Smut, and how messed things can become when you get into the deeper emotions.




There is always something to be learnt from a failed relationship.

Don't leave a key where he can find it, always booby-trap your underwear drawer; don't expect Gaara or Kankuro or men to have manners.

It is his first time and she wants it hard and fast, she wants satisfaction inow/i and she doesn't want him to be in control. She was the one who did the wham-baming here. And for god's sake he'd never even done it before...

"Harder, Shika, god, hurt me..."

So why did he have her pleading for gratification and on her back like this then? Why was he using all of that genius brainpower of his during sex, prolonging the entire thing? Why was he looking at her like that, making her feel oddly self-conscious, like he was accusing her of not taking this seriously enough.

It wasn't that he was doing a bad job. He wasn't amazing, as far as experiences went, but he was different. And it was as he tentatively slid a thumb over her nipple a few times, oddly fascinated, that she realized what it was. He wasn't just using her, the way she used her men and they used her. This was isomething/i to him and he was savouring it like a sunny afternoon out in a field. How he could remain so calm during sex...

Emotional training. Who needed this again?

She was gasping at the tears in her eyes when she shuddered to a finale, digging her fingers into his back and cursing him in a post-orgasmic way that really didn't mean anything. He buried his face in her neck after he came, seeming almost embarrassed that it had happened at all. She had fallen silent and was smoothing out the small bruises some of her fingers had made on his smooth ass and back.

"Shika..." she sighed, holding him there. He didn't answer and she didn't know what else to say.

Don't underestimate the feelings that might go into this action. Be prepared to match his, or be prepared to crush someone's heart.

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