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Chapter Two: The Duel

"Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?

I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated

At times like this you fall, and you crawl, and you break,

And you take what you get and you turn it into

Honesty, and promise me I'm never gonna find you faking."

"Complicated" By: Avril Lavigne

"That was too close," thought Seto as he began walking out of the beach and back into the city. He brought his head up to look up at the bright stars. He couldn't help but shudder at the fact that the mutt might have seen him kneeling on the sand before his sister. He couldn't let Joey Wheeler have the satisfaction of seeing Kaiba at his weakest moment in public. It could have ruined his reputation as being the cold-hearted CEO of Kaiba Corp. The media could have gotten a hold of it, and they would have jumped at the opportunity to make Seto Kaiba look extremely and utterly foolish.

"What's worse is that I showed weakness because of some stupid dream," thought Kaiba disgustedly. Even admitting that to himself seemed shameful. Kaiba stopped and looked up to see the museum that held the ancient, Egyptian tablet.

"How did I get here?" thought Kaiba angrily. He wanted nothing to do with all this Egyptian stuff, and yet, it seemed that every time he went somewhere, it connectedhim to Egypt. Kaiba quickly turned away. He checked his watch. It was getting pretty late. He started to walk away when he heard a soft "clunk." He turned, narrowing his eyes slightly. He started walking away again when he heard another soft "clunk."

"Show yourself, you coward!" screamed Kaiba as he quickly turned around. He heard a laugh answer his command.

"Ah...Seto Kaiba," said a man as he emerged from the shadows.

"Who are you?" asked Kaiba as his eyes narrowed further.

"An ancient enemy," he replied as a man with a sinister sneer, brown eyes, and white hair stepped out. He wore a golden ring with six spokes and a triangle with an eye embedded in it.

"Bakura!" growled Kaiba, "What do you want?"

"To duel."

"I don't have my Duel Disk with me at the moment."

"You do have your deck with you, though, correct?" asked Bakura as he raised an eyebrow.


"Then, we can duel...on my arena," said Bakura as he raised his arms to the sky. A bright light emanated from his Millennium Ring, and in a second, they were floating on black smoke.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Kaiba angrily. He was getting pretty sick and tired of all these "magic" tricks.

"You'll see, Kaiba, and you'll-"

"I'm sick of you guys. Shut up, and let's get this over with!" said Kaiba as he pulled out his deck.

"Fine," said Bakura with a smirk.

"Let's Duel!" both of them said in unison. They placed their decks in mid-air, and each drew five cards.

"Perfect," thought Kaiba as he saw the Blue Eyes White Dragon card, the Lord of D., and the Flute of Summoning Dragons cards in his hand.

"First, I summon Lord of D. and play the Magic Card: The Flute of Summoning Dragons. Using this magic card with my Lord of D, I can specially summon any dragon type monster to the field, and I use it to summon my mighty beast: The Blue Eyes White Dragon!" said Kaiba as his dragon appeared in a burst of bright light.

"That Kaiba!" screamed Joey angrily as he clenched his fists tightly, "I'm gonna-"

"Joey, calm down," said a beautiful woman with long golden locks and lavender eyes as she gently placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

The rest of the "gang" had all finished dressing up and were leaving the beach.

"I know I should, Mai, but he just gets me so-"

"Hey, guys! Look up there!" said a tall man with brown hair, who was pointing a finger at a bright, blurry figure in the sky. Everyone raised their arms to shield themselves from the white light; after several seconds, they alllooked up to see what Tristan was pointing at.

"It's the Blue Eyes White Dragon!" said a young boy with yellow, black, and magenta hair and a chain with a golden pyramid hanging from his neck.

Serenity's eyes grew wide in shock.

"That's Kaiba's monster," thought Serenity. Her eyes grew concerned.

"Kaiba might be in trouble," said Serenity out loud.

"Yes," nodded Yugi in agreement, "we must go." His voice sounded much more serious, and he seemed to exhibit more confidence.

"God, can we go a day without running into these lunatic duelists?" said another girl with green eyes and short, shoulder-length wavy brown hair as she quickly gathered her stuff.

"Let's go!" said a boy who also hadgreen eyes and black hair tied back into a ponytail. From his right ear, there hung an earring with a white die at the end.

The "gang" quickly ran towards the white, gleaming dragon that roared... agony. Kaiba looked up to see his dragon roaring, not with the usual courage or might of a dragon, but with tremendous pain. He could see tears slightly glistening in its eyes.

"What's going on?" thought Kaiba confusedly. He began to feel that familiar pain course through him. He felt his legs about to give way, but he stood up firmly. He refused to show any signs of weakness in front of his enemy, especially Bakura. His heart, though, ached with pain, and he almost felt like it was about to be ripped in two.

"Do you know why your Blue Eyes is crying out in pain, Kaiba?" asked Bakura with an evil chuckle.

"This is all just a trick!" barked Kaiba firmly. No way was he showing this creep that he was freaked out.

"Is that so? Then, why is it that you feel the same pain, Kaiba?" asked Bakura coyly as he raised one of his eyebrows.

Kaiba looked up at him in shock. "How could he know?"

"Got you there, didn't I?" asked Bakura with a smirk, "Don't you remember anything about this day?"

Kaiba just continued to stare at him in mild shock and confusion. He quickly bowed his head and looked at Bakura with a piercing glare.

"You can't fool me!" said Kaiba angrily as he regained his composure.

"We'll see, High Priest," replied Bakura with a cold smirk, "I set one monster card face down, and two trap cards down. That'll end my turn."

"You'll have to do better than that! Lord of D! Attack his face down card!"

"You activated my trap! Trap Hole! This card allows me to discard any monster from the opponent's side of the field that has an attack of 1500 or more. So, Kaiba say good-bye to your Blue Eyes!"

A hole opened below the dragon and sucked it in as it roared angrily.

"Then, I reveal my face down monster card: Man-Eater Bug, which destroys your pathetic Lord of D monster! Next, at the cost of 500 life points, I can specially summon a monster from my deck by using Ultimate Offering. Thus, I summon Dragon Zombie! Now, my Zombie, attack the High Priest directly!"

Kaiba's eyes widened as the blue flame headed towards him at top speed. He readied himself for the attack. "This is all just a hologram, so it won't-" He stopped thinking once he felt the burning sensation around him. He clenched his teeth to stop a scream from escaping his mouth. He raised his arms to block the attack, but he still felt the burns searing through his body. He fell to his knees as the last fires died away. "It...the pain...felt so real. What kind of game is this?" He looked up to see Bakura laughing.

"Who's the one suffering now, High Priest? After all these years, I can finally have my revenge!"

"I-I-did...nothing," said Kaiba weakly. Again, he tried pushing himself up, and after two tries, he tiredly pulled himself together.

"It's-it's my move!" said Kaiba, still a little weak. Bakura laughed as his eyes sparkled with amusement.

"Yes, High Priest! I like your fire and your determination! But that won't get you far for I have the Shadow Realm on MY side!"

Kaiba ignored the comments and drew a card. He narrowed his eyes. "Not THE most powerful monster, but it'll do."

"First, I activate the magic card, Soul Exchange! It lets me use one of your monsters as a tribute! So, I'll take your Dragon Zombie to summon Judge Man in attack mode! I'll place two magic cards face down. Now Judge Man! ATTACK!"

Judge Man raised his hammer to attack a calm looking Bakurawhen they both heard a voice scream, "Dark Magician!"

"That's my cue to leave!" said Bakura as he raised his arms up to the sky, "We will finish this next time, Priest Seto!"

"But remember this day! For it holds the secret to your precious Blue Eyes!" He said asa bright, yellow light shone from his Millenium Ring, he disappeared as his voice faded into the darkness.Kaiba looked around to see that he was standing on the same street as before. He turned to his right to see...

"The dweeb crew," growled Kaiba as he narrowed his eyes.

"Kaiba, are you all right?" asked Yami with concern as the rest of the gang stood behind him. Yami noticed slight singes on Kaiba's trenchcoat...which seemed odd...

"I didn't ask for your help, Yugi, and I don't need it," said Kaiba harshly as he narrowed his eyes in great dislike.

"Hey, you could be at least appreciative that we care enough to-" started Duke.

"I don't need your concern," interrupted Kaiba coldly. For a moment, he locked eyes with Serenity...

"Gosh, Kaiba must have been pretty shaken up. Are those singe marks? I hope he's all right. People act as if he's a computer, but he's still human. He's just afraid to show it..."

"I don't need your concern." Serenity looked up, and for a moment, she met Kaiba's eyes. She suddenly saw a young girl with pale complexion and eyes that mirrored hers, except they were blue. She had long, white hair. The girl smiled a bit. In a flash, the vision disappeared. Serenity felt herself swaying, and Joey looked back at her-realizing that something was amiss. She quickly righted herself, but she seemed slightly distressed as she laid a hand over her face.

"Serenity, are ya al right?" asked Joey with concern, "You seem a little out of it."

"Yeah, I'm fine, Joey," she replied. She looked up to see Kaiba's eyes widen slightly while the rest of the gang turned their attention to her.

"Did Kaiba see the same thing, too?" she wondered. Before she could do anything, though, Kaiba narrowed his eyes again and with a smirk, he turned around.

"See ya later, mutt," said Kaiba as his white trench coat billowed behind him.

"Kaiba, I oughta-!"

"Joey, let's go home, and have some rest," said Serenity, trying to turn his attention away from Kaiba.

"Anythin' ya say sis," said Joey. Serenity didn't hear him, though, because she had her eyes looking at the same retreating figure of Seto Kaiba. She couldn't help but feel something stirring in her heart.

"Serenity? Are ya gonna be-"

"Yeah, Joey...I'll be fine," she said as she reluctantly pulled her eyes away from him.


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