Accompaniment to So What Happens Now: Cut Scenes

I worked hard on these scenes and wrote them in, but in the end they didn't make the final cut. Rather like a movie, I thought I'd include them here Obviously I own none of these characters, but since I'm not sure if this is allowed, it could be ripped down at any time, lol…Included in parenthesis are my comments. Oh, and they're in chronological order…

Cut Scene One: ill!Shang

Really liked this one! wanted to keep it in, but it didn't feel like it fitted...It also allowed for psychology revision, and addressing Shang's "pretty boy" status...but that got addressed later on, as well as a couple of lines I just couldn't let go of. Oh, and there was originally a line about the world spinning…

"I think he's sick." Mushu commented darkly. "He seemed a little...strange."

"I'm fine." Shang shook his head. "I feel better than I have in weeks."

Mulan went and sat by him, resting a hand on his forehead.

Shang pouted. "Last night I got a kiss."

"Last night I was trying to get you to sleep in the tent." Mulan retorted, frowning slightly.

Mushu's eyes widened. "Does anyone wanna tell the dragon guardian what the hell happened?"

"Oh, nothing happened." Mulan said softly. "Your temperature isn't really high, but it's not normal..." She clucked her tongue. "I told you you'd get sick."

Shang ignored this and, with his best goofy, childlike smile, proclaimed to Mushu; "Last night, I got a KISS. On the forehead. From her."

Mulan sighed darkly, although she privately decided that Shang must've been the most adorable child. "Shang, I want you to eat something." She handed him the fruit she'd been carrying.

"If y'ask me, not that you WOULD, I'd say the boy just needs somethin' warm inside him. Once he's got his insides warm, he'll be able to think straight. He ain't crazy...I think he's just run down." Mushu paced. "He didn't seem willing to slow down before." Putting on his best 'I'm a professor, and I'm right, damnit' voice he continued; "Prolonged stress means the immune system suffers, so this little sniffle has made him act out of it."

Mulan raised her eyebrows. "That was surprisingly useful..."

"I'm a guardian for a reason." Mushu responded haughtily.

She smiled slightly, and then frowned. "Mushu, you cooked am I meant to cook this rice...especially without a fire. Which I asked you to-"

"I was more concerned about pretty boy over there..."

"I'm not a pretty boy!" Shang protested through a mouthful of fruit.

"Yeah, ya are." Mushu smirked, before he ignited the twigs.

"Thank you, Mushu. Now, uh-"

"Leave the cookin' to me, you take care of the Captain..."

Shang frowned a little. "Mulan, am I a pretty boy?" He seemed to have regained something of his old assertive tone, as opposed to the somewhat childish one he'd adopted.

Mulan smiled sympathetically. "Yes, but that isn't a bad thing."

He scowled, but suddenly beamed. "The world has stopped spinning..."

Cut Scene Two: The Early Kiss

I liked it, but it was making things move too fast...

"I'm surrounded by men. Even the cricket's a boy."

"Surely you'd be used to it by did spend six weeks in the army..."

"Yes, but that was different." She sighed.

"Yeah, you were a man, too."

"...Shang, never, ever, ever try sympathy again. Ever." Mushu informed him.

"Mulan? Are you going to speak, or are you just gonna sit there...and seethe...and...I think I have to go now..."

"You can face huns, but you can't face one lil girl?"

"Not when I trained her. Or when she managed to save China because of her intellect, strength, and beauty." Shang grinned winningly, completely failing to win her over.

"...seriously man, just stop talking."

Shang sighed, went over, and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "You make a far better woman."

"...did he just do what I think he did?" Mushu frowned.

Cut Scene Three: "I'd rather spend time with you"

It lagged. A lot.

"So how long is the journey?"

"Well, we're making good progress. We'll need to rest tonight, but then it should only be a day." She cocked her head. "You'll have to stay for a while when we get home."

"I don't want to impose..."

"Nonsense-my father will probably want to talk to you about the war, my mother will want to thank you for taking care of me, and my grandmother..." She considered what her grandmother would do. Probably try to kidnap Shang, or set them up in a very unsubtle way. Failing that, her grandmother would try to set Shang and herself up in a very unsubtle way. "...will be only too happy to meet a friend of mine."

"I didn't really look after you." Shang reflected pensievely.

"Ah, but my mother will see it that way. And you did spare my life, and escort me home."

"I suppose so."

"How far away is your home, anyway?"

"About a week's journey from the Imperial City. In the North."

Mulan's eyes widened a little. The rich district. And a very long way away. "Your journey will be so long...Are you sure you don't want to turn back?"

He shrugged. "I don't mind. I'd rather spend time with you."

"Your journey back...would you like some company?"

"I thought you'd spent long enough away from home?"

"Well, I would've been home before...besides, I'd rather spend time with you."

Cut Scene Four: The tiny but fun scene

Oh, y'all know if I'd included this the whole thing would've gone in a different direction…

" see, you? You I coulda had a LOT of fun with. Don't get me wrong, I love Mulan much as you do-well, not sure about that one-but she's unwilling to do these kinda fun things, she just wants to bathe-oh no. No no no. That's the dazed look. Shang? SHANG? Oh no I think I killed him...killed him with his own...well, I don't know what I killed him with, but I killed himmmmmm..."

"I'm alive. But only just."

Cut Scene Five: The ISN'T LENG A BASTARD? scene

It didn't feel right...much as his character development was always an issue, I decided this wasn't they way to achieve it. That and I wanted to use the adverb "tersely".

He shook his head. "If he doesn't want you, I'm here." He lifted her chin. "I'm always here." He lent forward and kissed her.

"No! No, Leng, I don't want this." She pushed him away, kicked him.

Leng was stronger than he looked. He raised his eyebrows-so different to when Shang did so-and went closer to her. "Are you sure? All of these years you lead me on."

"I never lead you on. I never wanted this from you. We were friends!"

"Then why did you flirt back, Mulan?"

"I didn't."

"I think you did. You want this." He pushed her against the wall, kissing her deeply.

Shang entered the room, notably with a sore foot. "Oh...I'm sorry." He said quietly.

Mulan's jaw dropped. "Shang, this isn't-"

Leng put an arm around her shoulders. "That's OK, Captain." He smirked.

"I was going to ask if you were ready to leave, but obviously not." Shang explained tersely.

Mulan pushed his arm from her shoulders. "I am ready to leave. Goodbye, Leng."

"Do you want me to acompany you?" Leng rose as she did.

"No. I have Shang now." Mulan wouldn't look at him.

"Do you really?" Leng frowned.

"Yes. She does." Shang replied, glaring at the man, even though he knew he'd lost his battle.

Leng shook his head. "Let me know about the engagement, Mulan."

She glared at him. "Never."

Hope you enjoyed that-it is your present, for being rather ace people THANK YOU

(also, the link for DD didn't come out properly, but if you just search for "Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire" then it should come up. Seriously, read it, it's ace.)