Chapter One: A New Beginning

Elena ran swiftly down the dark alleyway in the outskirts of Paris, France.

Alongside her was her faithful friend and partner Kenny Erickson. Her feet hit the brick road with the sound of small splashes while the rain hit her face. Her long cape-like coat chased after her. She and Kenny were chasing a masked murderer known as: "The Shadow." He was known as 'the Shadow' because when he would kill someone it would be at night and he would lurk in the shadows.

"Run faster you Dirty Idiot," Elena yelled to Kenny, who was only a few feet behind her.

"Why don't you? The only reason I'm running slow is because I'm behind you! Elena could her Kenny's deep chuckle.

"You're very funny, my friend."

She ran faster. Her rifle was resting on her right shoulder, and she had two American-style pistols in holsters on each side of her belt. Her short-blade dagger was securely fastened to her ankle, and it was never used unless there was an emergency.

The moon was full and it made it a lot easier for Elena to see better through the dark alley she was following. Suddenly she heard the crash of tin trash cans being knocked over. She ran to the corner of a dead end. Elena turned around and put her index finger up to her mouth indicating for Kenny to keep quiet. She cocked her rifle. She heard faint footsteps from around the corner. Her back was pressed against the wall. Elena looked up over the high wall separating Herself, Kenny, and 'the Shadow' from the rest of civilization. She saw the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Her heart was pounding and her mind was racing, 'finally we have this lunatic. I'm ready for this I'm ready…' She jumped out from behind the corner and came face to face with… a wall. Elena had her rifle ready to shoot and she slowly walked to the dead end. Kenny was close behind her. Her eyes scanned the three walls surrounding her. She knew he was hear…somewhere.

"You'll never find me," a voice boomed from above her. "You'll always be searching for me."

"What makes you so sure?" Elena said.

"Elena you will be, after you find out this wonderful news…"

Suddenly a masked man jumped behind her and stabbed Kenny in the stomach. Elena pulled her rifle up to her eye and took aim on the 'Shadow.' The 'Shadow' stood up and ran to Elena. He grabbed her by the throat and began to squeeze.

"You'll be thrilled to know that my brother has killed someone that you loved."

"Who?" Breathed Elena, gasping for air.

"Why, your father," Shadow began, "the infamous Alan Quartermain."

"My father is already dead!" Gasped Elena.

The Shadow's face was hidden by a black mask that only covered his nose, forehead, and eyes. And his mouth was left unmasked. He brought her closer to his face Elena was so close she could feel him breathing heavy and all of a sudden he kissed her lips. Elena came up with a plan. She kissed him back so he would loosen his grip on her throat. And he did. 'The poor fool,' Elena thought. She kicked him in the stomach and he fell onto his back. He stumbled to stand up and when he did he was holding his stomach.

"It's a shame that you had to act this way," he said smirking," and I thought we were getting along."

"You wish."

He lunged at Elena and forced her to fall onto her back. The Shadow was sitting on her stomach with a knife raised above her chest.

"This is a nice position. Don't you think?" The Shadow said smiling. Elena raised her right leg and kicked him in the back, and The Shadow fell forward onto the cold brick alley. He got up at the same time as Elena.

"No more Mr. Nice Guy," he yelled. He punched her in the right side of her lip. Elena punched back and she socked him in the cheek and it caused his mask to fall off. He turned and ran into the darkness.

"I'll see you again." He yelled behind him," I think you've had enough loss for tonight."

"Damn," Elena cursed as she wiped the blood from her lip. Her eyes scanned through the darkness of the alleyway. She looked around to see Kenny's lifeless body in a pool of blood lying of the cold ground. Her fingers were trembling. Kenny was a good friend and he didn't deserve to die.

Elena walked over to the corpse. Tears were streaming down her eyes. She knelt down on the ground beside Kenny's body. He had a beautiful emerald ring on his pinky finger, which was given to him when he became a European Secret Agent. Elena took it off his finger and put it on her thumb, since it was so big.

"I vow to revenge your death and bring the Shadow to justice," Elena whispered through silent sobs.

Tom Sawyer, a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, watched Elena from the roof top of the house overlooking the alleyway. He was a roguish kind of man. He was very young, and he had a handsome face that was hidden behind ear-length light brown hair. Sawyer's hazel-honey eyes watched Elena with a feeling of sadness. Tom Sawyer was a spy for the United States secret service. And he had the same skills as Elena, with a gun. But Elena had one special gift that Sawyer did not.

Elena walked a little ways down the alley leaving Kenny's body behind her. Suddenly she stopped with such abruptness that she almost fell forward. Her eyes widened and she became very still. It became very foggy around her. She was having a vision:

"We are the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And we need you and your skills."

"We are tracking down a man known to many as the Shadow."

"He finds very successful chemists, steals their experiments, and then kills them in their sleep."

"You fought him earlier tonight, and unfortunately he escaped."

"I saw you earlier tonight chasing him with your gun, you're very talented."

"Will you join us in our quest?"

Elena snapped back to the present time. She usually saw people doing things like walking or waving, rarely was there a vision of people talking. Her heart raced and she started to run. Were they at her apartment right now?

Elena reached her apartment building and looked up at her windows. It was dark, and not even a single light was on. She stumbled up the front steps. "Why would I join this League?" Elena thought. "I can't, I have other priorities."

She finally reached her apartment door and took out her key. Elena opened the door to a dark foyer. She walked quickly to a side table took out a match, but before she lit the lantern she said aloud, "I know you're here. I saw you coming." She felt stupid. Maybe she was talking to the wall. Then out of the shadows a figure appeared. Elena drew her pistol.

"We are the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," and man approached from the darkness, he was dressed as a pirate, "And we need you and your skills." Many other figures submerged from the darkness. There were four men and one other woman.

"We are tracking down a man known to many as the Shadow," the woman, dressed in a Victorian blue dress, stepped towards Elena. "It would be nice to have another female on the league."

"Who is this 'Shadow'?" Elena asked wanting to know more.

"He finds very successful chemists, steals their experiments, and then kills them in their sleep," a man covered in a long black-leather coat and covered in white powder-like paint explained.

"You fought him earlier tonight, and unfortunately he escaped," another man said, he was dressed very neatly, like a gentleman.

"He killed my partner," Elena said, thinking back to Kenny's body all alone in the alley, "I had no choice."

"I saw you earlier tonight chasing him with your gun," said the last man, whom had not spoken yet. He looked like a cowboy, "you're very talented." He himself had a rifle resting on his shoulder.

Elena looked at this young man very impressed. He was very handsome.

"Will you join us in our quest?" The pirate-looking man asked.

Elena replayed this question in her mind for several minutes. She wanted to be a part of something. She wanted revenge for Kenny's Death. She wanted a life. Elena took a deep breath.

"I need to know who you all are and what makes you all so 'extraordinary'?"

The pirate man stepped forward, "I am known as Captain Nemo. I'm a very advanced scientist." He bowed and backed away.

The man who was dressed as a gentleman stepped forward, "You shall know me as Dr. Henry Jekyll. I'm have, what some people might say, a split personality." He said, kissing Elena's hand.

The cowboy took Elena's hand and kissed it like Henry did, "The names Tom Sawyer, I'm a spy for the United States secret service," He gave her a half smile, "and I'm pretty good with that." He said pointing to Elena's rifle lying on the wooden chair.

Finally the woman stepped towards her, "My name is Mina Harker," she said very elegantly, "and I'm a vampire." Mina raised her hand to her neck and removed some cloth revealing the teeth marks on her neck Elena's stomach tightened and she felt somewhat faint.

"I, my sophisticated beauty, am Rodney Skinner," The white faced man said sitting in her wicker chair. He seemed a little cocky.

Elena felt obliged to tell them about her.

"My name Is Elena," she said slowly, "I can see the future, past, and present through someone else's eyes." She walked over to the open window and stared at the French city below her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I'm in."