Title: No Comfort

Author: vegemite

Rating: K+

Summary: SPOILERS! for Episode III. Flight to Mustafar. Basically, a bunch of Padmé and Obi-Wan angst, with a nice splash of Obidala.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Did you really think I did? I mean, I am so not the Great Flannelled One.

A/N: My very first Obidala (actually, my very first Prequel piece) so be nice! Also, I've only seen the movie once, so if I get some minor details wrong, I apologize. This is not a happy fic (see title) and is not conclusive or anything because, well, we all know what happens. Not an AU.

No Comfort

Obi-Wan stopped trying to meditate. It wasn't working. How could he attempt to link with the Force when his mind was in such turmoil? His former apprentice, his friend, his brother had fallen. And with him, he had taken Mace and countless others, by allowing Palpatine to have them murdered and by killing them himself in cold blood. That was another reason he couldn't connect with the Force; it was too distorted right now by the ripples created from the murders of all those Jedi. The youngling ripples were the most painful, and Obi-Wan couldn't deal with it anymore, knowing Anakin had created those particular ripples.

He rose, in search of something to keep his mind busy. As he stepped out of the small room he had selected for meditation, he heard muffled sobs coming from the room next door. Padmé. He knocked and there was a shuffling before a warbled 'come in.' The door opened to reveal Padmé slumped against the opposite wall, eyes red, tears streaming, clutching something in her hand. He walked over and sat next to her on the floor.

"What have you got there?"

She showed him a small wood carving strung on a piece of leather.

"It...broke," she explained.

"Yes," he agreed, even though he could see that the leather had been forcibly snapped.

"A—Anakin gave it to me," she said, choking up. She dissolved into tears, and Obi-Wan wrapped his arm around her and held her close to him.

"It can't be true. It's impossible! Anakin would never betray the Jedi; he would never betray us. He would rather die than hurt either of us!"

"Anakin has changed, Padmé. He is twisted by the Dark Side."

"You're wrong! He can't be! The recordings must be wrong! Recordings can be tampered with!"

"Not these ones. And it's not just the recordings. His presence in the Force is now a dirty perversion, a giant festering mess. He doesn't feel right. He's not the man you married anymore."

Padmé stopped short in surprise. "You know?"

"I've suspected for some time. And...you're too smart to become pregnant with his child out of wedlock." She sat silent for a moment before breaking out again.

"Why? Why would he do such a thing? What could possibly cause him to do this?" She cried into Obi-Wan's chest, for there was no one else to cry to. "He told me the Jedi were trying to take over the Senate, and that he had to help destroy them. I asked him about you, a—and he didn't even care! Obi-Wan, why?" She could feel her entire body giving in to violent sobs. Obi-Wan's arms were the only constraints keeping her from completely thrashing about.

"I don't know, Padmé." His voice cracked. "He had so much potential. So much in him." He slowed his breathing, keeping a steady pace. He could not lose himself now. "I can't say anything. There is no comfort."

"Unless he hasn't really turned. I have to believe that, Obi-Wan. It's all that's keeping me going."

"Stop it." He pulled her up so she was sitting straight. "We must be strong. We must continue on. It is...the will of the Force."

"The Force? Why should I trust the Force? The Force is what's done this!" She couldn't take this! She pushed away from him, but he held her as she cried, keeping her upright, pushing her chin up.

"You're talking from grief. You must be strong. If not for the will of the Force, then for your baby. You must deliver your baby." He pushed her hair back from her warm sticky face and brushed her tears back from her cheeks. Their eyes met, and he saw the pain in them. He wanted desperately to ease that pain. Maybe if her eased her pain, he could ease his.

He kissed her. Looking back on it later, he decided it was perhaps the stupidest thing he could have done.

She was caught completely by surprise and didn't know what to do. For the few seconds the kiss lasted, her eyes remained shut and her breath caught in her throat. Obi-Wan broke the kiss suddenly, not meeting her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Padmé. I shouldn't have done that." Her mind flashed back to when she'd spoken those words to Anakin outside her lake home on Naboo. She had taken responsibility for that kiss, even though it had been Anakin's fault. He'd blamed her later, too, calling it 'the kiss you should never have given me.'

That was the difference between them. Obi-Wan was mature, and he took responsibility for his actions. Anakin was a child and never thought anything was his fault, if he was aware of the consequences at all. He had not been ready to leave Obi-Wan's side as his apprentice, and he certainly should not have been on the Jedi council.

She became aware of warm tears streaming down her cheeks and reached to wipe them off. Obi-Wan was watching her, concerned. Before she knew what she was doing, she had drawn his head down and was kissing him. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't care. She had a feeling that very soon it wouldn't matter anyway. The kiss was passionate but somehow pure, with both of them participating this time, not just him. She felt something for Obi-Wan in those brief seconds. For a fleeting moment, she wondered what things would have been like if she had been carrying Obi-Wan's child. She pulled him closer—

"Mistress Padmé! Mistress Padmé!"

They broke apart, embarrassed, and Threepio entered.

"Mistress Padmé, we are coming up on Mustafar."

"Thank you, Threepio." The droid left, and Padmé sighed tiredly. Obi-Wan squeezed her hand, unsure, but there was no comfort.

They stood up to go to the cockpit and prepare to face Anakin.

Perhaps slightly implausible, but I thought there were definite undercurrents of Obidala in Episode III, and I've always loved the couple. Please review!