A/N: This is my first X-Men: Evolution fic I have ever written

A/N: This is the first X-Men: Evolution fic I have ever written. In truth I've only seen the show twice. But this story popped into my head one day and it wouldn't leave me alone until I had written it, so here it is. How can I categorize this? It's not really romance…or action…I guess you could call it drama. Kurt's transmitter goes on the fritz at a most inopportune time. Kitty's the only one there who can save the situation, but she has other things in mind…namely her reputation. Not truly Kurtty, but fans can read anything they want into it.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men: Evolution. Darn…


"Ooooh, look, here he comes!"

Kitty squealed. "Where? Where?"

"Behind you! Shh! Act like you don't notice."

"Hey girls," said Liam, flashing Kitty and her group of friends a million-dollar smile.

"Hi," they chorused back. The second he walked away, the girls erupted into fits of giggles.

"I can't believe it! He talked to us!" shrieked Amanda.

"And he smiled at me!" gasped Kitty. Well, really he had smiled at all of them, but Kitty was sure he meant it just for her. Why, the other day he had stopped in the hallway and picked up a paper she had dropped to hand to her. She had just about melted. Liam Burke, quarterback of the JV football team, class president, and total hottie. Kitty sighed happily. Every girl dreamed of dating Liam Burke, and maybe she had a chance!

The girls were at the Valentine's Day dance at their local high school, and Kitty was determined to dance with Liam at least once before the night was over. The trick was getting him to agree.

"Oooh, I love this song!" exclaimed Kitty. A fast dance beat pounded out of the speakers.

"Hey, look over there." All the girls turned to look. "What are we looking at?" questioned Kitty. "Him," giggled Amanda. Kitty stared in the direction her friend was pointing. No one of interest was over there, except for…"Do you mean Kurt?" she asked incredulously.

"Isn't he dreamy?" sighed Amanda. "Just look at the way he dances." Kitty could not, would not believe what her friend was saying. True, Kurt did dance well…very well…but Kitty would never believe he was dreamy. As if summoned by her thoughts, Kurt looked over at her and grinned. She gave him an exasperated look in return. She had told him not to talk to her at school!

Again he seemed to read her mind. I'm not talking to you, he mouthed. She glared and he laughed before dancing off. The writhing crowd actually parted to let the dance master through.

"Did you see that? He smiled at us!" Kitty jumped slightly. She had forgotten that her friends were talking about Kurt. "He doesn't dance with anybody though," continued Amanda, pouting slightly. "He never dances with anyone. Why do you think that is?"

Kitty stifled derisive laughter. She knew why Kurt never danced with anyone, but she certainly wasn't about to tell them that. They might wonder how she knew, and then figure out she associated with that blue-furred freak. They might realize she was a mutant too! And that would destroy her reputation, which would never do.

"Oh my gosh," breathed Amanda. "Look over there. Claire's trying to get a dance with Kurt!" Everyone stared. Sure enough, the popular, gorgeous cheerleader was standing next to Kurt and apparently asking him to dance. "He won't refuse her. Darn it! I was hoping to dance with him first!"

Kitty watched the scene with trepidation. Kurt couldn't afford to dance with anyone, since his hologram didn't extend towards touch. The secret would be out for him and possibly the entire Institute if Claire found out her potential dance partner had only three fingers. Still, no one turned down Claire. Most guys would kill to have a dance with her. There was no telling what might happen when Kurt refused her.

She didn't need Amanda's barely contained scream to tell her what happened. "I don't believe it. He's refusing her!" She looked in spite of herself, and saw Kurt walking away from a very angry Claire. The elf is in trouble now. Kitty knew that look too well – the deadliest thing in the world was a cheerleader scorned.

Kitty sighed. Kurt had dug his own grave. She continued talking with her friends, purposely steering the conversation away from Kurt and Claire. It wasn't until two songs later that she noticed Kurt walking towards her. She glared a warning. He simply grinned back, giving her the look that she knew meant that there was no stopping him at this point. Kurt had decided to annoy her and that was all there was to it.

"Hello, Kitty," he said, grinning wickedly at her. She managed to smile back. Suddenly a sense of dread overcame her. Oh no, he's going to… "May I have zis dance?"

She couldn't refuse him. Not with everyone watching her and Amanda's excited eyes glowing. This could be a good thing, she realized. Kurt picked me out of everyone here, and everyone knows that he doesn't dance with anyone. Of course, he can't dance with anyone else, but no one needs to know that.

"Well," she said, considering, "I guess so. Sure, Kurt." She ignored the squeals coming from her group of friends, but it seemed Kurt didn't. If possible, his grin grew even wider. Kurt took her hand and led her out onto the middle of the dance floor.

Once they were a safe distance away from the bevy of girls, Kitty glared at him. "Kurt!" she hissed, trying to keep her voice low.

Kurt's face was the very picture of innocence. "Vhat?" he asked, opening his eyes wide.

"You…you…oh, you're impossible!" she cried. "I told you…"

"I remember," interrupted Kurt. "And I don't have to say anozzer vord. Dance does not require talk." His eyes danced laughingly at her, challenging her to keep arguing. She opened her mouth furiously, then closed it and sighed.

"I'll get you later," she whispered, and relaxed against him. She felt rather than heard the laugh travel through Kurt's body. He wrapped his arms around her as they slowly swayed to the music. This isn't so bad, Kitty realized. Even if it is Kurt. Once you get past the way it feels to hold hands with a three-fingered mutant, that is. And I'll be the talk of the school for days! Her forehead brushed against his cheek for a minute and she stiffened at the feel of his fur on her skin. Then she relaxed again. It was better than dancing with someone who hadn't shaved well. At least Kurt's facial hair was soft.

To her surprise, the song ended. She hadn't realized that much time had passed. Kurt released her, smiling. "Not so bad, no?" he asked.

"I guess not," she grudgingly admitted. "But don't try it again!" He laughed and opened his mouth, about to say something, when a large hand spun him around violently. Kitty stared in shock. Josh, the co-captain of the football team, glared at Kurt malevolently. Behind him stood Claire, a look of justified anger and satisfaction on her face. Oh no…

"Who do you think you are?" spat Josh. Kitty could tell Kurt was about to make a sarcastic comment, so she jabbed him with her elbow. Josh did not need to be any angrier than he was right now. Josh continued, "Turning down Claire to dance with this? It's time you learned that she has friends to protect her reputation!" He looked at Kitty like she was some kind of creature too disgusting to be in his presence. She automatically straightened and looked angrily at Josh. How dare he talk about her that way?

Kurt glanced down at Kitty and then glared furiously at Josh. "I fail to see vhy I should prefer to dance vith Claire." There was a collective gasp around them. Startled, Kitty looked behind her and realized that they had drawn a crowd. This was very bad. If they had been alone, Kurt might have been able to talk his way out of the situation. But since there was a crowd, both boys seemed to want to prove himself more macho than the other, which would explain Kurt's valiant but suicidal statement.

"You little…" Josh lunged for Kurt, drawing muffled screams from the ever-growing crowd. Kitty tried to make her escape but the people were pressed too closely together to allow her to do so. Kurt ducked Josh's wild punch and circled away. Kitty was sick with fear – for whom, she didn't know. Kurt? Josh? Or herself? She moved back as far as the crowd would let her and watched.

Kurt had avoided getting hit, but Josh wasn't giving up. He threw several more punches, all of which Kurt avoided easily. It seemed all the X-Men training had done some good – Josh was much bigger and heavier than Kurt, and he was holding his own. But Kurt did not throw any attacks back at Josh. Kitty wondered at that for a moment. Oh. Kurt must know it will be all the worse for him if he shames Josh by hitting him. He has more sense than I thought.

"Hey, look out!"

"Teachers are coming!"

The shouts distracted Kurt for one fatal moment. He turned to look for a split second, and in that second Josh yelled in triumph and grabbed Kurt's wrist with a crushing grip, intending to hold him still while he beat Kurt senseless.

Kitty swore later that she heard the crunch of Kurt's watch as Josh smashed it with his mighty hands. At that moment, however, she felt like time had frozen. She saw the watch that was so much more than a watch shatter. She had only an instant for terror to come over her before Kurt's hologram completely disintegrated, and the mutant she had come to think of as the "fuzzy blue elf" stared at the crowd through horrified yellow eyes.

Josh stepped back, staring in utter disbelief. Screams echoed throughout the gym, growing louder as more and more people got a good look at Kurt's real form. Then he turned to look at her, and Kitty realized her mistake. She was the only one who didn't seem surprised, so naturally Josh assumed (correctly) that she already knew about Kurt. And who else would know about a mutant than a fellow mutant?

She saw Josh's eyes narrow in suspicion – and, in the crowd, Liam watching her intently. Panic swept over her. What was she going to do? She stared at Kurt and let horror creep into her face. That she didn't have to fake, she was horrified that he had been discovered and she was at risk. Not to mention the Institute! If anyone realized that both she and Kurt were mutants, they might put two and two together and discover everyone else at the Institute. Then where would the X-Men go? Kitty then made a show of finding her voice, like she had been too shocked to speak before. "You…you…" she stammered, letting a note of panic come into her voice. Her voice trembled agreeably. She ignored Kurt's surprised and hurt look as he reached towards her. She jumped back. "Don't touch me!" she screamed, sounding completely panicked. Kurt stood, looking at her in disbelief. "Kitty?" he asked.

Kitty ducked behind the nearest person. To her surprise, it was Liam. Even more surprising was when he spoke. "You heard her, freak," Liam growled. "Stay away from her."

Kurt stared at Kitty, who was hiding behind Liam and looking at him with terror in her eyes. Realization dawned on him then, and his eyes filled with the pain and anger of betrayal. Kitty's eyes widened as his eyes glittered. Kurt wasn't…he wasn't crying, was he?

She had no time to ponder it. With a strangled cry, Kurt disappeared into thin air. She ignored the shocked gibbering of her classmates and sank to her knees. She had done the right thing, she was sure of it. Her reputation – no, the Institute – was safe. Kitty had done her part to keep the identity of the mutant school a secret.

"Kitty! KITTY!" She glanced up, startled. Liam was staring worriedly at her. It appeared he was asking her if she was all right, and had been doing so for quite some time. "I'm fine," she assured him, smiling weakly like a brave heroine. "I'm just a little shocked."

"I don't blame you," Liam said. "To find out that Kurt, the so-called dance master, is a mutant – and you having just danced with him!" Kitty tried to be thrilled at the fact that Liam was paying so much attention to her, but she found herself tuning him out. Kurt's anguished face kept popping up in her memory, every feature etched with pain and disbelief. His eyes burned into hers, pleading with her for the answer to one question: Why?

Kitty stood and desperately tried to shake the image from her mind. What she had done she did out of concern for the safety of the Institute. Kurt would understand that, he was just a little surprised right now. Surely he'd realize that she had done the right thing when he was thinking clearly again.

But if what she had done was so right, then why did she feel so awful?

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