Author's note:

Ok, I've decided that it's time to put this story to bed. It's been several years since I've written even a word for this story, and add to the fact that the computer I had this story on is long since died, I am not going to be taking the time to copy/paste or rewrite what I had. Their is also the fact that I simply don't care for writing this story or for Jake Spiegel anymore. After looking back over the character, I've realized that he isn't as cool as when I first made him, nor was my writing ability.

That being said, the story will remain up so others can read if they so chose, and I have relight the spark for writing. I'm just won't be writing for Teen Titans anymore I'm afraid. I am now writing a Harry Potter that I had started years ago, and found intrest in writing it once more.

So as the sun sets on one story, on rises on a second. I'll continue to write that, and others, so long as the spark lasts.

Farewell Titans.