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Last time: In the afternoon, Sesshoumaru came back from school. He decided to visit Kagome in her room. When he looked inside, she was on her bed, reading scrolls and writting down some useful things.

"Konbawa, Kagome. I thought you'd wait for me before going on about our project." Kagome blushed.

"Well, i had extra time, Sesshoumaru, i'm sorry! Please don't be mad!"

"I'm not, it makes it easier. You're not like anyone else either."

"What do you mean?"

"Anyone in your position would take advantage of this situation and use us for their own good. But you, you use your time well, don't ask for much and even try to help."

"Oh, thanks!"

He nodded. He looked at her tray filled with various foods. He knew she hadn't eaten. Kagome followed his gaze to the tray and her eyes widen.

"You didn't eat, did you?"

Chapter second

Sesshoumaru smirked at her pleading look. He casted a glance at the tray and saw sandwich, melon, a glass of water, a ceasar salad and some cookies.

'Good, sandwich, this will be easy.'

He dashed for the tray and grabbed the sandwich quickly then shoved it in her face. She instantly backed up with her hands in front of her. Sesshoumaru got on the bed and pressed it to her mouth while pinning her on the bead. She gasped when she realised they were in a promissing position. Big mistake, she stasted ham somehow, with bread and salad. Weird, that shouldn't happen.

She chewed while glaring at a smirking Sesshoumaru. Her arms crossed over her chest. She seem to lose to him in that particullay cathegory. With time, Kagome was becoming more and more expressive towards people and less hid her emotions behind shame and fear.

"Sess - "

He wordlessly shoved her another bite. He trully enoyed torturing people, play with their minds but this, this was the best! He almost sighed in contentment. Almost is the key word here. Kagome's glare was intensifying by the second as he felt like she would burn holes in him. He wanted to chuckle then.

Kagome finished her mouthful and had an idea. She wiggled underneath him and scooted towards the bedside. Now, Kagome was flat on her back and Sesshoumaru looked like a cat that pounced on its prey. He brought the sandwich to her mouth once more but she was gone. Did she shrink?

He looked underneath him and saw Kagome slipping out on the other end of the bed. Then, she made a mad dash for the tray of food. She picked a sandwich while Sesshoumaru was getting up and trying to get the covers untwisted around his legs. Bottom line, he didn't see her take it. She hid her hands behind her and stepped closer to the unsuspecting man.

He looked up and tried to shove the sandwich at her.

"You WILL eat!"

At that moment, he found a tasty yet soft sandwich in HIS mouth. Hi eyes widen.

'What the?'

He looked at Kagome who smirked. Behind her, he could see his parents smirking at him with looks saying 'Who's got who now?', he glared daggers at them.

"Now, you have to chew, Sesshoumaru." Came Kagome's mocking voice.

He complied all the while glaring at everyone. Kagome looked behind her and gaped. Since when were they here?

"I see you're better Kagome. Did my son deserve such a treatment?" Kagome blushed.

"Well, i just wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Literally."

By then, he had finished eating the bite she so rudely shoved in his mouth.

"Anyway, i was coming here to get you to dress because we need to get a court date."

Kagome nodded and politely dismissed them. Sesshoumaru stared at her. So, Kagome shoved him out and watched him land with a loud thud. Satisfied, she undressed and put the leather outfit on. She opened the door from her room and stepped out the perimeter of the safe hideout from humanity.

(that's how i feel, i keep myself locked in my room all day to update and read fics, not to mention sleep. i only get out for hygiene or to get water)

She went down the steps and found InuTaishou and InuYasha waiting for her. They stepped outside in the afternoon's summer sun and went to the police station. Once there, they talked to the same police officer and he told them where to find the court house. Some police officer named Kouga flirted Kagome in a not so subtle way and he earned himself a nice punch from InuYasha.

Turns out that he was a student from their school that was doing some police training. So, they couldn't press charges on him since he was an unofficial policeman.

They silently drove to the court house Kagome was looking out the window to stop herself from thinking about the problems she had endured with her foster family. (i know, it's probably not called that but who's story is this? that's it! MINE!)

She wouldn't shed tears no more. Trees past by quickly, she only got a glimpse of some bird that looked like he was cleaning his feathers. They came to a stop at a red light and a raven flew by quickly. (oki, i don't know if there are ravens in japan but here, there is!) She sighed and rested her head on the window.

InuYasha turned around and looked at Kagome who looked sad fo herself.

"Don't you worry Kagome, everything's going to be just fine so stop crying back there!" He turned around and mumbled something about weak females and their feelings.

Kagome gave him a sad laugh and kept looking out the window. InuTaishou, well, he flat out hit InuYasha behind the head. (heh, serves him right!) InuYasha just didn't understand what she felt.

On the insides, she was feeling guilty because a part of her thought she deserved the beatings and that this whole ordeal was her fault. Should she consider running away? They'd find her and bring her back. She just didn't understadn why these people were helping her.

She thought herself undeserving, they didn't know her anyways. Maybe she should leave and find herself a job to live on her own. But she can't, she owes them too much, they help her, they soothe her pain, they feed her, they give her a place to live. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She will stand straight and keep on going with life. With or without the Houjanjou family.

They arrived at their destination and Kagome stepped out wordlessly. They walked towards the entrance and InuTaishou held the door open to let Kagome in first.

Inside, you could see chairs with cusions on them with a plant in some random corner. Paintings adorned the walls and an insence scent wafted to Kagome's nostrils. Not displeasing though, on the contrary, it was soothing.

A man stood at his office's doorway, he looked nice. He had a warm smile on his face and his sea blue eyes danced with humor. This was Houjou's father!

He had some fat around the belt level and grayish brown hair. He stood straight for some man that looked in his fifties and seemed an inch or so taller than Houjou.

"You must be Higurashi, ne?" Kagome nodded timidly and bowed.

"My son seems quite fond of your wellbeeing, i am afraid he might come to his end if he hears about your misstreating."

"Then i suppose it will be wise if we keep this to ourselves, sir." Kagome slowly but politely replied, he eyes glued to the floor.

"Very wise of you to say that, Kagome."

"I suggest we get this done now, Kagome will need to rest, Mr Takishima." The man now known as Takishima nodded and showed them in.

When everyone was seated, he asked what would be a proper date for them to meet with the former foster familly of Kagome's. They decided on a weeks length from now. Two days before the oral presentation in history class that involved Kagome's and Sesshoumaru's ancestors.

Kagome bid the man a good day and they all walked to the car. She was somewhat nervous of the outcome of the court appointement with her former step-mother and sister. Souta seemed worried when she told him about the mistreating, now, she only hoped he and jii-san would come. Just to support her during this big chunk of her life.

Not every teenage girl got to go to court because of enslaving matters. She chuckled inside her mind. A sad laugh really, but still a laugh none the less.

InuTaishou wished that her condition would improve with time, at least before c-day. (court-day but i got tired of writting court)

InuYasha wasn't much help in cheering her up. Maybe Sesshoumaru could do it. Yes, he'd cooe him at helping her. Just this morning they were playing and laughing. At least Kagome was laughing. But Sesshoumaru did smile though. It's been so long since he'd seen his son smile like that.

Actually, since his mother died. Oh she was something that Taka. (inventing a name) She used to play with him every day in the gardens. Her laugh was music and her smile was like a ray of sunshine. (poetic ne?)

He loved her very much and so did Sesshoumaru. She died so suddenly. Perhaps...perhaps she was murdered. This was a question that tormented InuTaishou for years on end. Until Izayoi arrived, his life had once again a purpose.

But still, he had this feeling of missing something, half of his soul probably. Even Izayoi couldn't help him in that, no matter how much she would try. He loved her yes, and she loved him, but that wasn't the sole problem. She wasn't Taka. He misses and she respected that, she knew very well that she would never replace the one he trully loved, even though the rest of his heart was hers now. Even though he told her he loved her. Even though he told her a thousand times a day. She is not and would never be, Taka.

He heard Kagome sigh. The feeling of completion returning somewhat. He had familly. He would live this off. But never forget Taka no matter what.

They arrived at the mansion. and Kagome got out with practiced ease. She was already accustomed to them. They would live through their miseries together. InuTaishou smiled and inwardly nodded at his new resolution. Now, to get Sesshoumaru and Kagome to spend time together alone.

Speak of the devil, Sesshoumaru walked accross the entry room, reading a geography book and was heading for the living room to study. InuTaishou grinned and Kagome arched a brow then swiftly and silently slipped out of the room to the garden where she knew she would find peace to think.

Sesshoumaru felt eyes on his person and got a bad feeling. He diverted his course to head towards his bedroom in a faster pace then previously engaged. From the corner of his eye, he saw his father openning his mouth to speak.

'This cannot be good. I must do somothing to escape' He thought dryly.

"Sess -"

"Father! Have you bought the slippers Izayoi wanted the other day?"



InuTaishou seemed at a loss, did he forget something? Birthday? Anniversary? His eyes glazed over in deep thought. Nothing seemed missing. He turned his eyes back to his eldest son. What son?

'So the whelp saw it coming ne? Very clever Sesshoumaru, very clever.' He chuckled to himself. 'I knew Kagome would be an easier pray first but my ego just didn't agree...'

He turned towards the door; where he had last seen Kagome. But no one was there. He sighed. She had ran away just like his own flesh and blood managed to do just moments ago. Is he getting too old for this? Where's his craftyness gone to? Maybe he needed vacation. InuYasha must have some good idea. He went to the only place where InuYasha could possibly be; the living room. And there he was, slacking on the sofa, watching a replay episode of Monster Garage.

'Uh-Oh, dad!' InuYasha's brain started to panick. In a frenzie, InuYasha started going through ideas of escape but didn't realise he was actually gapping like a fish.

InuTaishou regarded his youngest son with a raised eyebrow.

'Dad probably needs something from me!'

"Inu -"

"Hey dad? Did you see mom? She had her hair cut today, i guess it's for a special occasion ne?"

InuTaishou once again glazed over in thought. Did she won the loterie? Lost weight? Difficult to say. After some time of stalling, he looked to his son to say something. Vanished. He growled. His son's and guest were escaping him. He sighed and went in his study.

Izayoi had bombarded Kagome with flowers along with Rin. She was simply sitting on a bench, preaching solitude but was ambushed by crazy females with flower arrangements and jewelry. She currently had a crown made of white daisies and her hair lay loose around her. Izayoi played dress-up and had her put on a white kimono with pink sakura blosoms seeming to run away with the wind, away from the tree.

She wore a soft perly white inner kimono and a pale magenta obi with the samely coloured bow on her back. She was sitting on the grass under a willow tree so not to get sunburned. They say that the afternoon sun is the worse. She sighed and looked towards a bush of lavishing white roses. She felt like petting their soft, delicate pettles. She took a fragile looking daisie in her hand and took away the pettles from their link.

She gently ran her fingers on each one smoothly. The orange sun was silently setting behind her. She sighed again. Izayoi and Rin told her they were going back inside since it was becoming dark. She nodded and watched as they picked up their recent 'victims' A.K.A the flowers and went to continue the party inside.

Somewhere in the house, Sesshoumaru came out of the room and looked both sides to see if the coast was clear. He decided to head for the garden, he could study there. He saw the bench and made a move to go to it when he heard a gasp. He looked to the wilow tree and noticed Kagome with an embarassed look on her face.

She looked like a goddess. Her eyes were wide with shame and her hair was fanning around her and blowing some strans in the wind. Her full lips glowed a small pink and were slightly parted, promissing a sweet treet. The small flush on her face made her look even more astonishing. The time seemed to stop as he froze in place, the book in his right hand long forgotten. His hair blowing silently in the wind, seeming to try to play tag with hers. They were closer than they thought. Her porcelain skin was showing on her neck and he could see a hint of her collar bone.

He hadn't seen skin so flawless before, so pale, so fragile. The braches from the tree emetted a small cracking sound as his bent in the same wind as them. A green leaf flew and caressed her cheek slowly, as if lingering in the softess it harbored. Neither blinked nor moved from where they stood, sat.

A flash came from behind Sesshoumaru's eyes. Kagome seemed to have experienced the same as she blinked. They were both rudely shoved in a memory void. Images going and swirling all around them.Then, they stopped. One image stayed.

Sesshoumaru helped Kagome stand as they seemed to be in a forest, under the same willow tree. Two beings, not far from them were talking but nor words or noise was heard. Simply birds and natural forest sounds. They seemes to be a couple. The man had long silver hair and was clad in armor and a white kimono with a red floral design on the shoulder and sleeves. The woman also had and armor but it looked more feminine, she wore a miko gown and her long black hair was adorned with a small blue lace.

Both had two swords resting at their hips. The man had two magenta stripes on his cheeks and a cerulean crecent moon on his forehead. His eyes seemed forever cold in a golden amber fire. his ivory skin looked cold to the touch but warm at the same time. His hands held the woman's waist in a dominant yet protective matter.

The woman had joyous blue, ice-cap eyes and pale blue stripes at the same place the man had his. On her forehead, she wore tree magenta sakura pettles. He skin was lightly tanned. Her hand reached out slowly towards the amn's face to brush the hair from his face with a claw. He started to bend slowly towards her face and they kissed in a passionate dance of warm lips touching the other's sensual ones.

Their eyes closed to resveal magenta stripes on the man's eyelids and blue ones on the female's. Then, all seemed to go in black and white and vanished.

Kagome heard someone call her and Sesshoumaru's names. It was InuTaishou. She blinked and turned around to see InuTaishou becon them for dinner. Sesshoumaru looked at her face and couldn't help but notice some familiarity with the women from the vision and the one standing before him. She turned her head and their eyes met. Then he noticed that it was dark. How long had they been out here?

"Did - did you see that, Sesshoumaru?"


"That man looked just like you, but somehow different..." She frowned in thought.

"Same goes for you and the women."

"Do you think they might be our encestors?"

"Why would they send a vision though?" Kagome shrugged. "Come then, we must go inside." She nodded and followed him in.

They ate their dinner and Kagome went to her room. She changed into a light dress-like pajama made of innexpansive silk and sat lied down on her bed. Sesshoumaru knocked and asked permission to enter, saying he needed to talk. She aknowledged him and granted him entry.

She scooted over to let him board her bed and he lied next to her.

"Tomorrow, we had history class."

"Yeah, and in three classes is the presentation." He nodded. Kagome turned on her back and looked at the seeling."Is that vision troubling you also?" Sesshoumaru turned his head in her direction and Kagome turned her eyes on him also.



"I do not know, maybe it is because they looked just like us?" He suggested.


After a long silence, Sesshouamru spoke up once more.

"I had the sudden urge to pursuit this to the end, i wish to know everything the past holds. Everything about me, you. About us. I do not to solve this mystery only because it is for school, but because it intreagues me."

Kagome smiled softly and turned her body towards him.

"I feel that way too"

She looked so beautiful, so untouchable before him, the moonlight enchanting her figure. He touched her face then and her eyes closed simultaneusly. When she opened them once more, his face was closer. He whispered a good night and went back to his room, shutting her bedroom door softly.

What was he doing in there? He had seemed entranced, captured by her presence. He felt like kissing her right then and there. He couldn't say that he did not like that fact that she seemed subdue to him though. He liked dominance. He sighed and rolled on his side in his bed. If he was still in Kagome's bed, they'd be facing each other, and if she hadn't moved either.

The next morning, he went downstairs to drink his morning cofee and eat a toast. He bid his father a good morning as he did to his step-mother and Kagome. Kagome. She was her usual shy self once more. Slowly, she spread marmelade on her toast and drank her milk.

She looked at the time and noticed they had a half hour left to kill. InuYasha wasn't up yet. She walked uhp the stairs and knocked on his door. No answer from within. She wearily opened the door and popped her head in the small crack she created. InuYasha layed spread eagle on his bed, head tossed on the side and the covers long forgotten. He slept in his boxers and Kagome noticed a saliva line going down on his torso. She scruntched up her nose in disgust. He should wipe it off...

She tip-toed inside and poked his body with a random object amongst many others scattered about. He mumbled something incoherent and turned on his stomach. She decided to stab him with the blunt object instead. InuYasha swatted towards it but was still sound asleep. Getting irritated, Kagome hit him behind the head and made a break for it when he groaned and screamed death threats. He had no clue that the one that hit him was Kagome.

Sesshoumaru so convieniently was walking in the hall in front of InuYasha's room and heard an object connecting with one's body and Kagome's feet padding hurriedly outside the room with a sadistic smile on her face. She bumbed right into him and fell to the floor like a clumpsy china doll. She rubbed her bottom and looked upwards, not expecting Sesshoumaru to be her human wall.

Like a deer in headlights, she looked at him with wide eyes, terror written in them. He cocked an eyebrow at her sudden traumatism. She promtly stood and dusted herself then ran down the flight of stairs to the kitchen. InuYasha decided to storm out at the moment.


"I have no idea what you are talking about, little brother." He hid his smirk as he saw the big bump behind his head.

"Don't deny it you bastard!" InuTaishou walked by and shook head at his two sons. InuYasha raised an eyebrow and Sesshoumaru simply walked down the stairs.


"You are making assumptions, InuYasha, i do not wish to be late for school. Unlike someone else who is slacking."

InuYasha cocked his head to the side in wonderment. "School?" He said as if it was foreigh word.

He knew he forgot something. He ran back inside his bedroom to get dressed. When he came out, he jumped down the stairs and went to the kitchen to meet with the oh-so-expecting-mother of his and took his lunch box and grabbed a toast from his father's plate and popped it in his mouth. InuTaishou shook his head and sipped at his cofee.

Outside, Sesshoumaru opened his car's door and saw Kagome walking past it and starting towards the street.

"Kagome" She turned around.


"Come, i'll drive you, we go to the same school remember?" She dumbly looked at him and blinked a few times.

"Uh - yeah..." She walked towards the car and sat in the passenger seat.

InuYasha barged out the front doors and went to the back seat. Some female decided to steal his usual seat. He glared at Sesshoumaru's back as his sat down and made a silent promise to make him regret later. Sesshoumaru turned on the contact and drove towards school. (Even that sounds sexy for some reason...) All three were silent all the way there, Kagome seemingly avoiding Sesshoumaru's glances and InuYasha silently plotting while glaring out the window as if the trees were the cause of his foul mood today..

Once Sesshoumaru's car stopped in the parking lot, Kagome quickly unbuckled her seat belt and stepped out of the car. Women were marveling at Sesshoumaru's angelic features while whispering to themselves about the strange girl that just came out. Noticing this, he glared at them and walked towards Kagome. She was swept from her previous position and into strong arms. She blinked, once, twice then looked behind her.

Houjou was hugging her! She squeezed out of his affectionate embrace and bowed to him in greeting. He nodded and was about to say something when he saw Kagome looking behind her and running off. He looked over where she had and only saw Sesshoumaru. He shrugged and went on his merry way.

Sesshoumaru had the sinking feeling she was avoiding him for some reason. He didn't like it. He didn't like it one bit. InuYasha flirted with one of the admirers from his brother's fan club when the school bell rang.

Sango accompanied by Miroku, always, walked with Kagome to mathematic class. They talked about what happened in the weekend and why Kagome wasn't at school the day before. She told them about c-day and all the little troubles she ran into while she so bravely swept her precious belongings from her former home.

She managed to keep up with the pace the teacher set her on since she had skipped a day. Once she was done with the current exercise they were working on, she slackened and played with her pencil, waiting patiently for the bell to ring it's horrible scream of agony. She lost herself in deep thought about the history project Sesshoumaru and she were working on. The vision was playing a selected scene in her mind over and over again like an old, black and white, silent movie. The kiss. It seemed so familiar yet so far from memory of experience.

The bell suddenly rang and shoved her from her deep thinking. She gathered her things and waited patiently at the door for her friends to come out. They went to art class next. The teacher approved of Kagome's skills, although morbid, it was an enjoyable sight. She couldn't possibly paint or draw a sunset with lovers kissing when she never even had the personnal experience herself in the domain. Or has she? She then remembered how Sesshoumaru had looked at her and touched her face. She blushed.

After class, she was met by the one and only Sesshoumaru, the one that's been in most her thoughts since the night before. How torturing can feelings be sometimes. Fate had a grudge against her. Not that Kagome had any feelings for him but the thoughts did, they brought the same feeling of previous rejections and hatred, sorrow and such.

"Why are you avoiding me Kagome?"

"I am not." As she said that, she dodged him and walked past to join her friends which had went a great deal ahead of her.

"Yes you are." She stopped.

"Where do you come from?"

"What do you mean?"

"You like, kinda popped out of nowhere" She cocked her head to the side. He lifted an eyebrow.

"Magic. Now answer truthfully." Some girls that had finally managed to catch up, gathered around the both of them.

Kagome blinked and looked around. Sesshoumaru cleared his throat to remind her of the matter at hand. She looked at him and blinked again. He raised his eyebrow further. The girls were whispering about her being a bitch for trying to steal the 'sex symbol' of the school.

"I am not avoiding you, Sesshoumaru. I have a lot of things on my mind, not only you."

"I see. And what, pray tell, makes you think so much that had to run off after waking up InuYasha with a baseball bat and not talking to me while i drove you at school?"

"Er - it wasn't a baseball bat, it was a Shinaii" She corrected. (Shinaii: Bamboo sword to practice the art of Kendo, the samurai fighting techniques. Mine's always in my bed beside me...can't sleep without it.)

"Kagome." He warned.

"Uh - yes?" He sighed.

"I give up." She smirked.

"So easily?"

"You are playing with me?"

"Me? Never..." She gave him an innocent look.

"You are"

"Take it as revenge for feeding me" She turned and started to walk away and threw a last comment over her shoulder. "Twice"

The swam of hormoned female fans gasped all at once. Some glared at her back, others looked mortified. Or traumatized, you choose. Then, to make the matter worse, Sesshoumaru did something worth running away for your life, he chuckled and walked after her to history class.

Kazuu, the 'gang leader' of the Sesshoumaru fan club stepped in front and glared deep holes in Kagome's back.

'She's gonna pay!' And walked off towards Geography class

Sango and Miroku took their usual seats as did Kagome and Sesshoumaru.

"Okay class, i want you all to gather in your assigned groups to talk about the oral presentation due in three classes from now." Kagome inwardly groaned. She didn't need a reminder about c-day.

She took out her papers and notes. Sesshoumaru did the same. It seemed that both had worked on it some. They discussed the project and it's outcomes. When class was ended, Kagome breathed a sigh of relief, it was lunch time. (i don't know for you guys but we get lunch time after three periods here, it used to be two though)

She decided to eat in the cafateria, alone. Some girl came up to her and held a very bitchy posture. She presumed her to be a future prostitute.

"Who are you?"


"Are you deaf?"

"No, i am not. Why are you taking to me?"

"I know you're a loser and all but do you have to act stupid too? I can see clearly through your game, bitch, and you're not gonna get him!"

"Him who, pray tell?" Kagome, at this point, was confused beyond recognition.

"SESSHOUMARU! Stop trying to attract him! And don't try to deny it, you were at his house were you? Little slut!"

"Why would i deny such an idiocity?"

"So you're trying to get him in your pants are you, slut?"

"Why would i want to sleep with him?"

"Don't you dare play stupid with me!"

"I'm not!"

"Listen here, Sesshoumaru's mine, and if i see you near him again, i will slit your throat!"

"Kazuu! Why are you threatening Kagome? And since when am i your belongging?"

"Oh Sesshoumaru!" She lauched herself at him and glued her arms around one of his and said in a fakely afraid voice. "That bitch was threatenning me first!"

"Do not feigh innocence with me, Kazuu." He then proceeded at pushing her to the floor. "I saw the whole thing."

Kazuu seemed stunned.

"If i catch you misstreating Kagome again, you will be the one with a slitted throat."

"Oh my hero..." Kagome said sarcastically and rolled her eyes then went back to reading her familly's geneological tree, in search of her ancestors, while eating an apple.

"Sacasm does not fit a woman."

"Since when?"

"Since i decided so."

"Who died and made you King?" Kagome sighed and stood to leave. "See you in french class."

"You are still avoiding my presence."

"Am i?"

Sesshoumaru sighed and walked after her. He decided it was a good idea to follow her to the library and study some. She noticed him following her to the library. She thought nothing of it. She took a random booth by the window. He sat accross from her, books in hand.

"What are you doing?"

"Studying, you?"

"Same, but why are you sitting here?"




She sighed in defeat.

"Giving up so easily?"

"Yeah, you're exasperating"

"Thank you"

"I did not mean it as a complement"

"I took it as one, is that so bad?"


He smirked and she glared. Kikyou chose this moment to step in. She sat next to Sesshoumaru, too close, and glared at Kagome.

"So, what are you up to, bitch?"

"None of your concern, Kikyou"

"Remove yourself from my person"

"Aw, Sesshoumaru, don't give me that treatment. Not after all we've been through!"

"We haven't gone through anything."

"Exactly, that's a good reason why you should take me out sometime to know eachother better." She purred while leaning in closer.

To Kagome, it looked like he was considering the offer, it disgusted her. To Sesshoumaru, Kikyou looked like some other slut glued to him. Kagome silently gathered her things and walked away. Leaving the disgusted Sesshoumaru in the slutty Kikyou's grasp. How he wanted to escape. He actually hadn't noticed that Kagome had left. Not while he was concentrated on Kikyou being close to him. TOO close. Was she drooling?

He would have pushed her away brutally and ran to god knows where but he was afraid that if he did, Kagome would lose her cause and would have to go back to that putrid hell hole. Kikyou had her eyes half closed and was purposely opening her uniform's shirt open to seduce him.

He grimaced and gently but firmly enough, pushed her away. He didn't usually make up excuses for women but this was an exception.

"I need to got the the washroom."

She nodded dumbly and said she would wait for him. She didn't notice him taking his books with him either. Oh she'd be waiting looong! He went straight to french class which was, during lunch time, usually empty. But he saw Kagome sitting at her place and reading about her family again.

She lifted her head to confront the man she knew just entered the classroom.

"What's the matter? Not with Kikyou?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Don't play with me, Sesshoumaru." She narrowed her eyes at him.

He opened his mouth to protest but the bell rang and the teacher, along with some students came in. Kagome bent her head once more upon her book. The last period went on greatly but it was rainning outside though. Kagome walked slowly towards the parking lot, she was dreading the ride home beside Sesshoumaru, maybe she would sit in the back seat.

Sesshoumaru pulled an umbrella over Kagome's head and walked closer to her so he would be underneath it as well. She looked to the floor, not saying a word to him. He went to open the passenger seat but Kagome walked past it and sat behind. He blinked and closed the half opened door. InuYasha came running and was about to open the back seat door when he noticed Kagome. He shrugged and went in front.

The drice home was uncomfortable. Sesshoumaru was lost in deep thought as to why would Kagome be mad at him and Kagome was trying to figure out why she cared if he went out with Kikyou or not. This was all but just a simple missunderstanding.

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