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Tim gathered his things and walked out the door of his home. The home that he shares with his wife and three sons. Unsure of how things went wrong he got in his Mustang and drove away. Meanwhile inside Jill was sitting in their bedroom crying into her pillow. Randy, their middle son, came into the room to check on her "Mom is everything ok" Jill looked up with red eyes and tears streaming down her face saying "I don't know Randy, I just don't know." He had never seen his mother like this, he and his brothers had heard the constant fighting between their parents the last week but none of them knew what they were fighting about or thought it would end with their dad leaving the house with his bags packed. He hadn't even said goodbye just walked out with his bags in some sort of trance.

It had all started a week prior when Tim got back from a business trip, another hardware show. Jill usually went with him but decided to sit this one out because the last time she had gone she ended spending so much time alone. Tim was actually glad he got to go alone there was a lot of things he wanted to look at and didn't want to feel he needed to spend time with Jill. Time apart can be good for a marriage or at least that is what they thought.

One week earlier…

Tim gave Jill a kiss goodbye before leaving for the hardware show in Chicago. "I'll miss you." She said. "I will miss you too." Tim said with a glint in his eye. Jill noticed the glint and said, "Aren't you going to be late?" "I think I have a few minutes." He responded. She turned from the door and he followed her back to their room. "Just something for you to remember for the next few days." He said when they were laying in bed entwined in each other. "I am going to miss you so much. It's funny you used to go on these kind of trips all the time when you sold tools but now I have kind of gotten used to you being home. It will seem weird not having you to fall asleep beside, but now I think you need to get going." Jill told him. Tim groaned and got up, he got dressed and they were at the door again saying goodbye. "I love you Jill" "I love you too, Tim. Have a safe trip."

Tim arrived at the hotel in Chicago after an uneventful trip. He called home and left a message for Jill telling her he had gotten there and he loved and missed her already. Then he went down to the restaurant for dinner. When he walked into the restaurant he noticed Kelly Barnes from Detroit Today sitting at the bar. He went up and said hello; she turned to him and smiled. "I had a feeling you would be here" she said. He looked at her a bit confused. "The show. I thought Tool Time might be doing a location shoot here." She said seeing his confusion. Hating to eat alone Tim invited her to have dinner with him. She accepted and they talked easily throughout the meal, so easily that Tim didn't notice the amount of alcohol he was consuming and the unconscious flirtations going on between them. As they finished dinner Tim felt he should be a gentleman and walk Kelly safely to her door. As they walked the hall the flirting continued and when they got to her door Kelly pulled Tim in for a kiss. Being under the influence he went along with it and followed her into her room. As he laid her down on the bed he said, "I love you so much Jill." Kelly knew that Tim thought she was Jill but continued anyway.

The next morning Tim awoke with a blasting headache and was confused as to the disarray of the bed. He went to get up when he heard singing in the shower and looked under the covers to find that he was indisposed. The shower turned off and out of the bathroom came Kelly; she was wearing a big smile and nothing else. "Good Morning sleepyhead" she said. Tim looked up and tried to apologize for taking advantage of her while she was under the influence of alcohol. She looked confused and said "I wasn't drunk Tim." Tim looked at her and said "but I was, I didn't know what I was doing. I love my wife and this is going to crush her." "What are you talking about? You can not deny the chemistry between the two of us, after last night, which was wonderful by the way. I won't tell if you don't." She responded. Tim just looked at her and knew that things were never going to be the same for him. He got up and recovered his clothing and left the room.