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Tony stood next to the kitchen door watching the friends. Abby who was holding a drowsy Si was swaying with her in her arms. The surgery had worked and Sierra was recouping. Kate who was beside em was rubbing her protruding belly. At 7 ½ months pregnant she was radiant. She was on maternity leave and causing everyone grief. McGee and Daisy had gotten married only at a later date. Due to Sierra's surgery they had to move it to October. But Daisy was ok with it. Michael and Annie were standing with them as well. Annie hadn't told Michael the good news yet. But come August he was gonna be a daddy again. Jethro Gibbs was standing laughing at something Ducky said. Tony smirked. The 2 had finally gotten together. Right after McGee and Daisy's wedding. Tony smirked and went and joined the group. "Here let me take this pretty little girl." Tony said taking Si out of Abby's arms.

"Daddy? Tell me a story about me." Si said. Ever since her kidney problems Tony or Abby had been telling her stories about her infancy. They started with her birth and the other night told her how they almost lost her to a mad man.

"Hmm what story can I tel you. I think we're all storied out." Tony said.

Kate piped up. "I got one. Can I?" Kate asked.

"Sure. Why don't we all sit down and listen." Abby said. Everyone took seats around the living room. Michael and Annie on the couch with Maggie between em. Tim and Daisy on the floor in front of the fire place. Abby and Tony on the love seat with Sierra in Tony's lap. Kate was sitting in the rocking chair and Gerald was in front of her on the floor. Gibbs was sitting on the arm of the arm chair Ducky was in.

"Alright it all started the New years eve after you were born. You 10 months old." Kate said

walking back in time.



Kate was watching the baby crawl around the floor. It had been about 2 months since the crook had taken her and they had to find her. Which made Tony a grouch to be around. She could understand she loved the baby as much as the rest of them. "Enjoying yourself?" Tony asked startling her.

"Yes I am. What about you?" Kate asked.

"Absolutely. Seems everyone else is too." Tony said.

"Look at Sierra." Kate said seeing Si crawling to Gibbs.

"Going to Uncle Gibbs." Tony said smirking.

"Think he will ever find Love?" Kate asked.

"I don't know. Don't really think of it. He mite. Or he mite just stay single and go from one girl to another." Tony said.

"Like we all thought you were gonna do." Kate said smirking.

"But I did change." Tony said.

"Yes you did. Abby brought the adult out in you." Kate said.

"I think Sierra did that." Tony said watching his daughter play with Gibbs.


Everyone was standing with glasses in their hands. "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEARS." Everyone shouted. Everyone kissed their mates and drank champagne. Kate was the one who looked over to where Sierra had been asleep on the couch but all she saw was the baby standing flat footed on the floor in front of it. Kate nudged Tony and pointed to the infant. Tony who turned and seen his daughter nudged Abby and pointed to their daughter. All the rest of the group caught the parents gaze at their daughter and looked. "Is she gonna walk?" Kate asked Tony.

"It would be cool. It'd be her first steps." Tony said quietly. And that's when Sierra did it she took her first shaky step towards the group. Tony reached his hand around Abby and covered her mouth before she could squeal.

"See if she walks a little more." Tony said. And sure enough Sierra took 5 consecutive steps in a row.

"That's my girl." Tony said squatting and picking her up.

"You did it Si. You walked." Tony said throwing her high in the air. Sierra who was giggling clapped her hands.

"Yay Si." Abby said taking her and kissing her chubby face. Tony smiled and hugged em both.

"Now this is a New Years Celebration." Tim said.

"It sure is." Tony said kissing Abby's head.


"So I walked right after New years?" Sierra asked.

"You sure did. And you've been running away from me ever since." Abby said.

"I have?" Sierra asked.

"Yeah straight to your daddy." Abby said wrapping her arms around Tony's mid section. Everyone laughed.

Annie cleared her throat. 'Well I have an announcement." She said. Kate Daisy and Abby all smiled at each other.

"Come August we'll have another member of the family." Annie said.

Michael who finally got it smiled widely. "You're pregnant?" He asked.

"Yes. About 2 months." Annie said smiling at him. Michael leaned over and kissed her passionately. Tony smiled at his brother being so excited. Tony raised his glass when he heard Keith Urban "Making memories of us." On the radio.

"I wanna make a toast." Tony said. Everyone raised there glasses. Kate handed Sierra her sippy cup.

"To Memories. The best and the worst." Tony said.

"To memories." Everyone said. Tony smiled Memories were what he had.


Thank you for the reviews. When my other stories are semi completed I'll come back and write a sequel. But until write some Tony./Abby stories they're not enough of em.