Video Girl Ai Learns Strip Poker o

Video Girl Ai Learns Strip Poker o.O;;

"YOOoo-Taaa!", screamed out Ai as she watched a card game being played by ppl on television.

"What?", asked Yota.

"I wanna learn how to play cards! Just like the ppl in the tv!", said Ai as she brought Moemi and Takashi into Yota's apartment. Takashi waved to Yota as he entered and Moemi just kept glaring at Takashi the whole time for not giving her any attention and Yota waved back.

Yota blinks, "Then why bring Moemi and Takashi over?"

Ai replied, "So it'll be more fun for me to learn!"

Yota and Ai set up the table and laid out the cards while Moemi tried to keep talking to Takashi and of course, Takashi isn't interested in Moemi. Once the table and cards were set, they began to play....well, Ai learned along the way, so she lost the first time. When Ai lost, she removed her shirt, thus revealing her bra, everyone blinked. Yota screams out, "AI!! WHAT ARE U DOING!??!"

Ai blinks, "I dunno, i was programmed this way as a Video Girl, so it seems like Strip Poker for me"

Everyone sweatdrops as Yota tried to put Ai's shirt back on, but Ai refused as they ran around Yota's house on a rampage. Ai then played another round which she lost once more and then removed her skirt, and eventually when she became naked, everyone didn't dare to say anything, except for Yota, whom was the most embarassed and mad of all...

By the end of the night, when Moemi and Takashi left, Ai then asked Yota, "Can we do strip dice tommorow?"

The End..