Wait, we did WHAT?
by SetsuntaMew

Soooooo. I suck at life. It's been months since I've written anything. And now I'm writing an AU Inuyasha fic. Which, by the way, I claimed to hate since I first started reading IY stuff, because they were mostly pieces of suck. But whatever. I'm full of contradictions.

Disclaimer: Look up and to your left. See that picture? Notice that it says fanfiction on it? Yes? Good. Now that you understand that this is a fan site, you can understand that I don't own anything in this fic. It all belongs to the lovely Rumiko Takahashi.

Edit: Changed Miroku's last name to 'Sekushii' and fixed a few little grammar things that I just noticed.

-Chapter 1-

Sango rolled over and grabbed at her pillow, trying to block out the terrible ringing sound that had woken her from her peaceful slumber. 'Oh wait, that's just the phone. Damned phone, ringing so early in the morning...' Unfortunately, the phone didn't want to stop ringing, so Sango eventually had to answer.

"...hello?" she answered groggily.

"Sango-chan! You won't believe it! Inuyasha proposed!" an over bubbly voice exclaimed.

"Kagome-chan? Is that you?" Sango asked, still not completely awake.


"Why are you calling so early?"

"Didn't you listen to what I just said!" Kagome said, exasperated.

"Uh...Inuyasha proposed?" Sango answered, though it hadn't yet sunk in. 'Wait...' "HE PROPOSED!"


"Oh gods, Kagome-chan, you're getting MARRIED! I'm so excited for you!"

"And we're taking you and Miroku-san to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate!"

"This weekend? Okay! That sounds like so much fun!" Sango exclaimed happily. 'Las Vegas? All right! I've always wanted to go there!' "But Kagome-chan, why Sekushii-san as well?"

"Because he's going to be the best man, silly. Who else would Inuyasha ask? His brother? Or better yet, Kouga? Really, start thinking, Sango-chan!" Kagome paused, and then continued on. "Which reminds me...you will be my Maid of Honor, right?"

"Of course! Just don't make me spend too much time with Sekushii-san, okay?" Sango agreed, but her mind was already wandering. 'A whole weekend with the damned hentai? And not only that, I'll be spending a lot of time with him, since we'll basically be in charge of carrying out the plans for the wedding. Together. Oh, damn, damn, damn.'

"Sango-chan? You still there?" Kagome asked, worry seeping into her voice.

"What? Oh yeah, of course. Did you say something?" 'Oops, I've got to stop that,' Sango reprimanded herself for ignoring Kagome like that and letting her thoughts wander.

"Yes...I was asking if you wanted to know when the wedding was," Kagome replied, still sounding slightly worried.

"Of course I do! I was just going to ask!"

"Six months, to the day. Which means I definitely have to get my dress pretty soon, huh?"

"Kagome-chan! Why! That's so soon! Do you realize how hard it'll be to get everything ready in time?" Sango definitely was worried. 'Oh no, oh no, oh no. As maid of honor, I'm going to be the one working my butt off to get everything ready! Well, at least it's only six months of that hentai...'

"I'm sure I can get it all done, don't worry so much! And Inu-chan wanted it to be much earlier, but I convinced him that we needed at least a little time to get it all prepared. I don't want to wait long either, but one of us has to be the voice of reason, you know?" Kagome giggled and smiled, adding: "I guess we're just so in love."

"You don't understand how happy I am for you. You're so lucky!"

"You'll find someone soon enough, I promise!"

"Kagome-chan, I don't need anyone. I have Kirara and Kohaku already," Sango replied, but she knew that's not what Kagome had meant at all.

"No, no, Sango-chan, you need a man! You know, maybe I could hook you up with- Oh! Good morning, Inuyasha!" Pause. "Um, I'm going to have to call you back later to begin planning!"

"Alright, have a good morning. Maybe we can get together for lunch or something later?"

"Okay! See you later!" Kagome said, and it was followed by a click of the phone being hung up.

'So. It's Thursday. That means that we're probably leaving tomorrow night for Vegas. Which also means I really need to start packing,' Sango thought to herself after hanging up the phone.

Kirara made a soft mewing sound as she jumped up on the bed next to Sango. "Oh...good morning, Kirara. You're hungry, aren't you?" An affirmative meow was the answer she received. "That's what I thought. Okay, I'll get up and feed you. At least I don't have to go into work today. Or tomorrow, for that matter. I'll have all this time to pack and prepare for my duties as Maid of Honor. I should be honored, huh Kirara?"

Kirara answered by giving her a bored look. "Alright, alright, I'll feed you already!" Sango replied with a laugh.

Thursday, at around lunch time

Once again, Sango was annoyed by the ringing of the phone. She had been busy dusting and cleaning her simple apartment. She couldn't stand to leave it a mess for some reason. And the phone continued to ring. "I'm coming already, sheesh, hold your horses!" Sango said to the annoying appliance before picking it up. "Hello?"

"Hi, Sango-chan! Want to go out for lunch now?" Kagome sounded chipper, as always.

"Definitely. Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know, I heard there's a new café near your apartment. Do you want to try it out?" Kagome asked.

"I guess. I watched them put it in, and yeah, it looks pretty good," Sango answered.

"Great! I'll meet you there in a few minutes then?"

"Sounds good. See you then!"

Twenty minutes later found Sango sitting across a table from the excruciatingly happy Kagome, who was currently rambling on about different types of flowers. Sango twirled a strand of hair around her finger. She wasn't really paying much attention to Kagome. Rather, she found her thoughts wandering to Miroku. Again. She sighed.

'I spent all morning cleaning to make sure I didn't think of that damn hentai, and now he keeps invading my thoughts. If this is a prelude to what the next six months are going to be like, I might go insane. I don't even like him! All he's ever done is shamelessly flirt with me. And grope me, which is not enjoyable in the least.'

"Sangooooooooo. You're not paying attention to me again!" Kagome interrupted her thoughts, as she was tapping her fork against her plate.

"What? No, I was listening! I promise!"

"Then what was I talking about?"


"No, that was more than five minutes ago. Sheesh, you've been like this ever since I said that Miroku-san was going to be the best man and was coming this weekend." Kagome suddenly looked thoughtful.

'Aw, shit,' Sango realized where Kagome's train of thought was just as the girl spoke.

"I get it now! You actually like him!"

"N-no, of course not! He's just a baka hentai!"

"Denial is the first stage, my lovely Sango," a different voice stated. She knew that voice. But it couldn't possibly be him. Oh no. The fates couldn't possibly hate her that much. Then Sango looked up.

"Oh! Er, hello, Sekushii-san," she managed to say. 'Yes, the fates do hate me that much. Damn it.'

"How many times must I tell you? Simply 'Miroku' will suffice, my dear," he told her.

"I am not your dear. Go find some other girl to hit on," she replied shortly.

"You hurt me, Sango darling. Deeply."

"Feh, you two always argue."

"Inuyasha! I thought you two weren't coming by until later!" Kagome said, but was obviously gleeful that her fiancée had arrived.

"Well, this baka couldn't keep his hands to himself, and we got kicked out of the wedding invitation store. And the flower store."

"How am I not surprised?" Sango said, sighing as her head made friends with her hand for the first of many times in the coming weekend.

Following this, there was a minute of uncomfortable silence. Until Kagome decided that it was time to being up the coming weekend to Vegas. "So, is everyone packed? We're heading out tomorrow evening after dinner."

"Whose car are we taking?" Miroku asked.

"Inu-kun, can we take yours? It's nicest for long car trips," Kagome asked with hope creeping into her tone of voice.

"Feh. I guess. It's not even that long of a trip, you know. Only what, three hours?" Inuyasha answered, but there was no way he would ever say no to her.

"It's long enough. Couldn't I just drive up by myself? I don't think I'll last three hours in closed-quarters with such a hentai." Sango was willing to beg. She did not feel like being groped for hours on end. Oh no, not one bit.

"I find nothing wrong with it." Miroku said as a perverted grin began sneaking onto his face.

"Obviously. You'd just do something perverted," she replied. 'Oh yes. This'll be quite an interesting trip.'

"I am hurt that you have such a low opinion of my character," he told her, the grin slipping away as he put on his innocent face.

"It's not like you do much to prove that you have a good character." And then she felt something grope her butt... "HENTAI!"

Seconds later, Miroku was left caressing a now-red cheek. "I can't help it, my dear, this hand has a mind of its own."

"Hmph. You just use that as an excuse to be perverted." Sango glared at him as Miroku gave her a sheepish smile.

Alright, one chapter down; two or three more to go. Yeah, this isn't going to be very long. I have it basically planned out in my head, but I just have to write it down. Which actually tends to be the hard part, but meh. We'll just um, forget that part. And good news, I've already started chapter two. I might actually...wait for it...finish a fic! Oh wow. That's never happened before. I usually just abandon them.

Yep. Done rambling.