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I should be mad as hell, but I'm looking at Gaara and his eyeliner is all streaky and his eyes are really green and oh, goddamn motherfucking son of a bitch (there they are) I'm leaning forward. His mouth is so near mine, I can feel his hot breath on my lips, and then I'm being pulled up; off, away from Gaara.

Part of me is pissed beyond reason, but at the same time part of me is relieved and grateful. Because I know if I had remained there, I would have kissed him. I wanted to. I think.

"What's going on here?" Kakashi asks, shooting me and Gaara (who has gotten to his feet) meaningful and questioning looks. Apparently it was he who pulled me off Gaara. I guess Sakura has been around me too much, because I seem to have developed an Inner Sasuke, who is practically about to explode with anger from being taken away from Gaara.

"I think Lee has pitched a fit, sensei." I say once I have subdued my inner self.

"AH THE EXUBERANCE OF YOUTH!" Gai bellows from behind us. "THE WONDERFUL DEXTERITY OF LIMBS IN YOUNG PEOPLE, TO BE ABLE TO THRASH ABOUT SO AND REMAIN INTACT!" He is about to yell something else when Kakashi puts his hand on his shoulder. The former is staring at the three babies in Jiraiya's arms. Gai turns, sees the baby with a bowl cut and the caterpillar-like eyebrows, and his jaw drops open in astonishment.

"I sense your envy of my children, gentlemen. But do not be discouraged. For one day, you too, will find a wife such as I have. A faithful, loyal, loving wife who will bear you fraternal triplets. It is only a matter of time." Jiraiya says with an air of knowing. I hear a muffles snort next to me, and Gaara goes into a violent coughing fit. I, not wanting to make it any more conspicuous, decide to do something that I read about in a Stephen King novel I read; I swallow crooked. It hurts. Pain is the thief of funny. During all of this, Lee continues to writhe on the floor.

A door to the right of us opens, and the janitor, Mr. Watts, walks to the middle of the hallway, mops Lee's head a little bit, and then walks awy. Only a blind person (A/N: Or Jiraiya…) would not notice the similarity between Mr. Watts and the third baby; 1) the baby is black, 2) the baby looks exactly like him. Kakashi and Gai are apparently torn between horror and amusement, because their facial expressions keep changing between the two.

"Uh, we have to, uh, go teach now great to see ya bye!" Kakashi finishes hurriedly. "Boys, come see me later." He adds in an undertone to me and Gaara. At first I find it comical, because of the whole baby situation, but then he looks at me and winks, and I know that he knows that I want Gaara. Er-that I had wanted to kiss Gaara. 'Cause me, wanting Gaara…god I'm about to die. Because even though I can lie to anyone else, I can't, and will probably never be able to lie to myself. I had just thought I wanted Gaara. And it had been true.

Kakashi is halfway up the hallway when Gai catches up to him, slinging the still kind of twitching form of Lee over his shoulder yelling 'YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME OUT OF THE HALLWAY, YOU EVIL KAKASHI!' And so I'm left here. Alone. With the guy I just almost WAIT! Jiraiya is still here! Not completely alone! Then the janitor comes back out, goes up to Jiraiya, pats the black baby on the head and walks down the hall, the wheels on his janitor cart squeaking. I watch him go down the hall, and out of the corner of my eye I see Gaara do the same. When we turn our heads back around, Jiraiya is gone. So now, we are actually alone. All alone. Dear God.

Gaara starts laughing softly. Inner Me LOVES THAT SOUND but Outer Me is almost unaffected by it, so it's weird because he's laughing and I'm not. I don't even think I can open my mouth right now. He stops after a couple of seconds, wiping his eyes on his already black jacket.

"Is it like this every day?" he asks incredulously. Me, being stupid, just shake my head in a really wide semi-circle like a jackass a few times. And then I say

"No." There's a silence as I try to resist Inner Me's urge to jump Gaara right now, in the middle of the hallway.

"When's lunch?"

"Uh…12: 20, so in about…" I look at my watch. "15 minutes."

"Alright. That's a lot better than my old school. We ate at 1:00 everyday."

"Ah." The conversation sort of dies for awhile.

"So, the field's on fire." Gaara states rather than asks.

"Apparently so." I reply. "That moth analogy was, witty." I say, attempting to form a bond through compliments. Wait. No. No bond with the guy who you just realized turns you on.

"Lee didn't get it though." He says smirking WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO HOT! Inner Me shouts. He looks at me, and I am filled with panic. 'Tell me I didn't say that outloud…' I plead.

"Did I say something?" I ask, crossing my fingers mentally, hoping he will answer in the negative.

"Yeah." I die. "You said 'why' and then didn't say anything." I LIVE AGAIN.

"Oh! I was saying ASKING, why, you know Lee!" I say. My voice is all screwy, but apparently he doesn't notice, because he just answers normally.

"Oh, we know each other from grade school. I became possessed and beat him up so bad he had to have a spinal operation that they didn't think he would live through."


"And we talk online."

"…" Gaara seems to pick up on the reason for my silence, and quickly snaps out of his nostalgia.

"Oh, but it's cool now, because I saved him from getting killed by this gang." (A/N: Remember Kimimaro? Ya.)


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