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Spock's thoughts are written in italics.

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An Ordinary Moment?

As he answered the insistent beeping from the shuttlecraft's intercom, the science officer shifted impatiently. "Our mission is almost complete, Captain. The Xegans have only given us until 0600 hours to fulfill this task Spock out."

He turned to look at the pretty communications officer fully concentrated on completing her task.

"It is imperative, Lt. Uhura, that your database of intelligent life on this planet be completed now. We must lift off in 4.63 minutes.

"Just dotting the i's and crossing the t's, Mr. Spock. Don't get your knickers in a twist… sir." She slanted a mischievous glance as her fingers flew gracefully over the keyboard, compelling results out of the complex machine. Spock leaned over Lt. Uhura's shoulder in order to peer at the flickering display of her monitor. A delicate fragrance assailed his senses. He sniffed gently and was momentarily overwhelmed.

Intoxicating! The perfume is pleasing and yet so familiar. What is it?

His mind rapidly sequenced through the database of scents in his memory but came up empty.

What is that scent reminiscent of?

"I'm working as fast as I can, Mr. Spock! " Lt. Uhura mumbled in at exasperated tone. "The computer is processing the data slower than a Mugan phlummox."

"That is not logically possible, Lieutenant."

"There!" An elegant index finger touched the top right corner of the display screen triumphantly and then pointed upwards. "Done and relayed to the Enterprise. Happy sugar?"

"Happiness is not what I emote in this case, Lieutenant. Relief will suffice."

As she turned to him, he was again seduced by a heady aroma which teased and delighted. It puzzled and infuriated him that he could not figure out what it was.

It makes me think of flowershome… peace. This lures me.

He wanted to get closer. He was tempted to touch her silky skin.

An undeniable impulse prompted him to ask: "Lieutenant, may I inquire as to the particular fragrance you are using? The scent seems familiar to me."

Uhura laughed self-consciously "We are not allowed to wear any non-native fragrances on this planet, Mr. Spock. I'm not wearing a perfume."


As Spock moved over to his chair to prepare for liftoff, he glanced fleetingly at the lieutenant buckling into her own seat.