Conversations from Within


LiL Pippin Padfoot


Summary: Okay, I know, this is highly unprobable, but, when one is shut within Azkaban, one will talk with who ever is willing. Right?

This story may be told in first person or third person, which ever I feel like, some, like this one, will be from others POV, rather than Sirius's.

And BTW, I know Remus didn't go see Sirius, and this will be the only fake one, I swear.

Disclaimer: All of this belongs to a Mrs. J.K. Rowling, I have taken no part in it.


Chapter 1



Remus caught his breath. Sirius, after only maybe two weeks in Azkaban was gone. The handsome, proud, young man had turned into a wraith almost overnight.

"Hello Moony." he croaked, a sound that used to be deep was now scratchy, and almost unrecognizable.

"Sirius." said Remus curtly.

"What?" Sirius asked him. "Come to judge me? Go ahead. I haven't been given a fair trial, why shouldn't you come in here, and just assume that I did it, even though I did, in a way." The last part was more of an after thought, not directed at Remus, but more to himself.

"In a way?" asked Remus. Remus didn't want to raise his voice, he was feeling weak, and was repressing memories of a warm summer night, and then the terrible pain of being bitten. "Sirius, if you haven't been told, you did it."

"I should think I would know if I killed my best friend." replied Sirius fiercely.

"Best friends." said Remus quietly. "You killed Peter also."

"I did not kill Peter, nor did I kill Lily and James. Peter was not my friend, and he won't be again." Sirius replied hotly.

"He's dead Sirius!" said Remus.

Sirius looked at Remus with almost vacant eyes. Sirius's crooked smile surfaced, then sank again. "No, Remus, for once, you are wrong. Peter is not dead." The smile resurfaced again, and he laughed. "Peter isn't dead. He's nothing but a little rat, Remus. A little rat."

"They found his finger. You blew him up. You killed him." repeated Remus.

Sirius just laughed again. "Just a little rat, Remus. He's just a little rat. Nothing but a rat."

Remus knew what Azkaban did to people. He wished Sirius wasn't going crazy, not for Remus' sake, but for Sirius's. Sirius should have to think about what he did.

If only Remus knew.


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