Ramblings; Krad and Daisuke

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A/N: Came to me during art class (Drawing and Painting One). We had a sub that day and I needed the teacher to help me so I got bored. Thus this tale begins…

So, Krad and Daisuke. Enemies? I think not!

Krad: Liar!

Daisuke: What?

Krad knows when to pounce on his prey! Known for being lustful and controlling in his passion. This angel is just blinded by the fact that he thinks he likes Satoshi.

Krad: (forming energy ball) MY Satoshi…

Daisuke: (shaking head) No! No!

Once escaping this mind-game Krad has played on himself. He is able to see Daisuke and him should be together. But, how to catch the heart of the young red head?

Daisuke: (crying) Please stop.

Krad: ….

Beautiful crimson eyes stared up at Krad. Oh, how Krad longed to hold the boy. "Daisuke, I must tell you something." Ignoring Dark's protests the red head gazed at his angel. "Yes Krad?"

Daisuke: (slowly moving away from Krad) Why are you looking at me like that? It's only a story!

Krad: (moving towards Daisuke) Hush dear, it will be so much easier if you don't struggle.

The beautiful white winged angel took Daisuke's hand and held it in his. "Daisuke Niwa I have fallen for you. Be mine." Krad connected his lips with the young Niwa's.

Krad: (playing with Daisuke's hair) You know the author is right. You are cute! (suddenly hugs Daisuke)

Daisuke: o.O (faints)


As soon as Krad's lips touched Daisuke's Dark appeared. "You know. He was always yours."

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Daisuke: (wakes up) Oh god. I had the worse dream.

Krad: (lying next to him) it wasn't a dream.

Daisuke: AHHHH!

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