'Snake Tells It Right'

By Ennon

Disclaimers: 'Degrassi:TNG', its characters and scripts are copyrighted and I'm making no profit whatsoever.

A/N- I've been incredibly busy lately so no more lengthy stories for a while. However; here's a one-shot I think some of you may like. Satisfied that Snake said what needed to be said to Raditch after Rick's Shooting? Me either. Here's my version of what he SHOULD have said.

Scene take place in a classroom shortly after Rick has rampaged the halls of Degrassi with Emma, Spike and Snake at a table in a classroom.while police are talking to Sean at another table

Mr. Raditch: Archie?

Mr. Simpson: No I am busy here if you hadn't noticed!

Mr. Raditch: I'm sorry. They want to know if you can get into Rick's e-mail to look for signs. Warning signs.

Mr. Simpson: Signs? How about the biggest one of all that you refused to consider! He put Terri McGregor in a coma!

Mr. Raditch: I have 700 students and a teaching staff that I'm responsible for everyday. Don't get on my case because one kid overreacted to some spilled paint.

Mr. Simpson: Yeah, one kid who hundreds of kids had tried to warn you of his potential for excess violence.But did you listen?

Mr. Raditch: Of course I did.

Mr. Simpson: I bet you can't remember a word they said! This tragedy Dan, it could have been prevented if you hadn't put the feelings of one student over the safety of all the others. Gavin was right! Why were we protecting that piece of-!

Spike: Archie! Can you two do this later!