Wait, we did WHAT?
by SetsuntaMew

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Another thing- I realize I never said how old anyone was. Oops. Here they are now:
Kohaku & Kanna- 20; Kagome- 24; Sango- 25; Inuyasha & Miroku- 27

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-Chapter 6-

"...and I want strings of flowers draped over everything. But I don't know if I want lilies, roses, or Chinese bellflowers..." Kagome was in the middle of describing what she wanted her wedding to be like. Miroku and Sango were looking at her like she had lost it.

"Sango, didn't she want a pirate wedding earlier today?" Miroku whispered.

"Oh yeah. She changes her mind quickly, doesn't she?" Sango answered. "Years ago, she offered to plan mine. It was insane. She had a different idea each day. And she had everything planned to the tiniest detail. I would just sit there and nod, all the while hoping she'd find someone else to plan for."

"And then she met Inuyasha?" he prompted.

"I learned the hard way to be careful what you wish for. I'm actually surprised she hasn't figured out the flowers she wants yet."

"Oi, Kagome. Miroku and Sango are to busy flirting with each other to pay attention to you," Inuyasha announced, causing Sango to turn bright red.

"We're not flirting!" she protested.

"Then what do you call whispering back and forth to each other?" Inuyasha taunted.

She glared at him. "If you two weren't flirting, what was I talking about?" Kagome asked.

"Err...flower strings?" Sango answered uncertainly.

"Lilies?" Miroku asked.

Kagome sighed. "No, I was talking about the type of cake I want. Really, if you wanted some time alone, you could have just asked."

Just as Sango was about to protest and Miroku was going say something that would have undoubtedly caused him pain, the waiter arrived with their food. Waiters really must be psychic. There could have been quite a scene had he not come at that very moment. But hey, they got lucky.

Hotel room 317, 7:15 pm

Sango looked around the room, making a final sweep to be sure that she had everything. The only thing remaining was the wedding certificate, which was currently sitting innocently on the same table it had been in the morning. She picked it up, surprising even herself as she hugged it to her chest.

Miroku poked his head into the room. "Hey Sango, you ready? I'll get your bag for you."

"All yours, Miroku." She smiled, tucking the paper into her purse. 'Maybe...maybe things won't be so bad after all.'

He gleefully obliged, picking up her bag and holding the door open for her. "You know, some people consider this a tipping situation," he told Sango suggestively. She slapped her forehead.

'Or not.'

Shikon Apartments, complex 2-B, 11:34 pm

"You can't just follow me home, Miroku!" Sango and Miroku were currently standing in the hall outside of her apartment. When Inuyasha had stopped to drop her off, Miroku had gotten out as well. She had assumed he was simply going to carry her bags up for her. Oh, how wrong she had been. And now she was trying to find her keys - which were probably hiding at the very bottom of her purse - and convince him that he needed to go home.

"But Sangoooo, why not? Oh, I know! You can just come back to my place!" This comment earned Miroku a whack in the head with Sango's purse. This caused her keys to fall out onto the floor. As she bent to pick them up, she felt something groping her bottom.


"MIROKU! You hentai! I can't believe you! Oh, and you were being so good this weekend, too. Why did you have to ruin it all?" Sango exclaimed.

"I can only resist your beauty for so long, love. It was just too tempting..." he tried to explain.

Sango was preparing to give him a few more whacks on the head with her purse when the apartment door opened. "Nee-chan? What are you doing?" Kohaku asked, rubbing his eyes. "I was trying to sleep."

"Ridding the world of a pervert. Why are you sleeping in my apartment? I told you to watch Kirara, not live here while I was gone."

"I thought you wouldn't be back until tomorrow," he answered.

"But why are you sleeping here?" Now she was genuinely confused. Kohaku lived with his girlfriend, Kanna. Unless...

"Kanna kicked me out again," he told her sheepishly.

"Again? What did you do this time?"

While the siblings discussed the issues with Kohaku's love life, Miroku took the opportunity to get them to migrate into Sango's apartment. "Kohaku, if I may offer some advice..." he began.

"No, actually, you can't," Sango said, cutting him off.

"But Sango, I am a font of knowledge on women!"

"Unless you mean their anatomy, no, you're not," she snapped.

"Er, excuse me," Kohaku cut in. "But who are you?" he asked, referring to Miroku.

"Sekushii Miroku. Nice to meet you!" he answered happily.

"Taijiya Kohaku. I'm Sango's-"

"-wonderful younger brother, right?"

"Yep. Are you nee-chan's boyfriend?" Kohaku asked, immensely curious as to why his sister had a guy following her home.

"Not exactly, Kohaku," Sango answered, stepping in before Miroku could say anything she'd have to hurt him for. "Weren't we talking about your love life?"

"Yeah, but this happens all the time. You have never brought guys home before." Kohaku appeared thoughtful for a moment. "Unless there's something you haven't been telling me."

"Kohaku! I never have brought guys home before. He followed me," she replied, and then noticed that they were all standing in her living room. "Miroku! I never said you could come in!"

"But you can't kick your husband out!" Miroku informed her.

Kohaku's eyebrow twitched. "Neeeeee-chaaaaaan...what aren't you telling me?"

Sango sighed. She was going to have to go through this a lot. "I have some advice for you, Kohaku: don't drink anything alcoholic. Ever."

"But nee-chan, I'm only 20-" he began.

"Even when you're legal. You can end up in some awkward situations," she continued.

"Aw, Sango, being happily married isn't an awkward situation," Miroku protested, pulling her close to him by wrapping an arm around her waist. Sango hit him with her purse. Kohaku just stared at them, blinking. ((A/N: Think the second movie when Miroku hugs her and Kohaku, Kirara, and Hachi stare at them.))

Kohaku decided to interrupt. "So, can I stay the night?"

"Fine. You get the couch. But tomorrow you're going to apologize to Kanna. You can't stay here forever."

"Take her flowers, too. Women love flowers," Miroku interjected.

"And Miroku, you have to go home. I know you live somewhere."

"But I don't have a car! Well, I do, but it's at my apartment."

"Then walk."

"It's too late to walk," he complained.

"Fine, fine, you can just stay on the couch!" Sango exclaimed, exasperated.

"Nee-chan, I'm sleeping on the couch," Kohaku remarked.

"Then Miroku can sleep on the floor," she snapped.

"But Sango-" Miroku began.

"No, you can't share a bed with me. End of story." And after that, she stormed off to her room, slamming the door behind her and leaving a startled Kohaku and Miroku in her wake.

After a long pause, Kohaku decided it was time to say something: "Sooooo, why'd you marry my sister again?"

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