Katy Allison Layfield

Katy Allison Layfield walked proudly with her father, John Bradshaw Layfield, to the Smackdown! arena. JBL had been WWE champion for the last few months, and she was excited to learn that her father wanted her to be with him and his cabinet. Of course, she accepted his offer and flew to see him as soon as possible. Katy didn't watch much of the Smackdown! shows, but instead asked her father to tell her all about his matches. She was so proud of the fact that he was able to retain his title against Eddie Guerrero and everyone else. Now, she didn't have quite the same attitude as her father towards everyone being beneath him. But she still didn't ignore the fact that he was WWE champion, and had a powerful cabinet behind him.

"All right Katy," JBL said turning to her. He took her hands in his and smiled at her. "Are you ready for your debut on Smackdown?" he asked her.

Katy smiled back at him confidently and excitedly. "Dad, I'm more then ready. Now let's go meet your public, Champ." She gave her father a hug, and took his offered arm as they walked to the limo. "Cool horns," she thought as she noticed the hood of the limo. Orlando Jordan was there waiting for them.

"Hello JBL. This must be that lovely young lady you were telling us about. Katy is it?" Orlando asked. Katy simply nodded as Orlando took her hand and kissed. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Katy."

"Pleasure's all mine Mr. Orlando," Katy replied trying to get her hand back from him.

"Oh please, please. Just Orlando or, Chief of Staff," he laughed. "JBL you have a beautiful daughter. She's everything you said she was. Polite, respectful, and I can't wait for the fans to see her."

"I know what ya mean Orlando. Where are the Basham brothers?" JBL asked as he allowed Katy into the limo first.

"They're already at the arena sir, waiting for us," Orlando replied and allowed JBL to get in next.

The ride to the arena was Katy's time to prepare to meet the audience that her father loved. Since she didn't have time to watch it, Katy always asked her father to give her the details to every one of his matches and speeches. "I'm a very lucky girl," she thought as they pulled up into the arena parking lot.

JBL, Katy and Orlando made their way into the arena to meet the Bashams. They were all introduced as the Bashams escorted Katy and JBL in the front, while Orlando watched the back. "Dad, is it really necessary to have them follow us everywhere we go?" Katy chuckled lightly.

"Katy, just about everyone wants to get their hands on me to get this championship. Now with you here, I have to be extra careful. I don't want my little girl getting hurt," JBL smiled and hugged his daughter close to him.

"Dad, what do you need to worry for? You're the greatest champion in this entire business. Who'd want to mess with you?" Katy smiled.

JBL laughed in response. "As true as that may be, not everyone here thinks that and don't play fair. Now let's get you to your dressing room so you can get ready for tonight's show." JBL and his cabinet walked Katy to her room, and told her to meet them in JBL's room just a few doors down.

"Hm. What should I wear for my first appearance on Smackdown?" Katy thought. She finally decided on a black tank-top, white skirt, black boots that could almost reach her knees, and a black cowgirl hat, like her dad's. "That should do it," she told herself. She slipped out of her room and walked quietly down to her dad's room.

"Katy you look absolutely stunning!" JBL cheered and gave her a big hug. "Our public awaits. Let's get going," he said and took Katy's arm as they walked back to the limo. They all got back into the limo and made their way to the ramp running all the way to the ring. Katy got more excited with every second that went by as they got closer. Once they stopped, Katy could hear the audience. "Well, here we are," JBL said. Orlando got out first and opened the door for JBL and Katy. JBL offered Katy his arm as she stood up and looked at the large number of people in the huge arena. They walked to the ring, while Orlando held the ropes for JBL and Katy. JBL waved to the audience and took a microphone in his hand. "Now, I know you want to take a moment and chant my name, JBL! JBL! JBL! But that will have to wait. Because you see, I have someone very special here with me tonight. May I introduce, my pride and joy, my daughter, Katy Allison Layfield!" Katy got a mix of responses with cheers and boos all coming from the audience. "Now Katy, I'm sure you'd like to say a few words." JBL handed Katy the microphone and stood back.

"Thanks, Dad. Well I must say, I'm very excited to be here along side my father, the WWE Champion. I also enjoy being here among you fans, and I hope I can live up to your expectations like my father has. Thank you," she said and handed the mic back to JBL.

"That was beautiful Katy. Now I–" JBL was cut off by the bang of a gong, and the lights going out. JBL pushed Katy behind him as they awaited the one and only, Undertaker.

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