"What the …" Garrett exclaimed. Em had been the last person that he had expected to knock on his door.

"That's not quite the reaction that I expected, but hey Uncle Garrett."

"Em, what are you doing here? Does your mother know you are here? Wait isn't Woody in the morgue right now. Ok, you stay here until He is gone then I will take you to your Grandmother's house."

"Calm down. Calm down. Mom already knows I am here. I even met Beaver Boy."

"Beaver Boy?"

"Detective Hoyt."

"Oh… How did he take the news? And why in the world are you here?"

"He took it better than I thought he would. They are kind of making out as we speak. And I just thought it was time for me to check Beaver Boy out."

"Wait, wait, wait. How long have you been here?"

"If you are asking if I was in Aunt Lilly's office when you kept poking your head in, the answer is yes. You are not that crazy."

"Ha ha ha…" At that Garrett grabbed Em up in a hug. "It's good to have you back in town."

"It's good to be back Uncle Garrett. I just hope that Mom will let me stay. I am sick and tired of the whole boarding school thing. It is so over rated. I mean, do you know the kind of snobs that go to that school? It is unreal!"

"Do you really think that she is going to send you to public school? I mean Em, you know how much she has sacrificed for you to go to that school."

"And I hate every minute of it. From what I can tell, Beaver Boy wants kids, and if he and Mom do get married maybe I could get him to suggest for me to stay with them."

"I think pigs have a better chance of flying then you do of letting your mom send you to public school."

"Now look who is being the comedian."

(Emily's POV)

Well, that went well. I missed Uncle Garret. It has been what 2 years since I have seen him. I can't believe he is still the same! He really needs a girl friend though. I'll have to talk to Mom about that.

I should probably go check on Mom and Beaver Boy. They should probably come up for air soon. I mean how long could they stay like that. I don't know. The way they act around each other it could be DAYS!

Ewwww! I really don't want to think about that!