Chapter 17: Off They Go
The young group of ninjas leaves Konoha, ready to learn and have fun.

Kakashi walked into the office of the Hokage, a smirk on his face as he walked up to Tsunade's desk. She rolled her eyes and looked to her right, looking at Naruto. He was on the couch, sleeping. Kakashi rubbed the back of his head.

"The others should be arriving at the gate soon. I will take him off your hands."

She narrowed her eyes, causing the man to swallow nervously. .

"You and that pervert better take care of him. Keep a leash on him and don't let him out of your sight for even a minute."

He nodded, starting to sweat from the woman's killer intent. He glanced to Naruto, seeing the boy's brow was furled in his sleep. He looked back to the woman and bowed his head.

"I will do as you asked Hokage."

He found he could breathe easier and moved to the boy. He dropped his bag and sealed both his and the blonde's in a scroll, pocketing it in his pouch. He looked to his right as Tsunade walked forward and laid a hand on the boy's cheek. He smirked, seeing her smile. He raised an eyebrow as she walked back to her desk. She sat down and looked to him.

"You and that pervert better take care of him, or you will find yourself in morning of your favorite author unable to work on his books."

Kakashi nodded and picked up Naruto. He gave a smile to the woman, before disappearing. Tsunade let out a sigh, wondering if this was a good ideal. She frowned, knowing they would benefit from the training and for Naruto to get comfortable with his new abilities. She let out another sigh, knowing why the blonde did not go to sleep last night. A smirked appeared, wondering who was going to get in one of the traps. She knew some who would be caught.


Kakashi arrived at the gates, seeing all was ready to go. He smiled at the group and walked off, Jiraiya frowning. They took off, some chattering about what they might learn and what they would do. Jiraiya moved next to Kakashi, frowning at him and Naruto.

"What is he doing on your back?" he asked

Kakashi looked to the man and gave a shrug.

"I would think the reason was setting up pranks."

The man rolled his eyes and took off in the trees. Kakashi chuckled and took off after him. The rest followed, grins on their faces and ideals flowing through their heads.


The hunters gathered up their supplies. Ron shouldered his bag and left the hotel. The man looked back, glaring at the image being carved on the rock face. He gave a cuss and turned back around. He walked off, his group following him. They were quiet, not wanting to get the man angry. The woman, Nina, was worried the man would do something rash in the next few days. She hoped they get the job offer so he would calm down. She truly did hope to get the fox back, knowing the man would be easier to be around. She frowned, wondering if there were any other foxes like it.

At the office of Tsunade, she let out a sigh. She got her first reports of people falling in Naruto's traps. She smirked, since in a way, they can not prove it was Naruto who did it, since he was out of the village. The smirk fell, hoping the boy achieve his dream. She pulled a blank piece of paper closer to herself and picked up a pen. She wrote down a list, adding items as she thought. She smiled, hoping her ideal would work.


It has been two weeks; mostly the group wandering around, before heading to a place they never thought would be around. They were in a large area, far from anyone. An old house, they thought would have fallen, stood in a large clearing. It was made out of stone. It had seven rooms, a large kitchen and a large living room. The girls were happy to have a fully functioning bathroom and more then one. They found many wards to keep pest away, as well dust and mold. They truly have not really worked on anything, but what on they knew. They learned new jutsu, while Lee learned other items. Many hated the strategy lessons and even the manner lessons they received. Naruto waited patently to summon a fox for help. He was currently fighting with Sasuke, of who would get the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. They were sharing the room with Kiba and Shino. They had arrived early in the morning and Jiraiya already disappeared on them, saying he was going to get supplies. Naruto mumbled, saying the man was going peeking. It was now late in the afternoon and the man has yet to return. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, looking at Naruto. Both stood in front of each other, ready to jump in the bed, to defend it. Naruto curled his nose at the boy.

"Pink raven." Naruto said

Sasuke furled his eyebrows, wondering why Naruto would say that. He jumped after the blonde as the boy lunged for the bed. Naruto only had his top half on the bed, before Sasuke grabbed the blonde by the legs and dragged him to the floor. He bent down, smirking at the fuming blonde. Kakashi walked into the room, his arms crossed.

"Sasuke, Naruto, you two go to the village and find Jiraiya."

Both boys nodded and Sasuke grabbed his jacket. He was now wearing black pants. He wore the same shirts, but minus his family crest. His jacket was a darker blue. He looked to Naruto as the boy rummaged through his bag and pulled out a green long-sleeve shirt. He snorted as the boy threw it on the bed and looked for another one, which was thicker. The blonde wore brown pants that matched the bark of a tree. Naruto pulled off the orange shirt he wore and slipped on the other. It did not have the spiral stitched on the back. He gave a pout and sent a puff of air up, trying to keep his limp spikes out of his face. None wore anything that related them to Konoha or their family. Kurenai placed a type of seal on Hinata and Neji. It kept a Henge over their eyes, looking like nothing of their family trait. It also hid the seal on Neji's forehead. Naruto followed Sasuke out of the room and into the kitchen. They looked to their sensei, waiting for him to tell them anything else. Kakashi was sitting at the table, reading his book. He looked over the book, his eye showing laziness.

"Just get an assortment of food."

Both nodded and took off. Naruto reached into his pouch, digging around as the two walked along a game trail. Naruto grinned and pulled out two candy bars. He looked to Sasuke, his eyebrow raising. Sasuke eyes narrowed as his own stomach rumbled. Naruto snickered and took off, with the raven haired boy chasing the blonde. Two hours later, both boys were huffing for air. Naruto gave up the candy bar and both walked into the village. Naruto stuffed the candy in his mouth and quickly put on his sunglasses. He looked to Sasuke. He wore the glasses, keeping from people staring at his eyes, it unnerved him slightly.

"We could get something to eat first, or we can go find him and make him pay for dinner."

Sasuke looked around, taking all in. He looked to the blonde.

"Find him first; we need to get food for the others. Then we can eat."

Naruto grinned and looked around. Both moved under an awing of a building, while Naruto thought of the best place to look for the man.

"Bars or bathhouse is where he will go. I guess we will ask around."

Sasuke nodded and both boys took off, looking around the village. It was fairly large, about a quarter size of what Konoha was. It had all that anyone needed, a small police force, small hospital, and a large grocery store, and stores they were use to at their village. Both noticed a type of depot, where goods came to be sold from all around. Sasuke snorted and both took off, asking about a tall old man, with white hair, in a long ponytail. Naruto gapped, when both were told that the man fitting the description was in the jail. Both boys went off in search for the police station. Naruto looked to Sasuke as they entered and before the long counter. A young man was setting behind it. He was reading an orange book, causing both boys' eyes to twitch. Sasuke cleared his throat as the man leaned in, caught up in the story. He jumped and flung the book behind him. He went after the book, trying to find it behind the file cabinets. He jumped again, when another throat was cleared. The man stood at attention, shaking slightly. An elderly woman appeared from an office, using a cane to walk with. She turned to the two boys, a frown on her face. She stopped in front of them.

"What can I do for you two." she asked

Both boys glanced to the man, seeing that he still stood at attention. They looked back to the women, Sasuke speaking up.

"We are looking for our sensei. We were told a man fitting his description was brought in here."

The women raised an eyebrow, looking at the two boys. The women gave a nod.

"Yes, we have someone in our cells at the moment. He is still out cold. Can you give a description of him?"

Naruto let out a sigh.

"Very tall, over six feet. He wears red. His hair is white, and has a long tail of hair that goes past his back. He wears wooden sandals. There are marks on his face that are red as well. He also had a nose ring."

The women nodded.

"We have a man fitting that description. If you come back to see if it is your sensei."

Both boys walked around the counter. She eyed the weapons holsters and pouches they wore. Naruto gave her a smile. She led them to the back of the building. Once the woman was out of sight, the man went in search for his book. The women unlocked a large metal door and let the boy's enter. They stopped at the last cell, looking past the bars. Naruto gave a snort, seeing the man laying flat on the floor. He noticed the nasty looking burse on the man's face and he looked like he got in the fight. Naruto looked to the women, almost laughing.

"I bet it was you who got him."

The women smirked and stamped her cane. She gave a snort nod.

"He was not much of a fight once he was incapacitated."

Both boys winced, knowing how the women got the man. Naruto gave a sheepishly smile.

"What is it going to take to get him out of here." he asked

The women held a firm face.

"He won't be leaving here for a while."

Sasuke looked to Naruto as the boy thought. Naruto smirked as he gave a smile to the women.

"If it is okay with you, can we have his personal items, like his wallet? We were sent by our other sensei to pick up groceries. We don't want to face an angry bunch friends when we return, empty handed."

The women raised an eyebrow. She looked at the two, studying them. Her eyes narrowed and Naruto made a pouting face, making the women laugh.

"Fine you can take his items. I will retrieve them from my office. You two wait in the waiting area."

Both nodded and followed the women out. Naruto snickered and told how much the man was going to get in trouble with obba-chan. The women glanced to them as they walked back to the front. She went to her office and grabbed a large bag. She handed it over to the raven haired boy and watched the two leave, the blonde looking for the man's wallet. She looked to her subordinate. With a yell, the man noticed she was standing in the room.

"Put that filth away. Read it on your own time."

The man nodded rapidly and put the book in a drawer at his desk. The women narrowed her eyes and entered back in her office. The man fidgets to retrieve the book. He looked back, before grabbing his book and opening it where he was last, his eyes wide as he read


Sasuke watched Naruto pocket a large amount of cash in his pocket. Naruto gave him a grin.

"Payment for the money he stolen from me."

Sasuke nodded and both found place to eat, before shopping for stuff they believed was needed. They took off, running back to their temporary home. They arrived late at night. The two boys entered the building, setting the stuff down. Naruto made six clones, having them put the stuff up. Kakashi walked in the room, only seeing the two.

"Where is Jiraiya?" he asked

Naruto smirked at the man.

"The place he is in involves metal, concrete, and an old woman that can even bet up the pervert."

Kakashi blinked, not getting it. Sasuke snorted.


Kakashi eye widen. Under his mask, the two boy's watch the man's mouth open and close, unable to come up with even a word to say at this. Naruto snickered.

"Can I send a frog and tell obba-chan, she would love to hear this."

Kakashi shook his head no. He noticed the only bag on the table and opened it. He gave a snort, finding items that belonged to the man. He let out a sigh, taking the bag. He looked to the two.

"There are leftovers from dinner for the two of you. After you eat, off to bed."

Naruto pouted at the man.

"When can I summon a fox?"

"Not now. It will have to wait till Jiraiya-sama is here. I will go into the village and see about getting the man released or when he will be. Tomorrow, we plan a special assignment for all of you. Naruto, you will be the hunter, but you will stay in your human shape. You will get a type of crash course in using your senses."

Naruto grinned at this. Sasuke gave a snort and made his way to the refrigerator. He opened it up, Naruto coming behind him. Both frowned, seeing the strew set in two of the bowls. Naruto made a digested face as Sasuke closed the door. Both were not eating the bowls that had vegetables floating at the top. Kakashi raised an eyebrow, watching the two. He kept it raised as the two faced him. He watched the two boys take out brown paper bags from their pouches. He was surprised both smirked at him and pulled out a pie, which he knew was filled with meat. He looked to them, a small smile crossing his lips. He knew he smelt something better then dinner.

"You wouldn't have one for your sensei, would you?" he asked

Naruto tilted his head and bit into his, letting his mouth hold on it, as he looked back in the bag. Sasuke looked to his and both looked to each other and back to the man. The two bolted, with Kakashi quickly following them. As he got outside, he watched Naruto create clones and half Henge themselves to look like Sasuke. He frowned as he watched them separate in many directions. He shook his head. He took a sniff of the air and easily followed the scent of the food.


Kakashi rubbed his head, wondering why he did not think of just going back to the house, then of chasing the two boys. He had found the paper bags that once held the food, tied by ninja wire to a branch. He ran a hand through his hair, water spraying behind him. He let out a sigh, wishing he had not taught Naruto the jutsu seals of his father. He let out another sigh, since he was only marginally wet. He stopped in front of the door and looked up. He saw Naruto ginning down at him, holding a meat pie. He caught it when the boy let his hold go.

"Expect payback you two."

He heard the stereo snorts from the boys as he entered. He entered his bedroom, locking the door behind him. His eyes darting around the room and brought up the food to his mouth, yet he did not pull down his mask. He smirked as the food easily slipped through an unseen slit in the cloth of his mask. He bit down, but his eyes widen. He swallowed the food in his mouth and looked down at the opening he made. He found the rest of the hot pepper he bit into. He let out a sigh, coming up of whys to get back at the three of his students, knowing this had to be one of their many plans. He let out another sigh as he removed the pepper and threw it away. He ate on the pie, enjoying the taste. He brushed off his mask, not even staining it. He went to bed, a grin on his face. He pouted slightly, since he kind of got bested by two genin, with one that now had the vision of a fox.


Naruto and Sasuke entered their bedroom by window. It was late at night and both went to bed, slipping under the covers. Once they had disappeared from Kakashi and made it back to the house, they just sat together, in quiet. Not one looked at each other, just looking at the night sky or into the dark forest. Just sitting next to each other, brought a needed peace between the two, which they still needed time to heal the strain of their friendship. When Kakashi had entered the house, they moved off to their room, just going to bed. Now the two just stared at what was in front of them. Sasuke looked to the bed above him, his thoughts wondering about Naruto, his brother Itachi, his family, Sakura, and Kakashi. He fell asleep, having a slight nightmare, which turned good, Naruto appearing and dragging him and Sakura off to Ichiraku.

Naruto stared at the ceiling. He was void of thoughts. He frowned, felling slightly empty, a void since the fox, died. He could not explain it, but it was like something that was gone, and it bothered him that he wanted that felling back. He was in a way, glad the kyuubi was gone, but now he knew more of the fox and it did not attack his home of its own will, he was sad for it. He reached to his arm, rubbing the multiple line swirls there. He was afraid, not of himself, but for the others. He knew he could not have word spread that the fox was dead, he might be targeted to be turned into a weapon and the Akatsuki will still be after him. He worried about getting into another Fox Trance, not getting help from the kitsune's, his friends getting hurt, by him or by others, and so many other things.

He let out a sigh, still not liking it when he turned chibi, running from Anko. He smirked, having some fun with his friends. He was glad they were his friends, and he had eleven of them. He pouted, hoping that Kakashi would teach him and the others as a team. He smiled, glancing to his right, looking at Kiba. He snorted as the boy frowned in his sleep, as Akamaru stretched in his sleep, easily pausing Kiba. He glanced to Shino, seeing the boy's back. He shrugged. His eyes traveled down to the floor, a small smile on his face. He did not think he would get use to the new Sasuke, but was happy for the boy. He smirked, thinking of the others. He winced; hoping the girls did not come up with more way's to torture him, like dressing him up in clothes that would fit his fox form. He rolled to his stomach, burying his face in his pillow to muffle his laughter. He could hardly wait to see what the girls did to Lee. He had overheard Kurenai that she would supply all the needed materials, if the four did Gai as well. He let out a snort, wanting to summon a fox now. He let out a sigh, which turned into a yawn. He looked out the window, his eyes closing. He fell asleep, dreaming another chibi fox dream.


Morning came and all were up with cheerful expressions, well minus one fox boy. He growled at anyone that tried to get him to tell what the matter was. He sat down at the table, ready to eat, when Kakashi grabbed his plate and held it from the blonde's reach. Naruto glared at the man, as he looked at Naruto, with an eyebrow raised.

"What's the matter?"

"It's nothing, just a stupid dream." he said, between clenched teeth

Kakashi smirked at the blonde.

"It could not have been as bad as the dream…"

The man jumped back, missing the clawed slash from the boy. He chuckled, as he moved from the boy.

"Spill, or no breakfast."

Naruto glanced to the others, seeing that their curiosity was peaked. He looked to Kakashi and snarled at the man.

"I dreamt of paying fetch."

Mirth came from Kakashi's uncovered eye. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the man.

"And?" he asked

"That was all, now give me my food."

Naruto lunged at the man, but the man sidestepped ands grabbed the boy by the back of his pants. Naruto let out a sigh as the man returned him to his seat and set the plate down. Naruto frowned, wondering how the small pile of vegetables that appeared on his plate. He ate, mumbling profanities at the jounin when he was forced to eat the vile stuff. Once all had their fill of food, Kakashi got their attention.

"Okay, you all know about the exercise. Now, you have ten minutes to hide, before I release Naruto to search for you. Now go."

The group quickly took off. Naruto cussed the Copy-nin, since he held on the collar. Naruto let out a sigh and a grin crossed his lips. Kakashi brought him outside and watched the boy as he looked around.

"Now just let the scents come to you. Until you are free to call a fox, this will have to do."

Naruto watched the man bite his thumb through his mask and go through the summing seals. He smiled at the pug ninken, Pakkun. The dog gave a snort.

"What do you need?" it asked

Kakashi smiled down at the dog. He pointed at Naruto.

"Can you help Naruto with his senses? Just give him pointers."

The dog nodded and quickly made his way to Naruto's right shoulder. Naruto took off, a grin on his face.


Naruto hunted his friends for two weeks, getting use to it. Pakkun enjoyed teaching the boy. Naruto was not successful as he wanted to be. He would easily find Ino or Sakura within the first few hours, but the rest where hard, but as the days past, he was picking up tracking them, better and better. Pakkun helped him, getting half, showing him what he could do. After that, the ninken would disappear, letting the blonde do the rest, which he usually did not find Neji, Kiba, Sasuke, Lee and TenTen. The groups of young ninjas were currently in the woods, trying to stay hidden from Naruto. It was growing dark, as Sasuke and Sakura hid in the roots of a large tree. Kakashi made them split up in pairs, with Shikamaru giving up in the beginning. Both were huffing, trying to get their breath back. They were startled, but it was only Neji and TenTen that appeared and hid with them.

"He got Hinata and we are the only ones left." Neji said

Sakura let out a sigh.

"He's getting too good with this game." Sakura said

Sasuke snorted and looked around. Neji had his ability activated, looking around for the blonde. He narrowed his eyes, watching a squirrel run up a tree next to them. He frowned, hoping it was not Naruto, even if the blonde was told he was not allowed to shift into his fox form. The squirrel took off, giving an alarm call. He narrowed his vision to just look ahead of him and started to look around. TenTen handed him her water bottle, waiting for news.

"Anything?" Sasuke asked


The three looked to him as his eyes narrowed again. He let go of his ability and looked up, at the ceiling of the roots made. He activated his ability again, but to look for chakra. His eyes widen, seeing what he thought was a large knot of the tree, was actually a small fox, which blended in with the bark. All four gave a groan as eye open up, reveling amused blue eyes. The fox gave a shake, returning to his color of yellow. It looked at them, upside-down from his hidden spot. Sakura grabbed the fox by the scruff of the neck and the four moved out of their cover, seeing Kakashi leaning against the tree, ever reading his book. Naruto's ears flatten, seeing a stern look from the man. Sakura rolled her eyes and set Naruto on the ground. Naruto ran off into the forest. Kakashi looked over his book, giving the four a grin.

"You lasted longer then the others. Dinner will be ready once you get back."

The four nodded and watched as Naruto ran past them, only in a shirt and shorts. The four chased after him, hearing taunts from the fox boy. Sakura threaten the boy, only to make him snicker and run faster. Kakashi let out a sigh, a frown crossing his face. He followed at a slow pace. He smirked under his mask, deciding to hand the punishment over to Jiraiya, when and if he could get the man free from prison. He chuckled, but it was cut short, shuddering. A fear grew of the woman, after meeting with her and seeing the burse on Jiraiya's face. He let out a sigh, needing to go into the village tomorrow, mostly for food and to plead to the women to release the man. He looked up, seeing the house and Naruto running around it, trying to keep from Sakura's temper. He looked to the roof, seeing the blonde watching with an amused look on his face. He let out a yelp as his clone was dealt with and Sakura quickly making her way to the blonde. He took off, hiding behind Kakashi. He looked down at the blonde. Out of the corner of his vision, he saw Sakura was ready to attack him when she got a chance.

"Naruto, you know you're in trouble."

He pouted at the man.

"I know, but I wanted to sneak up on them and found something out this morning."

He nodded and all turned their heads, watching Kiba walk out of the house.

Kiba went back inside. Kakashi called out his team, wanting to speak with them. They looked at him, as he smiled down at them.

"Team seven, tomorrow we are going to the village to get supplies. Naruto, I want you to try and persuade the women to release Jiraiya."

Naruto pouted at the man. Kakashi took off, heading to the house. The three quickly caught up. A grin crossed Naruto's face as a plan came to him, causing Sasuke and Sakura to snort.

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