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A/N: Hey, everyone! I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and try out the Roy/Ed drabbles. I've only written one drabble in the past and it actually turned into a really long fanfic. Oops? Anyway, this time they're actual drabbles. I'm writing them out of order, but I'm posting them in order. So, even though I've finished quite a few, I won't post them until I get to that number. Got it? Good. Anyway. Here's the first one!

1. Good Morning (105 words)

Riza Hawkeye glanced up from her papers as the door to Colonel Roy Mustang's office slammed open. Her hand went to her gun, ready to startle whoever entered the room for being late for work, but froze when she saw just who it was.

"Good morning, Colonel Mustang, Major Elric," she said, keeping her voice even.

"Good? Yeah, right," Edward replied. "You try waking up to that face," he pointed at the Colonel, "and calling the morning good!"

With a final glare at Roy, he stormed out of the room. Roy just laughed.

Havoc looked at Roy. "What exactly happened at that party last night?"

A/N: Well, there you go. Not as good as it was in my head, but I still like it. Hope you do too!