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Summary: Long ago, in a faraway place, there lived a young prince named Bakura. He was so self-absorbed and didn't care about anyone that an enchantress cast a spell on him and his entire castle. He turned hideous and almost beast-like, and his servants were turned into living objects. An enchanted rose would be the icon of this spell: the rose would begin to wilt when he started to reach his twenty-first birthday. If he couldn't learn to love someone and earn her love in return by that time when the rose would die, he would remain that way forever. As time went on, he gave up hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

Anzu x Bakura (also Mai x Joey and Isis x Kaiba)

Onna to Dobutsu

By: Chi Yagami

Chapter Two

As they walked down the great halls of the castle, Anzu felt the cold stone closing her off from the rest of the world. The corridors were lined with scary looking gargoyles and monsters. She really didn't want to be here, but if it helped her father then she wasn't about to complain. Looking up at her companion, she wondered what kind of a person he was. Why did he look the way he did? She wasn't even sure she was fully aware that she had just put her life into the hands of a menacing man.

Bakura looked over his shoulder and saw that she was silently crying. He didn't know what to do. Joey, who was currently being used for his objective purpose, was snoozing, so the beast decided it was best just to stay quiet. However, after a while, the eerie silence became too much.

"I-I hope you like it here."

Anzu peeked up. Was he trying to make conversation with her? Couldn't he see she wasn't in the mood to talk? Especially with him? He didn't seem to notice.

"The castle is your home now. You can go almost anywhere you want. Except the North Tower."

"What's in the N—"

"It's forbidden!" he bellowed, his voice echoing throughout the chambers. Joey yawned and slowly opened his eyes.

"Danks for waking me up," he grumbled. But he quieted himself when he saw Anzu following them.

They finally reached a different-looking hallway. Somehow the lack of statues seemed to calm Anzu. She relaxed a little, maybe too relaxed, because she hadn't seen Bakura stop and so she bumped into him. He growled, but remembered to stay calm. He opened a dark green door and gestured for her to enter.

"This will be your room. If you need anything, the servants will tend to you," he told her. Joey whispered something about dinner.

"Uhh, dinner will be served soon. You will join me in the dinning room; that's not a request!" He slammed the door.

She glared at it for a while, listening to his retreating footsteps. Sobbing, Anzu sank onto the bed. Why had she done this? She buried her head into a pillow and let herself cry freely. She wanted to go home. She heard tree branches hit the window and wondered how a tree was up so high. When she looked out the window, she saw it was growing on a small platform, perhaps a floor below, that looked as if it might have once been a garden. Snow began to fall, lightly at first, then a little heavier. She cried at the thought of not being able to share this Christmas with her father. The snow continued to fall and pity her.

"Who does she think she is! That woman has messed with the wrong guy!"

Marik put down his beer defiantly. He was definitely not through with Anzu Mazaki. He would have her.

"I've been publicly humiliated! It's more than I can bare!"

"More beer?" Malik asked sympathetically.

"What for? Nothing helps."

"Man, pull yourself together! You're letting this girl get to you!"

"Maybe… Wanna play blackjack?"


Suddenly, the door burst open. Mr. Mazaki came running in, talking something about a beast.

"Whoa, old man," Marik told him, "calm down."

"But he's got her!"

"Who's got who?"

"A beast has Anzu locked in a dungeon!"


Everyone in the tavern burst out laughing.

"Please, believe me! Won't you help me?"

"Oh, we'll help you, old man."

Two men picked him up and threw him outside into the cold snow.

Marik suddenly got an idea in his head, and began hatching a plan to win back the woman of his dreams…

¡knock knock!

She wiped her eyes dry before going and opening the door. A teapot, teacup, sugar jar, and cream holder hopped into her bedroom.

"Oh my," Anzu gasped. She backed up against the wardrobe. "What in the—"

"Whoa!" the wardrobe cried. "Careful!"

"I'm going insane," Anzu told herself. "I'm seeing talking objects. I'm going insane…"

"No you're not dear," Isis reassured her. "We are alive as you. Just, um, not in the same way…"

"Yes," the wardrobe agreed.

"Kaiba told you she was pretty, Mama," the teacup said.

"Here, Mokuba, the poor girl must be cold," she told the boy, pouring some hot tea. "Slowly now, we don't want to spill."

Mokuba hopped over to Anzu. She picked him up, and, as she was drinking, he began to laugh.

"That tickles. Wanna see me do a trick?" It looked to Anzu as if he was blowing all the air out his nose to create bubbles in the tea, like a kid blows bubbles in the bathtub. Where and if he had a nose was a mystery to her, and she supposed she might as well just accept it.

"That was very brave of you to switch places with your father," Isis said. "I know you miss him. But cheer up. I'm sure things will get better. Oh, why am I standing around talking when there's dinner to cook! Come along, Mokuba."


She waved to the tea set and sat on her bed. The wardrobe hobbled over to her on the small 'legs' it had.

"Come dear, let's freshen you up for dinner. Let's see… you'll look beautiful in this light blue evening gown!"

"That's really nice of you," she replied, "but I'm not going to dinner."

"But you must!"

There was a soft knock on the door, and then a voice: "Dinner, is served."

In the dinning room, an enormous table was set for two. A warm fire had been lit in the fireplace, and the mantle had even been dusted. Bakura paced up and down the room, waiting. Isis and Joey sat on the corner of the table, watching.

"What's taking so long?" the master grumbled.

"Be gentle, my lord. The girl has lost her father and freedom all in one day."

"Yeah, and have you thought dat maybe dis girl could be da one ta break da spell?"

"Of course I have! Do you think me a fool?"

"Well, you fall in love wid her, she falls in love wid you, and POOF, the spell is broken!"

"Oh, it doesn't happen that easily, I'm afraid," Isis said lightly. "These things take time."

"Something dat we don't have a lot of! Da rose has already started ta wither!"

Bakura sighed. How would it ever work out? "What's the use…? She's so beautiful, and I'm so… well, look at me!"

"Come now, if she's a decent person, you can help her see past all that!"

"I don't know how…"

"Well, let's start with your posture."

"Yeah," Joey agreed.

"Stand up straight, shoulders back, but gentle—"

"And when she comes in, give her a dashing smile! Lemmie see ya smile!"

The monster tried to give a great toothy grin.

"Now don't frighten the poor girl," warned Isis. "And remember to control your temper. Sometimes, sir, you get a little out of hand."

The doorknob twisted.

"She's here!"

He tried to smile a true smile, but as Kaiba stuck his clock face through the open door, a frown became apparent on his visage.

"Good evening," Kaiba began.

"Where is she?" Bakura growled.

"Uhh, she's in the process of… actually she's uhh… well, umm… She's not coming."


Bakura burst through the door and jumped several flights of stairs, his companions hurrying behind him, ranting about not losing his temper. He was furious. How could she not come! Damnit, this girl was ruining his plans. How could they learn to be with each other if she was merely going to avoid him all the time?

He banged ferociously on her doors. "I thought I told you to come down for dinner!"

"I'm not hungry," came from inside.

"I'll… I'll break down the doors!" he yelled.

"Uhh, masta, that's not da best way ta court a lady…"

"Please, attempt to be a gentleman…"

"But she's being difficult!" he said in a low tone.

"Gently, gently," Isis reminded him.

"…will you come down to dinner?"


He glared at the objects while pointing at the door as if saying "she started it!" Kaiba shook his head.

"Umm, it would give me great pleasure if you would join me for dinner."

The words sounded forced to Anzu. She could understand he was trying to be nice, or at least sound like it, but she wasn't in the mood to start a friendship with the guy who was holding her prisoner.

"No thank you."

"You can't stay in there forever!"

"Yes I can!"

"Fine, go ahead and STARVE!"

Then, to Kaiba: "If she doesn't eat with me, then she doesn't eat at all!" He ran down the corridor to who knows where, knocking over several suits of armor.

"Joey, stand guard at the door. You heard what the master said."

"Yes sir, Kaiba."

The beast burst into the North Tower filled with rage. He didn't understand. He'd tried talking nicely to her. What more did she want? He strode over to the small table on which the enchanted rose had been placed, and he picked up his magic mirror.

"Show me the girl."

She was sitting in her room, the wardrobe trying to comfort her.

"—the master's really quite nice once you get to know him."

"I don't want to get to know him," she argued. "I don't want anything to do with him!"

Bakura placed the mirror down in shame. How could she ever see anything more than a monster?

"It's hopeless… hopeless…"