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Sasuke's answering machine message:

Naruto whatever your going to ask me the answer is NO! Sakura, Ino stop leaving messages on my machine! Kakashi-sensei, your the one that better not be late for practice! Neji, Saturday, the forest, 1:00pm. Don't be late. Yes Lee I still think your weird. Shikamaru, yes, yes, I know Ino! Chougi for the last time I don't have any marshmallows in my house! Kiba I haven't seen, kidnapped, or killed Akamaru. Hinata, I don't know what color Naruto's bed sheets are. Gaara stop sending me death threats! Itachi, Yes I still hate you. Orochimaru stop stalking me! And for crying out loud everyone stop calling me! Beep...

Messages on Sasuke's Machine:

Message #1

(Naruto) Everyone else is busy and no one else will tolerate me so I decided to call you! Do you wanna buy me Ramen at the Ramen shop? Then afterwards we can fight, I want to show you this new technique I learned! Call me back!

Message #2

(Sakura) Sasuke, I just wanted to know if you've got any plans...then maybe we could practice or something. Bye!

Message #3

(Ino) Sasuke! I know that Sakura called you but just dump her and go out with me. We could go to the park or something!

Message #4

(Sakura) Hey I forgot to tell you if Ino called just now ignore her because I bet she told you to ignore me, didn't she?

Message #5

(Kakashi) Hey we have a practice tomorrow don't be late.

Message #7

(Lee) I was just thinking and all and maybe if I trimmed my hair a little that I could become cooler. What do you think? Maybe I wouldn't be so weird?

Message #8

(Ino) Remember what I told you!

Message #9

(Sakura) Ignore her!

Message #9

(Neji) You better show up for a fight! Oh yeah and did I tell that I'm so much smarter than you, I'm so much more good looking than you, I'm so much... (Hinata's voice in the background) Neji! hurry up! (Neji) Uhh...I'll call you back later I get help Hinata sew bed sheets or something.

Message #10

(Shikamaru) You know your starting to annoy me! I mean Ino called me like at 1:00 in the morning to tell me this dream she had of you and her getting married. I would complain to Ino but then she'd just tell me the names for your children that she picked out or something. This is your fault!

Message #11

(Chougi) Don't worry about it man I got some marshmallows from Shino's house. Now what I need is chocolate. Do you have any?

Message #12

(Ino) Don't forget to call me back so we can set up our date! Ignore Sakura!

Message #13

(Sakura) Sasuke just ignore Ino and call me back so we can make plans!

Message #14

(Kiba) I don't trust you Uchiha! Akamaru has been missing and you had better not done anything to him! Last time he was missing he was practically on the front lawn of your house!

Message #15

(Neji) I'm so much stronger than you, I'm so much cooler than you, I'm so much more awesome than you, (Hinata's voice in the background.) Neji! What are you doing? Come on and help me! (Neji yelling at Hinata) I'm leaving a phone message for Sasuke telling him how great I am! (Hinata in the background) Sasuke? Give me that phone! (Hinata) Hey Sasuke! So what color bed sheets do you think Naruto would like? Orange ones? Or ones decorated with ramen bowls? Call me back ASAP!

Message #16

(Gaara) I will kill you Uchiha Sasuke! I will make sure your blood mixes with my sand so that I will be become stronger! (maniac laughing) I will kill you! (Laughing dies down and then a cough) Oh...and...Uh...thanks for the birthday card.

Message #17

(Itachi) Hello my foolish little brother! I just want to make sure that your fine. You still hate and you still want to kill me, don't you? Oh and mom and dad say Hi! I mean that's what they probably would have said, but we can't really know can we! Anyway practice hard everyday so that one day you can kill me.

Message #18

(Orochimaru) Hello Sasuke. I'm just calling to ask you some questions. What is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? What is your deepest darkest secret? What color is your underwear? I need you to answer those questions because Kabuto and I are working on a 100 page profile on you! Call back!


(Sakura) Sasuke don't forget we still need to make plans about practice! Forget about Ino!

Message #20

(Ino) I was just thinking wouldn't going to the park and having a picnic be fun? Just call me so we can set the time and date! Ignore Sakura!