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Chapter One: Sapphire
Summary: Au. YYxT with some JxM. Tea has strong feelings for Yami, and they grow stronger as she, and the rest of the seniors go on their camping trip. Will she tell him? Will the seniors survive camp? INSANITY! COMPLETE.
Rating: PG-13

"Look at me, I'm speaking!"
'Look at me, I'm thinking!'
:'Look at me! I'm using the mind link to talk to Yugi!':
(('Look at me! I'm using the mind link to talk to Yami!'))
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Yami to Tea in chat room
Tea to Yami in chat room

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Camp. One of the fun and sometimes unenjoyable experiences in school. A time where your class and peers go on a type of holiday to somewhere special. Somewhere that people may or may not have visited before. A time that is meant to be fun for all. A time that Tea Gardner is about to experience tomorrow morning. She would be heading to an island with her fellow classmates and teachers, where they would spend a fortnight on their destination.

Tea was indeed excited about it. She loved the beach, and an island would be simply breathtaking. The sea breeze and the starlit sky at night. Not to mention campfires, sleeping in cabins, swimming in oceans and freshwater rivers, toasting marshmallows and simply spending time with her best friends.

Of course she was excited.

A huge fundraiser had taken place about a month ago, allowing the seniors' camping trip to be a brilliant one. Most of the funds had been put into reservations and buying sporting equipment. Oh, what fun they shall have.

What fun.

Tea Gardner was in her room, looking down her list of items needed for camp. She made sure to double check every single item on the list and in her large camping bag. She refused to forget anything this time. In her past school camps, she would always forget the most vital of things. Like her hair brush, pyjamas, swimmers, toothbrush…well not this year! This year she was going to bring everything

"Let's see," Tea said, running her finger down the list. "Swimmers? Check. Three pairs of PJs? Check. Hairbrush? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Optional - disposable camera? Check. Survivor's camp booklet? Ch-not check." Tea sighed. "Where did I put that damn thing?"

Tea began throwing all the contents in her school bag out onto her already messy floor. Books scattered everywhere; her pencil case hit the ground and pencils and rubbers rolled onto the floor; her hat fell onto her Science book, and her empty water bottle went flying right after.

Tea sighed in frustration. "That reminds me," she said to herself, noticing the water bottle. "I need a canteen, and or water bottle." She quickly bolted downstairs into her silver filled kitchen, and shifted plastic bowls aside until she found a large canteen. Grabbing the canteen, she began to head upstairs past her mother, who said something like, "my little camper" as she passed. Tea smiled to herself as she returned to her room, and packed the canteen inside forcefully.

She then returned to looking for her booklet. A few minutes later, she had found it in one of her many draws. She placed it in a clipboard and packed it in neatly in a spare pocket of her bag. She then picked up her list and continued checking it off.

"Toothbrush? Check. Toothpaste? Check. Optional – A Game, pack of cards or similar? Yugi and Yami are bringing that, so I might as well tick it off. School I.D.? Check. Pillow? Check. Clothes for a fortnightly vacation? Yup." She ticked all of the items off. "That's all! I'm certain I have everything this time!" She did double check on all the items in her bag before getting out clothes for the next morning. She then proceeded into the bathroom to change into pyjamas and showered before bed.

After her shower, she changed into her pyjamas and brushed her teeth with another of her toothbrushes. She looked at her features in the mirror: charming, sapphire eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. She was a good height for a seventeen-year-old (which she was) and she was thin. Her slim appearance was due to her hard dance routines she did.

Around ten minutes later, Tea emerged from the bathroom; hair slightly wet and sticking to her neck, feeling very snug in her warm pyjamas. She took a glimpse at the time on her digital alarm clock, which read quarter to ten. "Ah! It's late; I need to get up at six thirty tomorrow!" And with that, she turned off all the lights in her bedroom and snuggled into bed. She took in a long, soothing breath, before closing her sapphire eyes and drifting off to sleep.

"So, tell me again, Yugi. What's a 'school camp'?" Yami asked the smaller doppelganger.

Yugi sighed. "It's a camping trip. Our whole year is going to a place for a short vacation. Away from work, away from home…It's a great time to hang out with your friends and have fun."

"Oh. It's safe, then?"

"Of course it's safe!" Yugi said with a laugh. "It's just like going to school, Yami. Excluding the learning and the lectures and the fact we are in a paradise."

"Sounds promising." Yami smiled.

"Yep. And this year, we're going to a beach!"

"Beach?" Yami asked with a frown. "You've mentioned that before. What is it?"

"Oh, right! It's kinda like a desert. Except there's a lot of water around, which is called an 'ocean'."

"Ah, yes. I know what an ocean is. Sounds beautiful."

"You bet it is!" Yugi said, smiling cutely. "I suppose there would be a lot of forests and stuff on the island too. Along with animals that you've probably never even seen before! It will be like an adventure! We explore the island and see what secrets it holds!"

Yami's smile broadened at the excitement dancing across his Light's features. "I'm actually feeling excited about this, Yugi. I can't wait till tomorrow. However, if we don't get a move on and finish packing, we'll be up too late and be really tired tomorrow."

"True. We have to get to school really early tomorrow."

"Yes. Come on, let's finish packing."

Tea was dreaming.

A starlit sky was above her, as she sat near a campfire. She hugged herself tightly; it was freezing.

Her hair blew gently in the breeze, as she closed her eyes tightly, trying to shut out the cold feeling numbing her body. She heard muffled footsteps in the sand.

She looked up; she saw nothing. Though she saw footsteps being marked in the sand. Scared, Tea jumped to her feet, heart pounding. Was it some sort of ghost?

She backed away, the footprints still coming towards her; she wanted to scream, but went against it. Her sapphire eyes looking fearfully at the spot someone ought to be.

The footprints stopped moving, and Tea looked around. She caught sight of a pair of eyes flickering in and out of focus. She stared at it, and then she was plunged into darkness.

The blackness swirled around her; her thoughts were confused and frightened. She saw something ahead of her. Something that looked golden.

The golden item enlarges itself so Tea could get a better look at it. They were a set of eyes; a pair of the most beautiful eyes Tea had ever seen.

They were honey-hued, golden and seemed to glimmer and sparkle with life. Eyes shining in the non-existent light and amber lit. Tea felt her uneasiness fade, as she watched the gorgeous gems glittering in front of her.

She felt like she was in love with those amber orbs; they were so beautiful and absorbing that they touched her soul. Like golden sunsets shining across rippling water in the afternoon. Sweet like the taste of honey, and as shiny as gold.

Her fantasy ended however, as something odd interrupted her dream.

"And coming to you live with the newest in high-fashion foot wear! These fabulous, padded shoes will be certain to…"

Tea groaned and slammed the off button on her alarm. She looked at the time. 'Stupid alarm; it got me up too early.'

The time was five thirty, and Tea was in a bad mood. She got up sleepily and, wanting to kill some time, turned on the computer.

She signed into a Messenger Chat Room, looking for someone to talk to. As she was scanning the chat room names, a private message popped up.

Good Morning, Tea. You're up early.

Wondering who it was, she asked this stranger.

I don't mean to be rude, but who is this?

A moment of typing, then:

It's Yami.
Oh! Hey Yami, how are you?
I'm great, actually. Yourself?
Not too bad. Stupid alarm got me up to early :(
Aw, poor Tea.
Yeh. So, why are you up so early?
I think I was a bit too excited about going camping.

Tea was surprise by this. She thought that Yami would be the last who would want to go to some island and spend a fortnight there. Especially since he would have to share a room with other people.

o.O Wow. I never thought you would enjoy something like htis.
To be honest, neither did I. But Yugi explained to me what I am to be expecting, and it sounds fantastic.
I'm sure we'll all have a good time!
Just out of curiosity, why is your screen name 'Pudding'?

That had been puzzling Tea for the past fifteen minutes. Why would Yami, five thousand-year-old Pharaoh of Egypt and Yugi's darker half, have a messenger screen name such as 'Pudding'?

Well, when Yugi made me this screen name, I think he was just a TAD sugar-high.
Lol! That was funny!
No it wasn't! I wasn't laughing when he told me I would have to be called 'Pudding' while on this cursed thing.

Tea broke into a long line of giggles at this. She couldn't help it!

I wonder who will be in our cabins?
Ooh, yeh. Hopefully we won't be in a group full of 'populars'.
What? Are you saying WE'RE not POPULAR?
o.O Um…you know what I mean, don't you?
Yes, I do. Just messing with you ;)
Hehehe. Did you notice that your sentence rhymed?

Hey – you're right! Do and you! You're good at picking up stuff like that.
One of my many gifts #sarcasm#
Heh, yeh. Well, Yugi's up now, so I better start getting ready. See you soon! #Waves#
Pudding has logged out.

"Tea Gardner? Tea Gardner! Where is that girl?"

"HERE!" Tea called, breathless from the major rush this morning. She had spent the morning playing Space Invaders on her television after Yami had logged off, and got so side-tracked with it she hadn't realised it was ten past seven. Therefore, she was late.

"Sorry-sir-over-slept!" Tea gasped in one breath.

The teacher shook his head in a disapproving way before marking her name off on the roll. He proceeded with calling more names off the list.

Tea looked around for her friends; she caught sight of the blonde-haired, brown eyed teen known as Joey Wheeler.

Next to him was his partner in crime: Tristan Taylor. His brown hair, brown eyes clearly visible.

Sitting on the floor, up against the wall was Yugi and Yami Mutou. Both teens had spiky, black hair with ebony ends. Golden rod bangs framed their face, and Yami's extended upwards to the very ends of his gravity-defying hair. Both had incredible sets of eyes: amethyst for Yugi, and crimson for Yami. One of the main reasons Tea had a crush on Yami. She loved his crimson orbs, they were so pretty.

Both Yugi and Yami wore a grey jumper and long pants that had many pockets covering the jumper. Both were identical, including the sneakers.

Joey wore a long, blue shirt and a white vest over the top. Long, black pants that covered the top of his sneakers.

Tristan had a black jacket over some yellow t-shirt. Long, blue jeans down to his ankles, and a pair of black and white sneakers.

Tea, on the other hand, was wearing three-quarter jeans and a simple t-shirt. She was wondering why everyone was dressed so warmly, but didn't voice it aloud.

"So guys, how are you?" Tea asked them all with a smile.

"As good as any campa would be!" Joey grinned. "Campin'! Wahoo! 'Bout time dey found us a good spo'."

"Yeh. That's true. Last year's camp was terrible," Yugi said.

"Where did you go last year?" Yami asked, eyebrows furrowed.

Tea giggled inwardly; he looked so funny with his eyebrows like that.

"Well, we were going to go skiing in Canada," Yugi said, screwing his face up in an effort to remember. "But they changed it at the last minute, and we ended up going to some wildlife park. And it was horrible…bugs and monkeys everywhere…" Yugi shuddered as if the memory was horrifying.

Yami laughed; he loved seeing Yugi like this.

Tea loved Yami's laugh; it was melodic.

"Hey guys – look!" Tristan called, pointing near the car park. Four large buses were parked amongst the cars.

"ALRIGH'!" Joey yelled happily. "LET'S GE' DIS PARDY STARDED!" And with that, he took off towards the buses, his friends following him at a slow walk.

"Hey, Tea," Yami said, turning towards the brunette who blushed slightly, "you were up early this morning. What happened that made you late?"

Tea noticed that there was concern in his crimson orbs. Those stunning, crimson orbs…

"Oh, I got a bit side-tracked," Tea admitted, laughing nervously.

Yami smiled at her. "What were you doing?"

"Playing Space Invaders." Tea grinned.

"Ah, yes." Yami tapped his chin knowingly, and Tea giggled. "I remember that game. Yugi showed it to me."

"Let me guess – you dominated it?"

"They don't call me 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' for nothing," Yami replied with a wink, which made Tea's blush turn magenta.

After much hassling as bags were thrown unceremoniously into the bus, the seniors climbed into the sets of buses. Tristan got side-tracked from his group of friends when a rather pretty girl walked past him.

"I call sho'gun!" Joey yelled, jumping into a two-seater near the back of the bus. "Yug'! C'mon, pal! Si' wid me!"

Yugi looked at Yami for a second, about to say something. However: "It's okay Yugi. You can go and sit with Joey."

Yugi gave him a hard look and smiled at him. He game Yami a brief hug, who ruffled his Light's hair as Yugi then jumped into a seat next to Joey. Yami shrugged and turned to Tea. "Do you mind sitting with me?"

"Oh!" Tea said, surprised. Her face was as red as a tomato. "Sure, sounds good to me."

Yami smiled at before grabbing her gently by the forearm and lead her to a seat close to where Yugi and Joey were sitting. Yami sat next to the window and Tea sat next to him. Tea felt slightly nervous.

A few minutes later, someone with a uniform entered and started up the bus. Soon, the bus was driving off down the road; it was going to be a long, three hour drive.

"Yami?" Tea asked the teen sitting next to her.

"Mm?" Yami replied, eyes closed and resting on his palm. He looked so tired.

"Why is everyone wearing winter clothing?" It was a question that had been bothering her for the past half hour.

"It was on the list," Yami replied wearily, looking at her.

"No it wasn't! I checked that list twice!"

"Better find out who's naughty or nice," Yami said in a sleepy, sing-song voice.

Tea's mouth twisted into a smile as she looked at her sleepy crush. "Did you check the back of the list?" Yami asked.

Tea's mouth dropped. "There was more on the back?"


"Oh no!" Tea slapped her forehead. "No, no, no, no, no!"

"Hey, it's okay," Yami said, patting her shoulder gently. "You'll live."

But Tea sat moodily in her chair almost the whole trip. However, she had grown so tired near the end, she fell asleep. Her head dropped onto its' only support – Yami's shoulder.

Yami smiled at the brunette before he too, finally, drifted off to sleep, his head resting on the back of his hand.

Yugi turned around to talk to Yami but stopped mid-sentence. The scene before him was one of those Kodak moments. Yugi smiled, and turned back around to continue talking to his blonde companion.

"Where's Tristan?" Yugi finally asked, wondering where in the name of Ra he had got to.

"Don' ya remember, Yug'? He wen' on a differen' bus."

"Oh, yeh…"

"How's Yam' doin', anyway?" Joey asked turning around and seeing the sight in front of him. He just stared for a moment, before turning around, grinning mischievously. "Up for a game of ma'chmaker, dis campin' trip, Yug'?"

Yugi turned around to look at Yami and Tea, who were still asleep. He grinned. "I'm all for it." Yugi and Joey did a weird kind of handshake before settling themselves down and watching a movie playing on the small television up near the front of the bus.


Yami was brought out of his sleep when an unexpected honking noise took place. He then suddenly realised he had a light wait on his shoulder. He turned his head slightly to see Tea still asleep on his shoulder; obviously the sound hadn't awoken her.

"Hey, Yam'!" Joey called to him from the seat in front of him. "We're a' da ship's dock dat's takin' us to our lil' 'oliday island. Will you d'o 'urry up?"

Yami nodded and lightly nudged Tea. "Tea…" He said quietly. "Tea, wake up. We're here."

Tea's eyes fluttered open, where her gaze was met by Yami. Her cheeks flushed up automatically and she sat up straight. "Sorry…" She muttered distractedly.

"No problem."

All the seniors left the bus and waited for their luggage to be hurled into the lower deck of the reasonably large ship. Yami and Tea joined Yugi, Joey and Tristan by the dock.

"Hey guys!" came a soft, British voice from behind them.

Everyone turned to see two white-haired teens with chocolate brown eyes; Ryou and Bakura.

"Hey Ryou, and Bakura!" Everyone said simultaneously.

"What's up, Pharaoh?" Bakura said, grinning wickedly. "Going to enjoy this little trip?"

"As a matter of fact I am, Tomb Robber." Yami smiled. "This actually sounds fun."

"Really? And since when do you know the definition of 'fun'?" Bakura joked.

"Ha, ha," Yami said coolly. "You're a real comedian."

(('Yami, don't fight with Bakura.'))

:'I'm not going to, Yugi. Don't worry. We're just messing around.':


Yugi smiled as he watched Yami and Bakura continue to have a go at each other in the same sarcastic and ignorant way. Joey was watching the yamis, intrigued.

Suddenly, someone was yelling into a microphone from the ship. "GET YOUR TINY-"(The speaker said something that cannot be displayed here as little kids are reading this) "-ONTO THIS SHIP RIGHT NOW, YOU DOGS! HURRY UP OR WE'RE LEAVING WITHOUT YOU AND YOU CAN LIVE THE REST OF YOUR MISERABLE LIVES AS A HERMIT!"

"Wow, that speaker has a way with words," Yami commented.

Tea couldn't believe it; Yami was cracking jokes! He hardly ever cracked jokes. She supposed when Bakura was around, he was trying to act cool around him. Tea sighed, wandering if she would be able to have Yami being at ease around her.

There was a scramble as the seniors boarded the ship. Chatter and the splashing of waves rippling against the boat could be heard. Tea stood near the side of the boat, the breeze blowing her hair gently. She looked around to see Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Ryou behind her. However, Yami and Bakura were no where in sight.

"Where's Yami?" Tea asked.

"Yeh, and where's Bakura?" Tristan added.

"They're coming," Yugi and Ryou both replied, grinning.

The whistle blew and there was a rattle of chains as the ship began to leave the port. Students chatted excitedly, but Tea continued to worry where Yami and Bakura were – well, mostly Yami.

She looked back at the shore and could just see tri-coloured and snowy white hair. Yami and Bakura.

What in the name of Ra were they doing? They were being left behind!

"Clear the way!" Yugi said commandingly over the noise of the crowd who were hanging around near the back of the boat. "Watch out, you'll be run over if you don't move!"

The crowd hastily moved out of the way, allowing a clear path down one side of the boat.

Ryou smiled before waving to Yami and Bakura. Tea watched as Yami and Bakura crouched low to the ground, their hands deep into the sand.

Yugi appeared next to Tea carrying a whistle. He blew hard on it, the screeching sound echoing about.

Yami and Bakura broke into a run, sprinting all out towards the boat, which was a good few meters away from the dock.

They had reached the porch, running along the wood and, as they reached the very edge, their pace quickened as they leapt off the edge.

There jump was so incredible and elegant that it left all bystanders in awe. They both landed on the deck, and sprinted to the large tower where the captain was sitting; a large red flag was swinging wildly at the top by the breeze.

Yami and Bakura began scrambling up the side of the tower, both struggling to get to the top. The captain looked extremely shocked seeing two seniors climbing up beside his window.


Yami and Bakura ignored him. They continued climbing to the top, and Yami managed to slip up and grab the flag. He grinned, shaking the flag pole lightly.

"Aw, damn!" Bakura said angrily. Suddenly, he pulled off one of his shoes and chucked it at Yami's head. Yami quickly ducked out of the way of the forsaken shoe as it went soaring all the way off the boat and into the ocean.


Bakura quickly scrambled off the tower and landed back on the deck. He raced towards the side and looked into the ocean, where the shoe was floating. Without hesitation, he jumped off the ship and into the ocean.

"BAKURA, YOU MORON!" Ryou yelled fearfully, racing towards the edge of the ship. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?"

"THE SHOE! THE PRECIOUS SHOE!" Bakura screamed back, swimming over to the sneaker. Ryou rolled his eyes in agitation.

A few minutes later, Bakura was sitting on the deck, completely drenched and holding a sneaker in shaking hands. Ryou and the vice principal were scolding him while Yami was sniggering in the background.

Tea continued to stare at Yami who was wearing an incredible smirk. He looked up at her. "Something wrong?"

"No. I just think that you were a bit reckless."

Yami chuckled. "Yeh, well, it was his idea."

"I'm sure. You could have told us where you went, I was afraid you had missed the trip."

"Aw, did poor Tea get worried about little me?" Yami grinned, not noticing the blush formed across Tea's cheeks. "I wouldn't miss this, Tea. I mean it when I say it: I'm excited about this trip."

Tea sighed in relief, allowing her cheeks to cool. "Good."

Yami smiled at her before wiping his forehead. :'Well, that was fun.':

(('I kinda feel sorry for Bakura, though.'))

:'Don't be. He knew the consequences.':

(('You're just lucky he's not telling you off too!'))

:'Heh. Yeh, true.':

(('You can be as mischievous as Bakura sometimes, you know that?'))

:'Yugi! I'm offended!':

Yugi heard the sarcasm in his thoughts and grinned at Yami before heading to the upper deck. However, once again, a voice echoed through the speaker.


Yami just noticed how familiar the voice sounded to him. There was a lot of cursing into the microphone and a brief yell of, "HOLY RA! I FORGOT TO SWITCH THIS BE DAMNED MICOPHONE OFF!" and they heard a dull ring of faint Hawaiian music coming through the speaker. Most of the students were amused.

Bakura and Joey were laughing at the fact the speaker had called the ship a 'tooter'. Meanwhile, Tea was looking about, trying to find a pair of amber lit eyes. She was certain she recognised them from somewhere.

"ALRIGHT! THIS DAMN TOOTER-" (Bakura and Joey were laughing themselves stupid) "-HAS FINALLY BEEN PARKED! NOW GET YOUR FILTHY MORTAL FLESH OFF OF THIS SHIP! Oh, and hope you enjoyed 'Rainbow's Cruises'! NOW GET THE FREAKIN' HELL OFF THE SHIP!"

All the seniors proceeded off of the ship and onto the island, where they'd be spending a whole fortnight there.

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