Red and Silver
by SetsuntaMew

I decided to combine all my Rikairu drabbles into one fic. I rock like that. Hehe.

Disclaimer: Set-chan owns NOTHING. Duhhhhhhhh.


Here I sit. On paupou island.

I always sit here. Alone.

Always alone.

I wasn't always alone. There was him...

No. Painful memories.

He was consumed by darkness.

Not just him. They both were.

It was my fault. It wasn't.

I lost it all.

I loved him. I lost him.

I am a mere shell.

I am nothing. Life is nothing.


It wasn't always nothing.

I still see his aquamarine eyes.

Silver hair.

Flashes of my past, flashes of him...

Am I crazy?

This island is so very empty now. He is gone.

I do not want to live.

But I have to. He told me to.

I had friends. But they have left me.

It was my fault.


Yes. It was. I scared them.

The three friends I had left. I scared them. They could not help me. They left me. They abandoned me.

But it is okay. I can still think of him. I can live in my dream world.

Funny, isn't it? That the pure of heart suffer while evil triumphs.

I hate life. It is nothingness. I do not truly live in it.

I live in the past, my memories, my times with him.

My Riku.

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