Title: Do you ...

Author: Yukiko Angel, DA GOD OF DEATH

Rating: pg

Genre: Romance, fluff

Pairing(s): Bakura/Ryou

Spoilers: none, except that Bakura is Ryou's yami.

Disclaimer: do not own them, do not wish to and most of all, I simply want to watch them. Probably Naked.

Summary: Ryou is asking some question to Bakura. Simple and clean may I say.

AN: This comes from a chain-letter, thought the word were nice and I said to myself. Hey, that's something Bakura could say. Hope you like it.


Ryou was inside the kitchen, cooking a beef roast for Bakura and him tonight. Chopping down some vegetable, Ryou looked back at Bakura, who sat there on the kitchen table playing with an old artifact knife he "found" at the museum.

"Bakura-san ..."

"Hai aojiroi?"

"Do you think I'm ... pretty Bakura-san?"

Without even looking up at him or stopping he answered.


He paused a moment, a knife midway in the air, then continue chopping an innocent carrot for the roast.


During dinner, while Bakura was killing is already-dead, Ryou stopped munching his mashed potatoes and looked over at his Yami.


"Hai aojiroi? What again?"

"Will you ... will you always be there for me? Always with me?"


"Ooh ..."

Not even asking more, Ryou finished eating his diner quietly.


"Bakura-san?" Ryou, with an apron on while cleaning the dishes, asked his dark again, "Would you ... would you cry if I leave you one day?"

"No aojiroi."

Sighting a last time, he looked down at the plate he was currently washing, sad but refusing to admit it.


Later that same day, Ryou was next to his other self on the sofa, watching another mummy's movie.

Very soon the movie was over with the mummy dying in the end, much to the displeasure of Bakura who was cheering all long for it, Ryou was alone with his Yami under the soft glow from the TV. He whispered softly, almost fearing the answer this time.

"Bakura-san ... do you ... love me with all your heart?"

"No aojiroi."

This time, hurt by the final answer, he left the room, tears burning the corner of his eyes. But before he could even reach the stairway, Bakura already grabbed his arm, stopping whichever attempt to leave.

"Aojiroi ... Ryou. You're not pretty, you're gorgeous. I won't stay always by your side, I need to be always by your side. Forever. I won't cry if you leave me, I'll die Ryou ... I don't love you with all my heart, you ARE my heart. So stop asking those stupid question when you know the answer.

I love you Ryou Bakura, now and forever, and I'll love you until we are together in the garden of Osiris."

Simply hold there, in front of his stairway. Ryou thought for himself he was damn lucky.


Aojiroi: means pale or blue-white. I was looking for a nick name for Ryou, thought this one was fitting.

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