A/N: My second yaoi. Be happy for me. I know you thought that I died, but I am alive, well and with boyfriend. Cha. Although I doubt his seriousness. I think he still likes his ex. Ah well. This fic was inspired by my own high-school registration experience. Except for the whole guy part. Almost all GaaraSasuke fics are in POV, so why not mine? Read this story now.

Summary: "He comes to town, he steals my friends, he steals my fans, and now he's stolen my heart." GaaraSasuke

Standing. Waiting. Counting the freckles on the girl in front of him's face. Her mouth was moving; she was talking to him. He wasn't listening. To her, or the ROTC people telling them corny jokes, or the school counselor who was currently searching for his registration form. Oh, how he wished he had signed up for his high school classes earlier, and not waited (like everyone else had) until the last minute. There were swarms of people in the room, all talking incessantly about things he didn't give a damn about. All of the "popular", heavily made up, anorexic-looking girls kept giggling, twirling their hair around their fingers and glancing over his way while biting their lips. The counselor finally found his form. She handed it to him and told him to find a seat and fill it out.

Sasuke's POV

I'm walking toward the ONE empty chair in my sight when suddenly it's blocked from my view by the two most popular girls in school, Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno, both thrusting their newly developing chests at me through their too tight shirts. Hi Sasuke. they say in unison. Scary. Any other day, I can just nod and go around them. But not today, it seems. As I am trying to walk past, Ino catches my arm, and then Sakura grabs the other one, unnecessarily running her hand across my chest, and then smirking at Ino. There must be some sort of contest going on between them today; "Who can touch more of Sasuke?', because Now Ino slides her hand over my stomach and then brushes off the front of my pants. Sasuke-kun, your pants are all wrinkled! I could come over and iron them for you... she trails off coyly. I give a strained smile and a 'no thanks', but inside I want to hit her. So I'm trying to wriggle free and still seem gentlemanly (for that is the Uchiha way, never lose your cool) when Sakura sticks her hand down in my front pocket and starts groping around. This is too much, and I jerk her arm away from my body and shove between the two of them , ignoring whatever sounds they are making and watching their retreat to their little poser posse through the corner of my eye. And someone is sitting in my seat. I hear laughter from the other side of the room and I whip my head around, preparing to glare my very worst, and then I see who it is. Naruto. The blond-headed baka. I walk over to where he and Hinata are sitting.

"Damn you." I mutter darkly once I get over to where they are. Naruto and I have the weirdest relationship. We're probably closer than brothers, but we hate each other. Neither of us would refuse the other anything, yet we refuse to share. WE fight whenever we're around each other, and we hang out all the time. Well we don't fight as much anymore. Not since Naruto started going out with Hinata. We've been an odd sort of trio this past year. Me; the stoic bastard, Naruto; the annoying prick, and Hinata; girl mediator. The breasted one has been a good influence on Naruto, who in turn has been a bad influence on her. I have one thing to say: Never seriously piss off Hinata if you value your limbs.

"Ha! Sorry man. Would've helped you out over there, but it's much more amusing to see you squirm in discomfort." Naruto says laughing. "Hey, I saw Sakura stick her hand down your pants. Too bad for her you're a eunuch."

"I am not a eunuch. Just ask your girl here. Am I a eunuch, Hina-chan?" I say with a straight face, which is something that is very hard to keep around Naruto and all his facial expressions. Hinata tries to match my cool, but starts laughing at the slack-jawed boyfriend of hers.

"Don't ask me anything." She says, holding her hands up in front of her. "I am neutral territory, okay?" Naruto's face regains a bit of its normalcy.

"Yeah, well you weren't so neutral last night, were you babe?" I say, sliding my arm around her and nuzzling her neck. This earns a lot of melodramatically hurt glances, and indignant snorts from the group of punked-out preps sitting about 4 yards away from us, with their black nail polish, and heavy eyeliner, and dyed hair. They, sadly, make up a portion of the Sasuke fan club. They think I'm gothic, for some reason. Hell, I don't even know what being gothic would mean. Just because I have NATURALLY black hair and eyes, and because I wear a lot of black, that doesn't mean anything. I put on the clothes my totally fucked up brother buys for me. (I hate shopping.) I hear the fan girls whisper things like 'bitch', and 'whore' and 'loser'. Hinata hears them too, I'm sure, but it doesn't bother her any more. In the beginning of the year, when all three of us first started hanging out it did, but now (one of the more positive things she picked up from Naruto) she doesn't care what people say about her. She "knows who she is' now. Too bad I don't. I'm smirking at Naruto, who now understand that I was just messing with him. The phrase "Genius has its limitations, stupidity is not thus handicapped." comes to mind. Hinata reminds me I need to fill out my form. She and Naruto have already filled theirs out and handed them in, meaning they are actually just waiting to be told to leave. AS they're telling me this, the hated counselor comes over and tells them to do just that. And I am left all by me onesy until a throng of wannabe groupies, including Ino and Sakura arrive to disgrace me with their presence.

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