Over My Dead Body

Note: This was written on a very long commercial break after the CSIs first see Nick trapped in the coffin in "Grave Danger."

Sarah Sidle POV

Click here to watch? Watch what?

Grissom's computer screen jumped to a live feed at the click of his mouse.

A live feed of Nick, trapped inside a glass coffin.

It was like a physical blow to the back of my knees. My legs threatened to crumble. Simultaneously my heart jumped in my chest.

Nick…Why Nick? Of all the people to be kidnapped, it had to be him.

Tears filled my eyes. I tried to contain them but when I glanced over at Catherine, I saw tears standing in her eyes as well. It was okay to cry.

It was strange, somehow, to see such open emotions in the lab. We saw about everything and most of it didn't even faze us. But this was different. This victim was Nick, a man we'd spent almost everyday with for years. A man we'd worked alongside with. A man who'd always been there for us…for me.

He was down-to-earth; someone who'd always give you a straight answer. Someone who could reason things out and come up with a realistic solution.

And in a little under two hours he was going to die from a lack of oxygen.

I watched as he pushed at the sides of his glass enclosure, desperate to escape. My heart broke at his suffering; his fear. I wished more than anything that I could get to him. I wished I could find him, dig up the coffin, and let him free.

Even if I could send him a message, assure him that we knew what he was facing, I'd feel as though I was helping.

He must feel so alone, I thought. So helpless.

A tear escaped my defenses and ran down my face; the rain of my soul released. I never would have expected this; never would have expected this situation or my reaction.

My sadness turned to determination. I would do everything humanly possible to save Nick. Then I'd track down the creep who put one of my best friends through pointless torture.

I swore I'd fulfill my goals. I wouldn't let Nick die.

Over my dead body.