Chapter 16- Free Her

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"No," Christine whispered. "Not again." She trembled with fear as Fredric stood mincingly above her. Fredric laughed and set Melissa down.

"You think I am here for you? The only reason I am here is to take what is rightfully mine, and since I have already taken you," Tears arose in Christine's eyes as the terrible memories of that night all came flooding back to her. "I am now here for my daughter."

"She is not yours!" Christine shouted as she arose to her feet, ready to face this man.

"I, unlike your society friends, can count, Melissa was born 3 weeks shy of your ninth month of marriage." He noted the look of shock on her face. "Thought I was not smart enough to figure that out, aye?"

"You are mistaken-" A slap was delivered to her cheek sending her back a few steps.

"Stop lying! YOU KNOW SHE IS MINE!" Melissa ran over to Fredric and begins beating him with her small fists.

"Stop hurting my Mama!" She cried. Fredric fiercely pushed her away, sending her into the wall where she sunk to the floor, afraid to move.

"Melissa!" Christine tried to scamper away from Fredric to attend to her daughter but he was quick and he reached out and seized Christine's foot dragging her back towards him. He roughly put her feet and up against a wall crushing her with his large body. "Please," She choked out. "let me help her."

"I may and I may not."

"What do you want?" He gave her a sly smile.

"I want my daughter and a son." He whispered, his cold lips lightly touching her ear, his hand found it's way up her thigh. Before Christine could say a word, a gunshot went off, Fredric's eyes bulged and his limp body fell sideways to the floor. Christine was frozen still until she saw who had delivered the fatal shot.

"Raoul!" She cried out in joy throwing her arms around his neck. Her tears of distress had now turned to ones of happiness. "How?" She managed to get the word out.

"I climbed out through the window and into Melissa's room." He explained in disbelief of what had just taken place.

"Mama?" A small voice called from behind them.

"Oh Melissa," Christine said happily as she scooped the child into her arms. "Are you hurt?"

"Only my head but Mama, was that man really my Papa?" Christine shot Raoul a panicked glance.

"Well, in way, yes, but I will explain it to you when your older." Both Christine and Raoul were satisfied with her answer.


11 Years Later

"Mother, I need to know." Asked a now 16-year-old Melissa, walking into Christine's room one day while Raoul and her 10 year old little brother named Erik were out to town.

"Know what my dear?" Christine asked as she combed through her hair.

"I need to know who that man was that came here eleven years ago to take me away, you promised you'd tell me someday and I think I am old enough now to understand." This was the moment Christine had dreaded ever since that night, she thought about stalling but she knew that Melissa was persistent would no quite until she got what she came for.

"Very well then," She went on to tell Melissa about the Opera Populair and how it had lead to her kidnapping and Melissa's conception. It was almost an hour later when she had finished.

"You mean I am the product of a rape?" She said in shock. "That awful man, who was here was my Father? No, no, no! I will not believe it!" She stood up and ran from the room in tears just as Raoul and Erik walked in.

"Mama! Look what Papa got me!" Erik said happily showing off his trinket.

"What happened?" Raoul asked confused and feeling he had come back at the wrong moment.

"I told her, Raoul do you think you can talk to her?"

"I will try." He said leaving his wife and son, oh how good it felt to use that word even after all these years he was still shocked that he had a son. He came to Melissa's door and rapped on it gently. "Melissa, your Mother wants me to speak to you."

"What can you do? You can not change the past." He heard a muffled voice cry.

"May I please come in?"

"If you must." Raoul opened the door revealing a sobbing figure on the bed; he walked over and sat next to her.

"I know it is a bit of a shock but it can get better."

"How? I just found out the man who I have been having nightmares about is my Father, how can that get better?"

"I have no idea but we can figure these things out together." He was trying his best to help but knew he was doing no good.

"How can you even look at me? I am the daughter of the man who tortured Mama." She covered her face with a pillow. He pulled it away and looked into her eyes.

"You are also the daughter of the most amazing woman I have ever met and that is enough to make me forget about everything else." A look of revelation came across her face.

"Can I still call you Papa?" She asked timidly, forcing Raoul to sustain a laugh.

"Yes of course, you have called me Papa for sixteen years I do not expect that to change now." She smiled, sat up and pulled Raoul into a large embrace.

"Thank you, Papa." She whispered. Raoul at last was able to see Melissa as his daughter. After all this time Raoul and Christine finally had the family they had always wanted.


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