Chapter 1
First Meeting

This was one of my earliest stories, so it's kinda…well…lame, but I wanted to post it anyway 'cause the general idea was funny (or at least I though it was). It's probably…or definitely…not accurate with the actual anime. The main difference is Yami actually appearing to Yugi when Yugi first puts together the puzzle instead of after Duelist Kingdom. Basically this is about Yugi and Yami trying to deal with each other when they first meet.

Solomon handed Yugi the box. "Here, Yugi."

"What is it, Grampa?"

"It's a puzzle. See if you can put it together."

"Thanks!" Yugi sat down and began working on the puzzle. After working on it nonstop for weeks, he finished it. "Finally!" He put it around his neck, and Yami appeared instantly, sitting on his bed. "Yahhh!" Yugi dived underneath the bed.

Yami looked around and blinked. "Where am I? How did I get here?" He peered down underneath the bed. "Who are you?"

"Y-y-you f-f-f-first," quaked Yugi.

Yami rubbed his head. "I'm the pharaoh of Egypt, of course. It's a little fuzzy..." He happened to glance down. "Ahh! What in the name of the Shadow Realm am I wearing?"

Yugi crept forward a little bit. "Ph-pharaoh of Egypt? O...kay...let's try this again. Other than an obvious nutcase, who are you?"

"I've been known by many names. Yami, I said, I'm the pharaoh."

Yugi snorted. "Yeah right," he muttered. He wasn't feeling quite as scared now. As nuts as this guy was, so far he didn't seem to mean any harm. "Anyway, I'm not callin' you Yu-Gi-Oh. That just sounds weird, especially as close as it is to my name."

"What is your name?"

"Yugi Moto."

"Nice to meet you, Yugi." He looked down at his clothes again and shuddered. "Somehow I don't think I'm in Egypt anymore."

"Yeah, well, ya sure ain't in Kansas," said Yugi under his breath. He crawled out from under the bed and stood up. "Hey...What are you doin' wearin' my puzzle? How're you doin' that when I'm still wearin' my puzzle?"

"Uh, your puzzle? I'll have you know, shorty, that this puzzle belongs to me. It's the source of my power."

"Shorty? Watch it, whacko, 'cause I...I...I just...realized...that you're...transparent..." Yugi sat down hard on the bed, his face pale. "'re a...a...a..."

A realizing expression crossed Yami's face. "Oh yeah, now I remember. I've been residing in the puzzle as a spirit for the past five thousand years...Uh...Yugi?"

Yugi had fainted.

Short, I know. Again, it was one of my earliest. They're OOC, but that was pretty much on purpose. Well, review and tell me what you think. Next chapter will be funnier (I hope).