99 Balloons (SakuSasuNaru)

When they came sputtering into town on their strange little flying craft, Sakura had been wistfully gazing out her bedroom window, near the end of another drab, boring, and faintly hazy, summer day. She'd been sitting there trying to figure out different ways to run away from her parents, and their hideous little dusty village, right smack at the end of the world, when it all began.

It was her mother who caught site of them first, screaming their arrival dutifully, as any woman who catches site of something immensely strange and possibly frightening would do. Her father was outside moments afterwards, pointing and yelling at the sky like a madman, catching Sakura's mother as she fainted from the stress. Soon, his voice was joined by slamming doors, and the clamour of their neighbours. Not wanting to be left out of a possible town spectacle, Sakura tore her gaze away from a nest of pink clouds, and ran down the stairs and out her house towards the back, and how she was glad she did.

It was almost funny really the way the thing jerked through the sky, weaving and turning about as if it were barely keeping itself together and up, some strange contraption of steel and fans. And balloons. So many different colours, shapes and sizes, Sakura couldn't tell how many there were, though it was what was on The Thing that caught her attention, and brought the neighbourhood to heel.


Two of them to be exact.

And although Sakura was already vibrating with the excitement of it all, she couldn't help the extra little zip of a thrill, that wound it's way through her insides and out her mouth in a gasp. She waved frantically at The Thing, at the boys on it, yelling at the top of her lungs, before diving into a nearby and convenient bush as they came crashing to the ground where she used to be.

Coughing and waving her arms at the mess of dusty debris in the air, Sakura, with watery eyes, crawled her way out of the bush as neighbours screamed and rushed to aide her and the two boys. Even as she insisted she was alright, she was working her way towards the mysterious riders of the strange machine, and oh my, weren't they just the most interesting site anyone had ever seen in a long, long time.

Boys indeed, and no older then Sakura herself, one was tall, dark-haired, and deliciously handsome. Pale skin and the darkest most soulful eyes she'd ever seen as he calmly picked himself up from the debris and dusted off his also dark clothes. He wore a navy suit, with shorts rather than pants, complete with a top-hat, and appeared completely unharmed. In fact, completely unruffled as well, as if he hadn't just fallen from the sky on a strange machine propelled by impossibilities, and gone smashing into the ground. Turning away from the gathering, slack-jawed crowd, the youth extended a hand to the other child still sprawled on the ground and Sakura's gaze was reluctantly drawn to his far louder companion.

Yelling like he'd never in his life needed air, the other boy was the complete opposite of talldarkandsoulful. Garishly bright blond hair, strange whiskers and the widest most open eyes of baby blue she'd ever seen, this child was shorter than his companion, shorter than Sakura herself, with sun-kissed golden skin. In his blindingly orange attire, speckled with palm trees and red swirls for the sun, and ridiculous looking goggles atop his head, the child waved his arms and squeaked and gestured wildly at The Thing, kicking the metal in a few places for good measure.

She couldn't quite make out what he was saying over the murmur of the crowd though he had a childishly husky voice, one that reminded her of sandy beaches. She thought she could make out something about "a piece of junk" and being "jipped" and some "white-haired cyclops", who was also a perverted - oh goodness! Sakura was glad her mother was still conked out, or else she'd wash that mouth with soap!

Perplexed, and half-frightened, the good kind, where you're shivery and breathless, and you know something Brand New and completely Amazing, and Astounding is about to happen, Sakura fell in love.