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Chapter 9: Unanswered and Answered Questions

Sesshoumaru looked up from his desk momentarily, certain his ears had just been ravished with an unwelcome shrill. What the hell was that just now…sounded like a dying animal.

"…Sesshomaru, are you paying any attention at all?" Kagura threw an assortment of papers on the desk between the two of them with an exasperated expression crossing her face. She was starting to get annoyed with him. She called him to her office today to discuss serious business matters - matters concerning his family and the reputation of it, and throughout the entirety of him being there his expression had not changed once except to glare accusingly at the window.

The handsome youkai turned his incredibly gold eyes to match her gaze. She stuck her lip out in a pout, waiting for his nonchalant response.

"You didn't hear that?" Was his deadpan reply.

The wind sorceress' fist clenched and she tried to keep her cool, unsuccessfully. "Hear what? I've been trying to explain this situation to you for the past half hour. Have you heard a word I said? I have been speaking! What else are you paying attention to, because it sure as hell isn't me!" Her eyes blazed, furious with his indiscrete lack of attention.

He stood up, cool eyes not once dropping from her fiery ones. "I have listened to what you have to say. Though I don't see any reason why this concerns me; the matter strictly concerns my brother. His image is a matter for Kikyou, am I wrong?"

Kagura's glare intensified as she growled, "he is your brother for God's sake, what's wrong with you? You know as well as I do that your father would overreact, I thought out of the two who could protect him you would do the best job and handle the situation properly, but you won't even do that for the sake of family? I thought you were a man; you're just a cold animal, aren't you, Sesshoumaru?"

The man looked at the woman in front of him coldly, knowing she was trying to instigate him. He was unwilling to give in though, he was not going to compromise his demeanor for the likes of his mess of a half brother. "Inuyasha does not need my protecting, nor would he want it if I offered. If that ingrate brother of mine desires my assistance, and I will tell you now that he will not seek it, he knows where to find me. Furthermore, Kagura, do not forget that I AM an inu youkai; human characteristics such as compassion do not course through my animal heart."

"Animal heart, huh?" Kagura cocked her head mockingly. "So I wonder, does that make you weak? Since you are incapable of reaching the same emotional limit your father has reached; or does that just make you afraid of giving into the Labrador in you while you persist on being a Chihuahua?"

Sesshoumaru whipped his head around to protest, but Kagura beat him to the punch once more. "I don't care either way. I just know your dear father would be furious if things got out of control, and you know what I'm talking about. We went through hell seven times to clean up the mess Naraku made once before trying to make his money off the Tenou name, I refuse to let it happen again and I expect your cooperation, whether you want to play nice or not. There is no compromise."

A moment of silence elapsed between the couple of hard headed demons standing in the spacious office. Not a sound or breath was wasted as Sesshoumaru turned his back to the frowning woman and walked out the door with a scowl to match hers.


By the time Kagome had calmed her friend down and kindly explained to the gawking pair in front of her that she had in fact NOT slept with the "super jerky, rude, obnoxious, egocentric, uncompassionate, callous, stupid Inuyasha," the named hanyou had ventured outside as well to see what the ruckus was all about.

"What the hell would give you that idea, Miroku?" The young man directed at his elder friend.

Miroku exchanged an uncertain glance with Sango, who bit her bottom lip warily in response. "Well, it's just that I had overheard a conversation between you and Kagome. I highly misinterpreted the whole ordeal, evidently. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed that this lovely and promising young lady would degrade herself to one who is, as she says, 'super jerky, rude, obnoxious, egocentric, uncompassionate, callous and stupid.' Never again will I make such a mistake," he finished with a dazzling smile.

"Keh," Inuyasha retorted. "Gee, Kagome, am I really that bad?" He asked bemused.

Kagome flipped her raven hair as she rolled her eyes in exaggeration. "I was trying to get my point across. I thought Sango was going to hunt you down and beat the living daylights out of you."

"Thanks for your concern…it's so evident from the name calling."


"But seriously, don't you think you could only stick to one insult for every time my name is brought up?"

"I could, but as soon as you come to mind I'm just overwhelmed and can't control my negativity."

"I must come to mind a lot then."

"What makes you say that?"

"You've developed quite a list there."

"My vocabulary is just more expansive that yours."


"I rest my case."

With that being said, Kagome grabbed a muffin from the table and meandered off. Inuyasha crossed his arms and stomped off in the opposite direction. Sango and Miroku waited until their friends were well out of hearing range and sight before letting out audible sighs.

"She really does like him." Sango said, resuming her breakfast.

Miroku nodded his head as he poured himself another cup of coffee and added a little bit of hazelnut creamer. "It's safe to say he also has feelings for her."

A cool voice caused both teenagers to jump in their seats. "You surely wouldn't assume it by listening to them though, would you?"

"Kikyou!" Miroku exclaimed. "Were you trying to give us heart attacks?"

The young woman laughed lightly. "I'm sorry. Though I was trying to rest on the veranda, it was you lot that nearly gave me a heart attack."

Sango dipped her head before looking at Kikyou. "Sorry, we did get a little loud…"

"Oh, no, it's not a problem at all. No need to apologize. I was just surprised." Kikyou sat down across the pair and helped herself to the overflowing assortment of breakfast foods. "My curiosity is piqued though…how can you explain affection between those two? Not that it's my business, but overhearing their recent exchange of words…"

The brunette snickered before explaining, "Kagome's the kind of person who is kindhearted and nice to everyone. You can tell when she really cares about someone though when she's not afraid to be rough with them. It's not that she's being mean as much as she's just telling him how she feels…minus the fact that she likes him, but she'll never admit that."

"As for Inuyasha, you just have to look at his face when he sees her. You know as well as I do he's not the kind of guy who shows his kindness well verbally; he's expressive though. Not to mention the fact that he jokes around with her quite a bit," Miroku added of his friend. Sango nodded agreeingly.

Kikyou chewed on her bagel and took a sip of her tea before continuing the conversation. "You two know your friends very well, and it's obvious you care about them."

Miroku's countenance gravened and Sango looked inquisitively at the woman in front of her.

"Please, during your stay, keep in mind that the public is curious about you all. Protect yourselves and your friends. I'm just saying this as a warning. Security around our premises is exceptional, but that won't help against verbal attacks." Kikyou looked up to meet their young gazes and smiled reassuringly. "I want you all to enjoy your time here, and your time shared together; but first and foremost your protection and esteem are my concerns."

Sango raised curious eyebrows. "Esteem?"

The elder girl shifted forward to lean on her elbows and gracefully intertwined her perfectly manicured fingers in front of her. "You and Kagome are good people-"

"Hey!" Miroku interjected.

"I would hate for you two to wind up with a negative image in the tabloids and for either of you to take it to heart," Kikyou continued, ignoring the young man, "but IF anything is said, it can't be helped. I just want you two to stick together and remain honest with each other."

"Oh. Yeah, of course we will," Sango replied, not sure where these pearls of wisdom were coming from. Then again, she found Kikyou to be quite the enigma.

"Good." Kikyou looked at her watch and swiftly stood up. "I'm sorry to have bothered you two. Thank you for your time though. I will be seeing you all again soon. I believe we have a planned event to attend tomorrow night and you are all expected to be there."

Miroku glowed, "Can't wait," he turned his violet eyes on Sango, "we finally get a chance to show the world our love!" He leaned towards her and wasn't too surprised when the girl forcefully brought her fist down on his head, knocking him out of his chair.

"Not likely," Sango spat. Jerking from her seat, she stormed off to get ready for the rest of the day. Honestly, that boy…She mumbled to herself as she walked out of the young man's sight.

"You know, Miroku," Kikyou prompted to the boy sprawled on the ground, "a subtle approach may behoove you."

"But what's the fun in that?" He laughed out, more to himself than as a reply to the witty woman, who was shaking her head dismissively and walking away.


It would seem some interesting affairs will arise from this. Kikyou's heals clicked as she walked down the long corridor that was the West Wing of the estate. However, I hope things remain in high spirits. I would hate for things to get ugly and cause everyone displeasure. Her thoughts flitted back to her conversation with Kagura previously that morning and a frown tugged at her lips. Naraku…what are you plotting? Destruction is all your name ever brings, and I refuse to allow you to corrupt this family and these friends.

She pulled out her cell phone from inside her cropped jacket pocket and quickly dialed a number. After a brief ring the other end connected. "Shippou? I have a favor to ask of you…"


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