Tony sat at the hospital bed staring at the figure laying before him. Abby Dinozzo lay on the bed on a ventilator. 2 days ago she came in with multiple gun shot wounds to her stomach. Tony couldn't bare leaving her.

"God Abby. Don't leave us. Don't leave me and Sierra. We need you." Tony said through choked sobs. Tony could remember the day they had started going out.


Tony came out of the elevator to see Abby sitting at her desk talking with McGee. "Probie Gibbs is looking for that server connection he sent you to get an hour ago." Tony said.

McGee nodded. "Going now." McGee said leaving for the elevator.

Abby smirked. "Gibbs isn't looking for that Server is he?" Abby asked.

Tony shook her head. "No. But hey I wanted to see if Probie would run." Tony said innocently.

Abby rolled her eyes. "So what brings you down here?" Abby asked looking in the microscope.

"Cause I thought you mite want to accompany me to see the new Sci fi movie." Tony said.

Abby looked at him. "Dinozzo you asking me out?" Abby asked.

Tony smiled self-consciously. "Are you accepting?" Tony asked.

Abby thought about it for a while. "Yeah. What time should I be ready?" Abby asked.

Tony smiled. "7. Nothing fancy." Tony said.

Abby nodded. "K. See you then." Abby said Tony smiled leaving the lab to go back to work. Before Gibbs really did get pissed at him.

That evening proved wonderful for a date. No cases came in. And Tony was actually glad so. Tony pulled up to Abby's apartment building and took a deep breath. "Alright Dinozzo you can do this." Tony said to himself. Tony walked to her door and knocked. Abby opened her door. Tony nearly fell over in amazement.

"My god Abby you look beautiful." Tony said. Abby wore a pair of tight black jeans. A knit black v neck sweater with a Shaw over it. A gold necklace was hanging from her neck as well.

"You clean up quite well your self Tony. Shall we?" She asked.

Tony nodded. "Sure. Madame." Tony said holding out his arm. Abby took it and allowed him to walk her to his car. Which as she knew was a jeep that he bought after his Mustang was stolen and then wrecked. Tony thought it best to get a sensible car after that.

The movie theater was not packed for a Friday night. But then again this was a sci fi and not many people liked Sci fi. Abby and Tony sat in the middle of the theater and kept their eyes on the movie. When Tony glanced over at Abby his heart did a flip flop. "No Dinozzo this is Abby. The lab rat. Gibbs would shoot you." Tony told himself. He nearly jumped when her hand grabbed his. Tony looked over to see Abby looking at him smiling. Tony just smiled back at her.

When the Movie ended Tony and Abby got up and walked out of the theater into the main mall. "Want to get some Ice cream or something?" Abby asked.

Tony smiled. 'Sure. I know of this ice cream place not far from the office that has a good sundae." Tony said.

Abby smiled. "Cool. Lead the way." Abby said grabbing hold of Tony's hand. Tony smiled and drove the 10 miles to the ice cream shop. Once they had their sundaes Tony and Abby started in on conversation.

"So. How did you like the movie?" Tony asked.

Abby smiled. "I liked it. Thank you for asking me to come." Abby said.

Tony nodded. "Hey I knew you would like it. Besides all the other girls I go out with would have screamed at the alien parts." Tony said smiling.

Abby smirked. "All the girls you go out with would have ran when they found out how twisted you are." Abby said.

Tony put his hand to his heart. "That hurt." Tony said.

Abby laughed. "Aww did I hurt Tony's feelings." Abby asked mockingly.

Tony just smiled. "Nah. Tough skin." Tony said.

At that time his cell phone rang. "Arrrgghhh." Tony said snatching it off his belt. "Dinozzo." He said into it.

"Yeah Boss. Yeah I'll be there in twenty." Tony said. Abby looked down and knew that Gibbs needed Tony.

"Yeah no problem. I'll call em on my way in. K." Tony said hanging up.

"2 10 year old went missing. We're needed." Tony said getting up and taking their stuff the trash can. Abby followed him to the car.

"Want me to take you to your apartment?" Tony asked.

Abby shook her head. "I want you to take me to the lab" Abby said.

Tony nodded. "Sure you want to be seen with me. I mean your image mite be tarnished if you're caught sneaking in with Tony Dinozzo." Tony said.

Abby rolled her eyes. "What my good girl image. Please. Let them think what they want." Abby said. Tony smiled that was why he liked her. Abby did stuff her own way and to hell with what everyone else thought.

"Abby?" Tony asked.

Abby looked at him. "Yeah?" Abby asked.

Tony glanced at her quickly. "Is there a chance I can kiss you?" Tony asked.

Abby smiled. "A very good chance. Come here Tony." Abby said and leaned in to kiss Tony Dinozzo. Tony deepened the kiss.

"Tony I don't want to be another notch on your belt of women." Abby said.

Tony smiled. "Your not. That belt went out the window when you said yes to go out with me tonight." Tony said running a thumb over her cheek.

Abby smiled. "Good." Abby said. Tony smiled and started the car.


Tony smiled nothing at that time could have stopped them. But then again they had both been wrong about a lot of things. Tony was brought out of his thought when someone cleared their throats.

"Anthony. Come on boy you need to go home and sleep." Ducky told him.

Tony shook his head. "No. I ain't leaving her side Ducky." Tony said.

Gibbs stepped in. "Go home Dinozzo. You're no good to Abby if you're in the bed next to her." Gibbs told him.

Tony shook his head. "I can't I don't want to miss if she wakes up." Tony said.

Ducky nodded. "I'll stay. I'll call if she wakes up. Go home and see Sierra she misses her daddy." Ducky said. Tony smiled the other bright spot in his life. Sierra Caitlin Dinozzo. His and Abby's 2 and ½ year old daughter.

"Ok. Call my cell." Tony said. Tony leaned over Abby and kissed her forehead.

"I'm going home. But I'll be back as soon as our bosses will let me." Tony said kissing her again.