" The blood we found on the floor matched the DNA from the skin tags we found in the girl's hair brush," Warrick said to Sara, as the two of them and Nick walked down the hallway.

" So what does that tell us?" Sara asked allowed.

" Well, we know she's bleeding," Warrick said, " But there wasn't a sign of forced entry into her room."

" Or a sign of struggle," Sara added, " Did you get anything on the fiber we found in the window?"

" Only that it's a cotton fiber," Nick said, " The labs still processing it. The blood doesn't really tell us anything, though. We know the girl has been missing for twenty-four hours, but the blood could have gotten there any number of ways."

" Name one," Warrick challenged.

" She could have cut herself shaving, she could have any number of cuts from running into something, she.." Nick started.

" Okay, I got it," Warrick stopped him, holding his hands up.

" Accepting the theory she wasn't kidnapped," Sara interjected, " How do we explain what the mother saw?"

" Maybe she ran away with a friend," Nick offered, " A friend who just happens to be a boy. The boy is helping her out the window. Mom catches a glimpse and worse case scenario."

" But if the 'pair' ran away, where are they now?" Warrick replied, " How come no one has seen 'them?"

" There's more then one way to cover your tracks and disappear," Nick muttered.

" Right..." Warrick began when a yell ran through the hall.

The three CSI's turned to see Greg running out of the lab. His arms covered his eyes and his face as he practically fell into the wall across. Glancing at each other for only a second the three of them ran over to him.

" Greggo, what happened?" Nick said as he pulled Greg to his feet.

" Greg, are you alright?" Sara replied.

Greg uncovered his eyes. Blinking a couple of times he stood up firmly.

" Y-yeah," he replied, " Flash...Caught me by suprise...Sorry I didn't tell you..."

" What flash, Greg?" Sara demanded.

" This flash," Warrick replied stepping out of the lab. "

In his hands he held a camera. Sara walked over to him.

" DON't," Greg called, " It's evidence!"

Sara looked over at him. Pulling out a pair of plastic gloves from her pocket she took the camera from Warrick.

" This is just standard equipment," she said, inspecting it.

" Standarad equipment that mysteriously appeared by mail, with a note," Greg replied.

The three other CSI's looked at him.

" Why didn't you tell us!" Warrick and Nick said at the same time.

Greg shrank back and replied, " I thought you knew. I mean Grissom just gave it to me and asked asked me to analyze it..."

Nick looked at Warrick and Sara.He stood up as Sara gave the camera back to Greg.

" Process it," she said, " And page us when you get some results."

" No problem," Greg replied standing up.

Sara stormed off in the direction of Grissom's office. Nick and Warrick followed right behind her.

Charging right in she practically yelled, " Grissom!"

The older CSI looked up from a file he was reading.

" Sara, Nick, Warrick, did Greg find anything?"