What happened in History of Magic—sorry just had to write a one-shot about Lily and James, I couldn't help myself! I hope you like it!

"And as you can see, the reign of Umpledig the Unfortunate was put to an end by the R.W.C., or Raging Wizard Corporation—" sigh, 'didn't Binns realize that half the class wasn't even conscience for his speech about the 'Wizard Wars' or whatnot, especially Sirius but hey, was he ever ready, or even conscience for that matter, for class?'

James absently tapped his pencil over and over again, with his face scrunched up against his wrist, and stared at the swish of red hair as his secret crush forever furiously scribbled down all that the Professor was saying. She was probably the only one out of their whole year who even bothered to take notes on things, which was not the smartest thing for them to do since N.E.W.T.S. was quickly approaching. He suddenly heard a loud snore from his left and rubbed at his temple with a mixture of sleepiness and agitation…Sirius was going to get in trouble for falling asleep in class again and James was going to have to use the cloak to save him from 'its worse then prison, mate! Please help on this one! It wont happen again!' and here he was, snoring away his so-called "promise" that he had made…James should have known not to trust him after knowing him for almost seven years now.

"Mr. Black—" the Professor stopped his mumbling about 'The Wizard Wars' to point a threatening stare at the person mentioned. Sirius made a loud snort, in which afterwards his groggly pulled his head up from his crossed arms where he had been laying it, and just smield his charming, but still groggy, smile. Professor Binns closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Please restrain yourself from shutting down all functions of your body…and pay attention! As I was saying—" Sirius bumped James with his elbow (diverting his trance from the goddess he was staring at) and poked at a note he had just written in fifteen seconds. James cautiously picked up the not. It said:

"Ask our dear Lily out write now on the separate sheet of paper I have attached to this note. If you do, then I wont tell everyone you sleep with a stuffed stag your mother sent you for Christmas!" after that he drew a little face that magically winked and smiled at him that looked a little like Lily's. James groaned softly and took the separate piece of paper from where it now laid on his desk. He scribbled a quick question on it, folded it in a paper airplane, and—with his wand—directed it to Lily's desk where he gently landed it on her scattered papers of notes. She stopped, then blinked, then unfolded the letter curiously, looking around at the people around her, but never at James. She unfolded it completely and read it to herself. She felt tears come to her eyes and she looked expectantly at him. Then she wrote something on it and flew it back where James gracelfully caught it. He unfolded it and it read.

"Potter…don't write mushy love notes to me when I'm writing my notes, its makes me cranky…and to answer your question, yes. I will go out with you…you've loved me for seven years you say? That's and awful long time, why didn't you ever gather up the courage to come and ask me to my face though? I would have preferred that." James grinned as wide as he could and scribbled one last message on the paper before flying it back:

"Is it that time of the month?"

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