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A Summer to Remember

"NOOOOOOOO! I'M NOT GOING! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" Joey screamed as Tristan and Duke dragged him onto the bus.

"Oh stop wining ya big baby, I don't see what you have against summer camps." Tristan said.

"You don't understand, I've been to a place like that before…..it was horrible….the food was gross….and those counselors…they never take their eyes off you…they're alwa-"

"Snap out of it Joey, you have to do it for your sister!" Duke interrupted.

"Yeah, for Serenity's sake…… (sigh)………I JUST CAN'T DO IT! I WANT MY MOMMY!"

MEANWHILE 

"What is taking that bus soooooo long!"

"Amy, it's only been five minutes, I'm sure it will be here any minute now……...……yep, any minute now……..WHERE IS THAT FREAKING BUS!" Rouge cried.

"Tell me about it, my arms are getting tired," Amy complained

"Oh yeah, I'm sure that carrying that tiny little purse everywhere must be sooooo tiring, ho DO you do it."

"Well, it has all of my Sonic essentials in it."


"It has my Sonic cell phone with Sonic's number on speed dial, my Sonic lucky charm, and a Sonic mirror that tells me I look great everyday in Sonic's voice, oh, and I also have my Sonic fishing rod."

"A fishing rod? What would you need a fishing rod for?"

"So when I get the chance, I can catch Sonic with it, and then he will be all mine."

"YOU are one OBSESSED chick"

"I resent that, oh look, the bus is here, HEY SONIC, SHADOW, CREAM, KNUCKLES, TIKAL, TAILS, THE BUS IS HERE!" shouted Amy.

"Amy, we're standing right next to you, you don't have to shout….Hey Sonic, do you think we'll be bunkmates?" Tails asked

"I don't know buddy, but we won't find out by waiting here, let's go!"

The Sonic gang boarded the bus and was greeted by a lot of strange looks…..

"Man, I hope I don't have to bunk with one of them, they might smell." Joey commented.

"From the way you look, you can pass as one of them, you mutt." Kaiba said.

"Shut it moneybags, I don't need no stinking comments from you, so stay out of it!"

"Hey guys, I think they can talk." Yugi said.

"Of course we can talk, were not stupid."

"Knuckles, don't be so mean (walks up to group) Hi, I'm Tikal, what's your names?"

"Well, my name's Yugi (points to others) and that's Tea, Rebecca, Joey, Mai, Serenity, Kaiba, Mokuba, Tristan, Duke, and Marik."

"What's wrong with Marik, he looks...how shouldI say this...um...confused?" Cream asked.

(Marik is looking around frantically, like a fly is buzzing around his head)

"You see, Marik was hit in the head not too long ago, and lets just say that he thinks his name is Sam, and his mother is Ishizu, who in reality, is his older sister. He also might ask you if you seen his dog and ask if you'll help him. Just say you will because he doesn't have a dog."

"Oh, that's so sad."

"Yeah, it is" Whispered Yugi

Someone steps on to the bus…

"Hi, I'm Omochao. And. I'm. your. New. Camp. Counselor.

"AAHHHHHH! IT'S HIM!" screamed Joey.

"Heh heh, he's scared of the counselor…..that's funny…I could have some fun with this." Knuckles laughed.

"I'm not scared of no counselor, I just have an extreme dislike of them."

Shadow: "………………………OMOCHAO!"


"Alright campers, it's time to decide who you bunkmates are. Cabin 1 will be Yugi, Sonic, and Duke. Cabin 2 will be Cream, Serenity, and Tikal." Omochao announced.

"Yaaaaah, I get to be with the bunny," shouted Serenity.

"Cabin 3 will be Amy, Tea, and Rebecca. (Rebecca and Tea give each other a death glare) Cabin 4 will be Mai, Tristan, and Rouge.

"Oh how wonderful, I get to be paired with two girls, I must be the luckiest guy in the world" Tristan said sarcastically.

"Oh you know you'll like it Tristan, so stop denying it" replied Mai.

"Yeah, and later we'll do each others toe nails, and we'll do our hair, and we'll make a 'Whose hot' list."

"Yeah!" replied Rouge.

"Ha ha ha ha .NO! I would rather eat a worm!

"That can be arranged"

"Shove it Kaiba"

"Cabin 5 will be Shadow, Knuckles, and Kaiba, and last but not least, Cabin 6 will be Tails, Mokuba, and Joey.

"Do I look like a little kid to you!" complained Joey.

"From the temper tantrums you through all the time, you are a little kid" Mai replied.

"Whateva," Joey mumbled.

"What about me?" Sam (Marik) asked.

"We have a special place for you Mar- I mean Sam"


"And since cabin 6 has two young ones in it, there needs to be more supervision in it, so I will be it that cabin as well." said Omochao.

Joey: (started to shake uncontrollably)

"Um, Joey, are you going to be ok?' ask Mokuba.


The whole bus broke into fits of laughter.

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