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Green Gold Fox

Chapter 1: Meet and Greet
This is my version on the aftermath of the battle between Sasuke and Naruto at the Valley of the End. Sasuke was captured and was returned to Konoha, but changes are on the horizon for everyone.

It was a week after the capture of Sasuke. The group of Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Akamaru, and Chouji were all doing fine. Shikamaru came out with only a few scratches and a broken finger. Chouji would have died from the effects of his family's chakra pills, but Tsunade countered the side-effect, death. Kiba and Akamaru were doing fine. Neji was fine, but suffered three broken ribs and a broken right leg. The hole in his chest was repaired, but he would need time to recover.

The only person that was not in the hospital was Naruto. He woke up a day after he was brought back by Kakashi. He had left the hospital and returned home. Tsunade was getting worried for he was not his usually loud self, but she could not do any thing for him, but to leave him alone for the moment.

Tsunade was currently in her office, waiting for Kakashi to come in and report his findings when he arrived at the battleground of Sasuke and Naruto. He entered into the office, actually on time which surprised her. Behind him was Gai and Ibiki. Kakashi came up to her desk and handed her his report.

"Kakashi, tell me what you saw when Gai, Ibiki, and you arrived to retrieved Naruto and Sasuke." she asked

"When we got there, the battle was already over. Before we arrived we felt two enormous chakra sources. We found Sasuke in a crack, in the rock face with both arms and legs broken. He was unconscious when we found him. Naruto, we did not know where he was till Gai heard noise from the lake. We saw bubbles coming from the center and I quickly dove in and found Naruto sinking to the bottom. I was able to get him to the surface and to the shore. I found he did not have a pulse.'

"I was about to revive him, when the red chakra engulfed his body. His body jerked, like he was hit with lighting. He spat out water and started to breath again. He opened his eyes to me, but they were not his blue color, but red with slits. I was horrified for when the chakra engulfed him, the seal on his stomach showed and I found it was partially missing. I thought the kyuubi had taken over. I found it did not when Naruto looked at me and smiled. He fell unconscious, shortly after. It seemed the chakra healed his major wounds on his body, especially the one on his right shoulder. Gai and Ibiki field dress Sasuke while I checked over Naruto. The medics came some time after and we returned back to the village."

Tsunade nodded her head and let out a sigh.

"While I was examining him, I force the seal to be visible and saw that it was broken. I did not want him to leave the hospital, just incase, but he left on his own. I have placed two ANBU to shadow him at all times. He has only left his home to go train, but has not return to his home in the past three days. It seems many of the villagers blame him for Sasuke's actions. His apartment was broken in three days ago and trashed. Those villagers have become more hostile towards him. The day his apartment was trashed, he was attacked by some of the villagers. I was glad to have the ANBU following him, they stopped the attack, but he took off.'

"They had lost sight of him, but I know he is still in the area. The ANBU that are station in the forest have seen him. I am afraid of what the villagers would do to him, especial since it is close to the day the kyuubi attacked. Kakashi, I want you to bring him here to me. I have sent for Jiraiya to come and see what we can do to fix the seal just incase it falters to the point of the kyuubi being released. I have read some notes on Naruto by the Third, saying that the seal might have slipped when he fist learned why the villagers were disgusted with him. Yet he said the seal would hold up for the entire life of Naruto, which when he dies, so would the kyuubi, but he did not foresee this ever happening. I want to be on the safe side, for if we are not able to…"

"I understand Tsunade-sama; I will leave now to bring him here."

Kakashi disappeared, along with Gai. Tsunade looked to Ibiki.

"He still has not awakened and we are having trouble finding Jiraiya."

"Send out two more search parties to find him. Tell him that it concerns his student."

"Yes ma'am."

Ibiki disappeared and Tsunade looked down at her desk. For once it was clean of any paperwork. She had been too frustrated with what had happened, she put her pent up frustration on finishing her tasks. She was just too worried for Naruto to do anything else.


In the forest, Naruto was in a tree asleep on its highest branches. He had been in the forest for the past three days, not wanting to return to his home. To him, his own home was a battlefield of hate. Hate towards him for something he did not have control over. His dreams were plague with the villager's hatefulness towards him. Their words felt like stones hitting him.

He relived his childhood of loneness. He tried to wake up, but a tug from his seal pulled his consciousness into part of his mind, where the kyuubi no kitsune rests.

Naruto got up from the floor. The place he was in, it did not have its same look of dark tunnels, red water, and red lighting. He looked to his feet. They were bare, and he snorted at that. He had gone into town to get new shoes for his old ones were falling apart even before his battle with Sasuke. They finally fell apart when he ran into the forest to get away from the villagers. He stopped long enough to take them off and ran deeper into the forest.

He looked to the pants he was wearing, black and not his orange color. His shirt was dark blue with short sleeves and a red swirl on the back. Tsunade gave these cloths to him to wear until he got home. He did not change into his orange set of suits, but worked out in his new clothes. His necklace he won form Tsunade was visible and he smiled at that. His forehead proctor was around his neck.

He closed his eyes and looks up towards the cage.

"What do you want you stupid fox?"

He heard chuckling from the fox and opened his eyes with a smirk on his face, until he saw that there was no cage in front of him. He caught movement to his right and turned around to find that the kyuubi was circling him. It chuckled again, seeing the surprise look on Naruto's face.

"Surprise to see me kit?" it asked

Naruto was speechless. He kept his front towards the fox as it circled him. His fear rose in him, wondering what the fox will do to him and once done, what with Konoha. The fox chuckled again seeing his fear and reading his thoughts.

"Do not worry kit, I will not harm you. Even if I could escape, I would have no body to return to. My soul was trapped into your body, and from my soul comes my power that you use."

Naruto became confused. The kyuubi was not emitting killer intent, and its voice was not dripping with venom as it spoke. Even its eyes were soft towards him. This was a total change from when he fist meet the kitsune, demanding the use of its power as rent. It quit circling around him and lay down on the ground.

It crossed its right front paw over its left and laid its head on its feet. Its nine tails fanned out on the ground pointing towards Naruto. He saw that kyuubi was a crimson color all over its body and its fur looked soft and thick.

"It is good to get out from that cramped cage."

It let out a huge yawn, showing off its mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It looked back at Naruto giving him a fox grin.

"What are you going to do to me since you are out?" Naruto asked

The fox snorted hearing what Naruto said. Naruto fell to the ground from the wind of fox's snort.

"I will do nothing to you or Konoha. I am sorry for what has transpired over your life. I take the responsibility of my actions, I was used. I was summoned and a control jutsu was placed on me, when I would not obey who summoned me. There was no such thing as a summing contract with the foxes, but somehow, someone was able to summon me. I should have been nicer to you, for you had no say in becoming the container of I. My anger at myself and at the person that made me attack your village distracted me."

"How do I know you are not trying to trick me to let my guard down around you? How were you able to escape the cage?"

"Do not worry, I will not hurt you. Reason I am out of my cage, the seal broke under the presser of my chakra I sent to you, to help you heal and to fight your friend. Once the seal broke, I was free from my cage. After the seal broke, our souls have been mixing at a faster rate, so my soul is your soul."

"What do you mean my soul is your soul?"

"Since I was first sealed into you as a baby that was just born, our souls have been mixing together. My crimson red with your golden yellow. I will not harm you. I wanted to in the past, but now that my anger is gone, I want to make amends to you."

"What do you mean?"

"That is for you to find out. You are still not recovered from your fight, physically and mentally. Now I want you to sleep."

Naruto looked at the fox, before falling asleep right in front of it. It got up and walked up to the boy. It looked down at him with a sad face. It let out a small sigh and lay down by the boy, curling its massive body around him. It covered the boy with a tail and fell asleep with him.

On the outside, Naruto had a confused look on his face which slowly turned into a small smile from the warmth and kindness from the kyuubi. Naruto curled himself tighter in a ball, on the large tree branch he was sleeping on. He fell into a deeper sleep; he had not had in a long time.