Know Your Stars: Megaman NT Warrior Special
By Vulpix1000

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Chapter 7


Right as the Dimensional Area was shutting down, Lan, Maylu, Chaud, and Yai all arrived outside of the room with the dreaded Know Your stars chair in it.

"Wasn't that a Dimensional Area" said Maylu.

"It was just like the one I saw before" said Chaud.

"I bet the Darkloids are behind this" said Lan.

"We should go inside and investigate" said Yai.

So Lan, Maylu, Chaud, and Yai all walked inside. Once inside they all split up and started searching the room.

While searching along a wall, Maylu came across a place where she could jack in.

Hmm, maybe the answer to this whole thing is in the cyber world?" said Maylu.


Maylu then took out her PET.

"Maylu, jack me in and I'll check things out in the cyber world" said Roll.

Maylu pointed her PET at the jack in point and yelled "JACK IN ROLL, POWER UP."

A beam of red light came out of the front of the PET and hit the jack in point, teleporting Roll into the room's system.

When Roll looked around, she discovered that she was in an exact replica of the room with the dreaded Know Your stars chair in it, complete with the dreaded Know Your stars chair.

"This looks just like the room my op is in."

Suddenly, the floor under her started to move, causing Roll to plop down right on to the dreaded Know Your stars chair.

"Hey isn't this the chair that everyone sat on while they were being insulted?" said Roll.

Just then the spotlight shines on Roll and the video cameras appeared once again.

"Please don't tell me…"

Just then, Roll heard the announcer's voice.

"Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars. Roll, she is in love with Wackoman" said the announcer.

"I am not in love with Wackoman!"

"You think the way he laughs is cute."

"No I don't!"

"You think Clowns are hot."

"There is no way I would ever think that!"

"Roll, she's been trying to delete Megaman." said the announcer.

"WHAT! I would never do that!" said Roll

"Yes you would. You would because he beat your love, Wackoman. You and Wackoman have been trying to delete him as a couple"

"I am not in love with Wackoman, I love Megaman and I would never want to see Megaman deleted or hurt Megaman in any way!"

"Roll, Wackoman and her are going on a double date with Megaman and Medi" said the announcer.

"WHAT! I am not dating Wackoman and my Mega will never fall for that she devil of a nurse navi!"

"This double date is the perfect time for you and Wackoman to delete Megaman. Megaman is just lucky that he is dating a nurse navi so she can help him if he gets hurt from your deletion attempts."


"Now you know Roll" said the announcer.

"No they don't! I'll get you for this mark my words!" said Roll while shaking her fist.

Roll then stood up and logged out of the system into Maylu's PET.

Once Roll was in the PET, Maylu said "I'm sorry Roll; I lost communication with you as soon as I jacked you in. What happened?"

"This room's cyber world is an exact replica of the room in the real world, complete with the chair and announcer."

"Did he insult you?"

"He sure did"

Don't worry Roll, we'll make him pay!"

Next time it's Protoman's turn to sit in the dreaded Know Your Stars chair.

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