl had a look of genuine concern written on her face for a complete stranger.

"Yes," whispered Seto, "I am fine." He put his hands on the sand as he stood up slowly. He tried to stand straight, but his legs felt like jelly. The girl, who was still looking quite concerned, quickly placed the dog next to her and stood up just as Seto began to fall. She quickly caught his arm firmly, but gently. Seto didn't like this one bit: a girl was helping him, and most importantly, he'd shown signs of extreme weakness over a dream that wasn't even true...that obviously COULDN'T be true.

He quickly switched back to his cold, business-like attitude. He narrowed his eyes and rudely pulled his arm away from her. He immediately regretted it, though, as he saw her large green eyes show signs of hurt and confusion.

"Serenity!" called a familiar voice...Seto saw one of the "dweeb" crew run towards the pretty red-head. His blond hair rushed past his face, and he had a pair of blue shorts on. He saw the red-head turn and scream, "Joey!"

"Hey, sis! The resta of the gang..." He stopped once he saw the familiar white trench coat of a man with brown hair walking away from his sister.

"Kaiba! What ya doin' here!" screamed Joey as Serenity turned back to look at the handsome CEO.

Kaiba stopped in his tracks and glanced back at Joey. He lingered for a second on Serenity before he smirked and replied, "I don't have to answer to you, mutt."

"KAIBA!" roared Joey as he raised his fist in the air, but his sister stopped him.

"Joey, leave him alone. Let's get back to the others. They might get worried about us."

"You're right, Serenity. I don't have ta waste my time on this jerk," said Joey as he walked away from Kaiba. Serenity grabbed her dog, and she looked back at the retreating figure of Seto Kaiba. She had heard many stories about him from her brother and his friends about his cruel, harsh attitude, but she couldn't help worry about him. She slightly frowned as the wind rustled through her long, red hair. For that moment, he seemed like he was in terrible pain and disbelief.

"Serenity, ya coming?"

Serenity snapped out of her reverie. She glanced for one last time at Kaiba before she walked towards her brother.

"Yeah, Joey. I'm coming."


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