Chapter 21: To Rest at Last

Smackdown had come at last, Katy now more than ready to face her father. She and the Undertaker stood in his dressing room, Katy looking at herself in the mirror. She could see changes in her, due to the week spent with the Undertaker both training and other 'activities'. Her arms, legs and abs had become slightly more sculpted and toned. Her skin had become a little paler, but only a little bit, now giving her somewhat of a glow. Her eyes had become more intense, glistening brightly. She also saw her outfit; black fingerless gloves that went up to her elbows with red ribbon cris-crossing on them. Her skirt was black, with the Undertaker's symbol on it, with her shirt a blood-red tank top with black ribbons for the straps. Katy felt an arm wrap around her waist from behind, and a kiss on her neck.

"You look beautiful," he whispered huskily into her ear. Katy smiled and raised one arm to wrap it around his neck.

"I'm ready to do finish this," she whispered in return. Katy turned in his arms and looked up at him, "I'm going to go out there alone." Undertaker looked ready to protest, when she placed a finger over his lips. "I know you don't think it's a good idea, but this has to be done. You've been with me every step of the way, and I appreciate it. But it's time that I show him that I can handle myself. Please," she said quietly. Obviously, Taker didn't like this idea, but he knew she was right. He kissed her hand and nodded slowly. Katy gave him a quick kiss on the lips, and headed down to the curtain. Undertaker stood there, and looked at the screen to watch the match.

His brow furrowed at the sound of JBL's music blaring through the speakers as he rode out in his ridiculous limo. If he hurts her, I'll make sure that he rides out of this arena in a hearse he growled to himself. When he was in the middle of the ring, Undertaker rolled his eyes into the back of his head, giving Katy the proper entrance.

Meanwhile, Katy was waiting at the curtain, very nervous about what might happen. When she saw the lights go out, she actually calmed a little, knowing that the Undertaker was looking out for her. She slowly parted the curtain, and walked confidently to the ring. JBL stood in the ring, feeling the cool air, letting him know as well that Katy had a guardian angel looking out for her. Katy didn't hesitate to step through the ropes as she stared down her father. JBL was removing his title belt to stare down at her.

The lights came on, signaling the referee to start the match. As soon as that bell rang, JBL charged Katy with a clothesline. Katy ducked, and sent a kick to his back, which sent him into the ropes. Katy turned to see him using the ropes to try and send a big boot to her face. Katy tried dodging that as well, but the boot still got her shoulder, knocking her off balance. JBL used this opportunity to grab her arm, and give her a sidewalk slam. Katy felt the pain surge in her body, but she sucked it up, giving JBL a thumb to the eye. JBL backed off, going to the corner to get his senses back.

However that didn't last long, when he felt Katy spear him from behind into the turnbuckle. JBL fell backwards, having Katy quickly try to cover him, only to have him kick out at 2, and grabbing a handful of her hair. Katy tried to fight out of it, but JBL had a firm grip, slapping her in the face, and hurling her into the ropes. Katy bounced off the ropes, to launch herself with a clothesline around JBL's neck. JBL went down, with Katy laying a few feet away trying to get her breath back. She knew that he wouldn't stay down for a three count, so she thought for a moment as to how she could keep him down. Her eyes traveled to the turnbuckles, as she got herself to her knees, then to her feet to climb to the top rope. Once she was on the top, she saw her father still in a daze on the mat.

Please help me with this one Taker, she thought to herself as she jumped to do an ultimate leg drop from the top rope. It landed perfectly, as Katy went for the cover. 1...2...Katy felt someone grab her ankle and pull her out from underneath the bottom rope to the floor. Katy quickly looked up to see Orlando Jordan smirking down at her. She tried crawling back away from him, only to see the Bashams behind her. Katy slowly got to her feet, wondering what she could do now that she was really outnumbered. She backed against the guardrail, only to see the three men closing in on her, despite the referee telling them to get out of the arena. Before Katy could think of anything, she felt huge hands land on her waist behind her and lift her up into the air. Katy let out a little squeal of surprise as she was lifted about seven feet into the air. She looked down to see Big Show was the one holding her up, and setting her down gently on the ground on the other side of the guardrail.

"Stay here for a second, this will only take a minute," he winked as he stepped over the guardrail to meet with the Bashams. Katy was surprised to see not only the Big Show in the arena, but Eddie Guerrero as well, who took on Orlando Jordan.

"Viva la Raza!" he cheered as he winked at Katy before punching Jordan in the face. Katy saw a whole fight break out as Reigns and Heidenreich came running down the ramp, followed by Benoit and Booker T. JBL stayed in the ring away from the battle, watching as Katy stood behind the guardrail, away from the fight as well. After a while, they all heard Theodore Long's music play throughout the arena.

"Now stop this nonsense right now!" he yelled. "Now I don't know who you think you are, but I want all of you out of my ring now! Katy and JBL have a match, and as much as I hate to see her get hurt, they need to finish it. Now if you all don't get backstage right now, you'll all be suspended!"

All of the men fighting on JBL's side walked up the ramp, with JBL yelling after them to come back. The superstars fighting for Katy told her they were sorry. Benoit and Eddie both offered her a hand over the guardrail, as she gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. Big Show sat on the ropes as she slipped through, earning a 'good luck' from each of them. This nearly brought Katy to tears as they all exited through the audience.

"Looks like the Undertaker was right to tell us to watch over Katy during the match," Benoit stated.

"Ya got that right holmes," Eddie chuckled as they all headed backstage.

Katy and JBL were now in the middle of the ring, ready to begin again. No one else was around, it was truly time to figure out who would truly walk out of this arena with their head held high. The bell rang again, as Katy and JBL charged once again, ready to fight.

The match looked as though it would go on forever, with Katy and JBL panting, bleeding and bruised. "Just give up! I'll make sure you lose this match and make you pay for all the hell you've put me through!" JBL screamed.

"All the hell you've been put through?" Katy asked in an outrage. "I'm not the one that made this match! I never provoked you dad, you came after me. This is your own damn fault!" she cried as she speared him into the mat, slapping and punching him relentlessly. JBL finally grabbed both of her hands and flipped her over him.

"You ingrate!" JBL exclaimed as he went for the cover, only to have Katy kick out at 2. He grabbed her hair and tossed her across the ring, going for the cover again. Before he could pin her, Katy punched him in the neck, causing him to release her. Katy got onto the top rope again, and performed a perfect Moonsault. 1...2...3! Katy had just barely kept JBL pinned for the full three before he kicked out. Katy quickly rolled out of the ring, stumbling up the ramp. The referee followed her and raised her wrist in the air. "She cheated!" JBL yelled into a microphone. "I demand a rematch!"

Katy collapsed to her knees, exhausted from the match, and her father acting like a child. JBL looked ready to charge her, and stepped one foot through the ropes, when the lights went out. JBL fell on his ass back in the ring. Katy turned and smiled weakly at the sight of the Undertaker standing at the top of the ramp, glaring at the scene before him.

JBL brought the microphone back to his lips, "Katy, as your father, I demand you get in this ring now!"

Katy glared at him intensely, "Father? Father! You dare to call yourself that after you pretty much abandoned me?" she screamed.

"What do you mean 'abandoned'? You betrayed me and ran after that pain in my ass! I wouldn't be surprised if you slept with him you little slut!" JBL roared.

Katy's eyes widened at her father's remark. She was even more surprised by the heavy footsteps she heard coming closer. Katy turned to see the Undertaker ready to take off his coat and go after JBL. "No," she told him, holding her hand out. "I need to do this," she said as the Undertaker stopped in his tracks and bowed his head in respect for her wishes. Katy turned back to her father, "You listen and you listen good, dad! I'm tired of being your punching bag, your shield and your excuse. It stops right here and now. Some part of me, will always love you as my father. But I'm afraid until you start realizing that you've been the wrong one, you are dead to me." Katy blew her father a quick final kiss. JBL was outraged, even as he saw her mouth "goodbye" to him, and turned her back on him. JBL fell to his knees and watched his daughter walk willingly to the Undertaker.

Undertaker offered Katy his hand, which she took instantly. He led her to the top of the ramp, where Katy whispered, "I think I need to go away for a while." Undertaker nodded in understanding as he felt Katy lay her head against his chest. Taker wrapped his arms protectively around her, as Katy decided to give her father one final message. "Oh, and dad?" she called out, as JBL awaited her statement. ""

"Katy get back here!" JBL screamed. Undertaker wrapped his large coat around Katy's tiny body, and summoned smoke to consume them. All JBL could see was Katy's glistening eyes shine through the smoke before he slid through the ropes and ran up the ramp. By the time he got there the smoke cleared; they were gone. All that was left, was a beautiful, black rose.


A/N: Well ladies and gents, that's it. This is the end of Dead Man's Calling. I cannot thank you all enough for your endless encouragement throughout this story. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be on the look out for the sequel. Though it won't be out for a while, I appreciate your interest in it. Thank you all again :)