Chapter 1- Rides and Worries

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The full moon shone bright as Christine Daae galloped through an open field on her way back from her usual late-night ride. She took one every night; she loved riding and especially on the grounds of the estate she and Raoul had been living in for the past 3 months. She loved the sense of the wind rushing threw her brown locks and the sound of the horses hooves hitting the ground. She made her way back to the stables for if she were out to long, Raoul would begin to worry about her. She hopped of her horse, and begun to undo the saddle, she hated when her rides came to an end. As she went to hang the saddle up, she felt a damp cloth clamp over her mouth, she began to twist away but the man kept her close to his body restricting all her movements.

"Just breath in Cherie." She heard the man's rough voice and felt his hot breath on her neck. To afraid to disobey, she took a deep breath in and all went black, the last thing she remembered was her hands and feet being bound and being thrown into thrown into the back of a wagon.


It had been half an hour since Christine usually returned from her ride and Raoul began to worry; it wasn't like her to be this late. He decided to go see where she was; he got up form the parlor and headed for the stables.

When he arrived at the stables he saw Christine's horse but no Christine. He found her saddle on the ground, picked it up and put it on its hook.

"Christine?" He called threw the empty stable "Christine are you here? Christine?" After his calls went unanswered, he looked around the stable for some sign of her. A piece of paper on the ground caught his attention. He picked it up and read it,

Dear Vicomt,

We have your beloved fiancée and if you ever want to see Mademoiselle Daae ever again you will obey our orders. First, place 20,000 francs in the alley, next to the garbage can, behind "The Paris Saloon" this Friday night, second, do not get the police involved for if you do you will surely never see her again and third we are not saying we will return her anytime soon by obeying us you are guaranteeing her safety for the next week until you receive our next list of demands. Remember; do as we say and Ms. Daae will remain unharmed.

The Holders of Your Fiancée

Raoul's hand began to shake as he read the note, he could only imagine what horrors Christine could experience while she was with these men. He had to find her, no matter what. It said he couldn't get the police involved but that didn't mean he couldn't get a third party to help. He jumped on his horse and headed for the Opera House.


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