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Chapter 1: Revenge


"..and so, that is why you should join me in the fight against drugs and violence. I, Inuyasha Tenou, am part of the Celebrities Against Drugs and Violence Organization. Make your donation today for a better tomorrow!" The hanyou flashed his dazzling smile as all of the females in the audience cheered and screamed loud enough to deafen someone. Inuyasha turned back to the hostess of the show who, in return, smiled and stood up.

"Well, thank you, Inuyasha for coming on our show today." The woman turned to face the camera, "and don't leave folks, because our next guest is the lovely Ayame Sakai."She smiled the most put on smile until someone from crew yelled for a commercial break. Her smile dropped, and she started talking eagerly to the quick fixer-upper that shuffled from backstage to add a little more make up to her face. Being under those hot lights, you constantly have to put on more make up. Otherwise what you're wearing will smudge off with the slightest break of a sweat, and then you look like a ghost without the false color.

Inuyasha smiled and waved as he made his way off the set. As soon as he was out of the audiences view, he dropped the smile and replaced it with a scowl that he frequented. He shifted his eyes to the young woman that was walking towards him. "Oi, wench..gimme a cigarette, pronto!"

"Tsk, tsk, now. Inuyasha, not here. It's too risky after that speech of yours against drugs." The woman waved a perfectly manicured hand at him. "Plus, we're leaving as soon as Kagura finishes talking with the producer."

The hanyou raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "About what?" he growled. The woman shrugged and flipped some of her long, smooth raven hair off her shoulder. "I'm not sure exactly. All I know is-"

"Inuyasha! Kikyou! Let's go." The two named turned their attention to a woman near the studio exit. She had her arms crossed and was tapping one foot impatiently. "Well, are you coming? We don't have all day." She snapped.

"Keh," Inuyasha snorted, "I think you pull your hair back too tight." He walked past Kagura with Kikyou behind him.

"Well, you don't pull yours back enough." She retaliated.

"I don't pull mine back at all!" He yelled.

"Whatever. I just want to get out of here, so let's go." Kagura replied, following them back to the limo.


Two young boys sat on the living room floor of the Higurashi residence as their sisters struggled over geometry homework at the dining room table.

"Oi, sis! Look, it's Inuyasha! He's on tv!" the younger boy yelled. He turned his attention to the other boy. "He's so cool!"

"Souta, shut up! Sango's trying to help me! She can't concentrate with all your yelling!" his sister yelled back.

Sango looked at her friend and grinned. "I can concentrate just fine. It's you who's having trouble here, Kagome." She turned to her brother and said, "Kohaku, can you guys turn it down a little, please?"

The boy nodded and leaned for the remote, but stopped when he saw the screen. "Huh? Souta, look." The other boy stopped his glaring contest with Kagome and looked at the screen. "A..contest..?" There, on the screen was a contest to "win Inuyasha." Actually, you didn't win him, you and a friend got to stay at his mansions for three months during the summer. You spent one month at the Tenou home in the mountains, one month at their country estate, and the last month was spent at their humongous beach house. It was an all expenses payed trip, and it looked pretty awesome.

Souta grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and started scribbling something down. "Ano...Souta, you have to be at least 15 to enter."

"Yeah, I know, but I'm not the one that's entering...they are." He glared at his sister, who was currently sighing out of frustration and banging her head on the table.

By the time Souta was done, another commercial with the famous Inuyasha came on. Upon hearing his voice, Kagome stood up, stamped over to the tv, and kicked the power button to turn it off. "No one wants to hear his cocky voice! Go play outside or something!" Souta and Kohaku scrambled to their feet due to their fear of her expression, and the possible physical threats that would come in due time if they didn't listen to her.

"Yeah, whatever. I needed to do something out there anyway." Souta waved an envelope at her as he ran out the door, laughing as he, rather loudly, pulled it shut behind him. Kagome made note of the odd gleam in his eyes, but set her confusion aside and shook her head. "That couldn't be good." She mumbled.

"What?" Sango asked from the table, not catching what Kagome had said. "Mmm...it's nothing." The younger girl replied. At least, I hope not. She thought as she walked over to the table and grabbed up all of the papers.

"Let's forget about this homework crap and watch some 'Celebrities Most Embarrassing Moments.' I need something to cheer me up a bit." Sango rolled her eyes at her friend as the two plopped down on the couch to catch a few good laughs.


"Souta (huff, huff) Do...do ya think this is (huff, huff)...is such a good idea? Umph!" Kohaku crashed into the back of his friend, who suddenly stopped in front of the post box.

"You know how much she hates famous people," Souta said as he slipped the entry letter through the slot, "especially Inuyasha. And you know how mean she is to me." Kohaku, still confused, just nodded his head. The younger boy continued, "Just think of it...as...the Ultimate Revenge."


"Just think of it as revenge, Inuyasha." Kagura sad behind a devious smile, crossing her hands as she leaned forward on her desk. Inuyasha stared wide eyed at his manager. How could she? He thought, how could she ruin my life like this!

"Three months? Are you insane!" Inuyasha yelled, abruptly sitting up in his chair. "The last thing I need is some stupid, ugly, annoying, obsessive, schoolgirl staring at me all googly-eyed for three whole months! What were you thinking?" He clenched his fist, ready to rip that smug look off of Kagura's flawless face.

"You could use the promotion." She replied matter-of-factly, turning her nose away from him.

"Promotion...pro...mo...tion!" Inuyasha growled. "I don't need promotion, everybody loves me! No, they adore me! I don't need some little brat to further promote me!" His amber orbs flashed dangerously as he glared at his manager, who remained unphased. Thus, enacted a glaring contest between the two.

"I think it's a good idea." Kikyou said, unable to bear the seething silence much longer.

Inuyasha jerked his attention to her. "What?" he hissed venomously.

"It may break you of some of your...bad habits. Such as-" she started, but was rudely interrupted.

"I don't have any bad habits." Inuyasha snorted, shifting his gaze to the carpeted floor of the office, seemingly capable of burning a hole through it with his fiery glare.

Kikyou narrowed her eyes, "Also...you need to be around your fans. You know, show them that you're a...uh...good person."

Inuyasha's eyes became slits as they darted up to meet Kikyou's face. Their eyes locked for a moment, an unknown message passing between them.

"Forget you two!" Inuyasha snapped. He stood up quickly, knocking over his chair which clattered against the wall before falling to the floor with a light thud. He stormed out, slamming the large double doors behind him.

Kikyou and Kagura both let out an audible sigh once the slam's echo ceased. Kagura placed her forefinger and ring finger on her temples and began to gently massage them. "That went better than I ever expected." She looked up at Kikyou, "How long before we have a winner?" She asked.

"I think tomorrow's the last day we're accepting entries. Then they sift through them, which, with the computers, should only take about a day. After that, they send ten of those to Mr. and Mrs. Tenou, who choose the winner." Kikyou said, all the while, playing with a charm on her bracelet.

Kagura leaned back in her chair and looked out of the window. The house was quite a way from the city, but you could still see the large buildings of Tokyo across the horizon. "Someone should clean that window...Kikyou?"

"I'll get someone on it right now." Kikyou said as she stood up to leave. Before shutting the door behind her, she turned back to Kagura. "Would you like me to send someone to bring you some Advil?" she asked.

"Please do." Kagura replied exhausted from the day, and fearing the next few to come. Preparation for the guests would be a bit of a migraine. Dealing with Inuyasha and the guests would be complete murder.


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