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Jordan's secret came out one cold Tuesday morning. All of her closest friends knew. All except Woody. He was the one person she didn't want to know. She didn't want him to judge her for what had happened thirteen years ago. It was something that never should have happened. But Jordan was glad that it did. She could not imagine her life without her "little mistake".

Oh by the way, Jordan's "little mistake" is thirteen year old Emily Cavanaugh, Jordan's daughter.

The How…

She was in collage and decided to get drunk after doing badly on a big exam. She met Doug at one of the popular bars near campus. He was in her anatomy class.

Well, one thing led to another, and Emily was conceived.

Doug freaked out when Jordan told him about Emily. He said that he could not afford to pay child support. Jordan tried to tell him that she just thought he would want to know, but he thought that she just wanted money. Three days after Jordan told Doug, he was found dead in his dorm room.

He had killed himself.

Jordan knew that there was no way she could provide for her daughter, and despite Max's efforts would not let him help her out.

Jordan decided that the only person who could give her daughter the kind of life she deserved was her grandmother. Mrs. Walden agreed to provide for Emily immediately. Her only wish was that Jordan would forgive her for everything that had happened between them.

Jordan agreed and thanked her grandmother.

No matter where Jordan ran of too, Emily came with her. When Emily was about seven Jordan and her Mrs. Walden decided that it would be best if Emily went to a boarding school in up state Massachusetts. Even though Jordan was in LA at the time she knew it would be for the best. So when Garret offered her old job back, Jordan jumped at the opportunity to be closer to her daughter.

Emily had come to the morgue a few times since Jordan had been back, but when Jordan met Woody she made sure Emily was never at the morgue. Jordan knew that despite the Boy Scout Woody could be, he could also be judgmental. Every one could. Ever time Emily would get out of school Jordan would always take one of her many sick days.

Everything was great until Emily decided she wanted to surprise Jordan at work one day.

(Emily's POV)

Ever since Mom met this Detective Hoyt she hasn't let me any where near the morgue. After talking to GG, we decided that the only way Mom would let him know about me was if we surprised her.

Gran checked me out of school today. Summer vacation starts tomorrow so it is no big deal. That also gives me PLENTY of time with Mom and her new boy friend.

Now I am standing in the elevator praying that Mom is not standing right there. If she is, there is no way I will be able to pull of my plan.


Ok no one is here. Now I need to find Uncle Garret, Uncle Nigel, or Uncle Bug's office. They will surly help me find Woodrow. What type of name is Woodrow anyway?

"Emily… Emily Cavanaugh. Is that you?" Yay! Uncle Nigel.

"Uncle Nigel! Oh my God! You're a sight for sore eyes!"

"Em, let me look at you, luv! You have grown so much! I bet blokes are just falling at your knees!"

Uncle Nigel always knows how to make me blush.

"Hahaha. I need you to help me. I have a plan…"

"You sound just like your mother. So, what's up? Wait your mother would die if she knew you were here, and she will be back any minute with Detective…"

I give him a look that tells him he is on to something.

"I get it! You are going to make your mom tell our dear Detective Hoyt her little secret. Right?"

"Uncle Nigel, you have no idea how right you are."

"Just like your mum! Just like her! Well we better get you hidden until she comes back. Garret will have you out of here just as fast as she would!"

"Right you are, Right you are."

(Emily's POV)

Ok… can you say complete boredom? I am stuck in Aunt Lilly's office. I can't even talk to anyone. Uncle Nigel only put me in here because Aunt Lilly doesn't have to work today. I have to hide under her desk! I haven't done this since I was seven!

I think Uncle Garret is catching on though. He saw Uncle Nigel talking to the desk, and ever since then he keeps looking through the window. Any away, I do hope Uncle Garret finds out. My back is killing me!

I have been thinking all day about something. Ok, maybe not all day, but for awhile! What if Detective Hoyt is a jerk? What if I don't like him?

Weird, huh? The mom is usually worrying about the daughter, but I worry more about her. Mom isn't as strong as she likes to think she is. She really does need help from people… A LOT! Sometimes I think she gets into more trouble than I do. Of course, it doesn't take much to do that. I can't do anything fun in that prison.

But, I am off subject. What was the subject again? I don't remember.

Ok, anyway … what time is it? Hmm… almost noon.

Uncle Nigel better come get me soon. The whole being under the desk thing is getting pretty old.

Owwww! Damnit I really need to pay attention to how small this desk is!

"I just have to get my jacket out of my office, Woody." Said Jordan. Woody and her just finished a closed the case they were working on and decided to go celebrate.

"Ok, I'll go see if Nige is around here. I've been wanting to ask him something."

Woody hurried down to Nigel's office. He wanted to ask him if Jordan had said anything about "them" to him. Jordan seemed to tell Nigel things that she wouldn't normally share. Woody just wanted to make sure that Jordan had really made peace with herself before they moved further in their relationship.

He quickly caught up with him exiting Lilly's office.

"Hey Nige, got a minute?"

"Woodrow! I was just looking for you. Is Jordan here too?"

"Yea, she's in her office. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a sec."

"You might want to wait until after I tell you what it is I have to tell you."

"Ok? Umm… I'll go get Jordan."

"Yea, I'll meet you guys in her office."

After Nigel decided that Woody was far enough down the hall, he poked his head back into Lilly's office.

"Hey Em, it's showtime!"

Emily walked slowly down the hall with Nigel in toe.

(Emily's POV)

I can't wait to see what Mom is going to say. Hmm… I wonder which she will do first: yell or faint? It's a toss up. Ok, my hands are sweating. I think I want to go under the desk again. Calm down. I am going to have a panic attack before I even enter the room. Ok, here we are. We are at the door. I'm going to die!

"Ok, I am going to go in first, and then come out to get you. Ok?"

"Got ya"

"Nervous, luv?"

"I am going to die."

"Hey, you're in the right place for that!"

"Hahaha. Now go!"

Nigel quickly open and shut the door before Jordan or Woody could see the nervous teenager.

(Nigel's POV)

Well, isn't this a funny sight. Jordan and Woody pacing her office in complete silence. I wonder what they are so worried about?

"Ok, I have a surprise."

"Nigel, your surprises don't usually turn out good." Jordan answered.

"Well, hopefully you will feel different about this one."

Ok, now I have to get Em. Can't wait to see how this is going to turn out!

"You're up."

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!… I…I can't do this!"

"Don't worry. It's not that hard. They aren't in that bad of a mood."

"Well, that comforting!" Emily replied sarcastically.

"Go get em' tiger!"

"Jordan do you have any…"

"Hey, Mom."

"Oh… my… God…"