Prologue: Confessions of a Teenage Scholar

November 16, 2002


Mood- Pensive

Dear Diary,

Whew! I just finished the pile of English homework Mrs. Griggs gave us over the weekend. Vocabulary. Verbs. Other 'V' words that escape me at the moment...She can be so evil... But I'll be satisfied as long as I can maintain an A for the rest of the semester. If I'm fortunate, I'll make it out of high school without anything below a 95 average. Mom keeps telling me I'm working my self to death, but it's the only way I'll get that scholarship. Plus I can't be thrown out of drama club or the volleyball team. I have hopes and dreams. How does she expect me to accomplish them if I don't put any effort into it? Dad seems to understand though. We talked and laughed all night, planning Thanksgiving dinner together. It should be pretty exciting.

You know what should be even more exciting?

I heard they're opening this new club somewhere downtown. Planet Bam or Planet Boom or something. Jasmine's dragging me there for opening night this weekend and I can't wait to go. I feel like I need more excitement in my life, you know? More rush. Sometimes so much that I get shaky. My darker side is surfacing and that frightens me. I don't think I'll do anything too drastic. I mean, I'm not that type of girl. That type of girl... Being bad is so enticing sometimes. Just doing anything and not giving a damn. But that's impossible right now. I've come too far. And I have so much to live for...

But it wouldn't hurt just once.


Yours Sincerely,

Cassandra Pierce

: - )

READ PLEASE- Well, I was getting tired of Stanton and Serena and decided why not do a story that displays him for the asshole he was? Plus he did Cassandra bogusly! Argh! I had to research his book and find out stuff about her past! If anyone has any more info on her PLEASE TELL ME! Like the color of her eyes... TELL ME! I missed that... Oh and the whole story isnt diary entries... sorry if that scared you... lol