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Harry looked up at the blackboard behind Snape's head to carefully read the instructions of a rather tricky potion they were making today to show your family tree appear. Harry, was actual quite good at potions (who wouldn't be after having to cook for the Dursely's for his whole life, when potions was quite similar to cooking) but didn't let on about it, after all, you never show your enemy all your talents.

He had learned this lesson when Dudley had found that Harry was getting the best grades in the school and beat Harry up, making him do Dudley's homework as well as his own.

Harry leaned over his cauldron and added the buttolk roots. The potion sizzled before turning a dark green. Perfect thought Harry.

Usually by this stage Harry would have made some mistake, stirred one too many time, added the wrong amount of ingredients, but Harry really wanted to see his ancestors from his father, James Potter's side, having not heard much about them. And if anyone noticed how perfect his potion was, he could always pass it off as a fluke.

Now comes the real test Harry thought as he bottled his potion and walked up to Snape to see if he could take it. The idea was that a soon as you took the potions you would start spouting (A/N is this right?) off his ancestors names, and Snape would write them down before showing them too you.

The brilliants of the potions was that you would have to brew it to perfection before it would work (you would know when it didn't) and it couldn't be foiled.

"Professor, I have finished, can I take it now?"

Snape looked up from where he was grading some third year homework to look over Harry's potion.

"How surprising Mr. Potter, it seems you have finally managed to complete a potion without it turning out as an utter disaster. Come on Mr. Potter, take the potion already, I unlike you, have a rather tight schedule and I will not have you wasting my time any longer."

Taking the potion back from Snape, Harry downed it in one gulp, wrinkling his nose is distaste as he wondered, if all of the more difficult potions tasted so foul, remembering the Pollyjuice potion he had taken in second year and how Professor Lupin who always seamed to suffer from having to take Wolfsbane.

Professor Snape started writing as soon as the first word came out of Harry's mouth.

"Mother: Lillian Rose Evans" was to be expected, but as the second word was said, Snape looked up in shock "Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle"

Severus quickly glanced around the classroom to see if anyone else had heard. Apparently no one had as there was no gasps of shock or staring straight up at the front of the room gob smacked. They were all too caught up in finishing their own potions as well as they could.

Harry meanwhile was blissfully unaware of the even which had just taken place and was still naming his ancestors, ending with Salaza Slytherin from his father's side and Maeve Ravenclaw (Rowena Ravenclaw's niece) from his mother's side.

Harry looked up expectantly at Snape waiting for him to give Harry the piece of parchment which contained his family tree, however Snape never returned the parchment instead telling Harry to stay behind after class to discuss the results of his potion.

Confused, Harry asked the potions Professor why "What would you wish to discuss with me? There was nothing wrong with my potion. I KNOW there wasn't and everyone knows who my parents were. Can't you just give me the paper that contains some of MY family history to me, it is mine you…"

Harry suddenly stopped talking because of the look he was getting from Snape. Remembering that he was in the order and it could be order business that the Professor would wish to discuss with him away from the prying eyes of all the students. But then, would he give him a detention so that there was no chance that a slow student was still left in the back of the classroom somewhere, or a eavesdropper staying behind the door to hear more about the boy who lived?

As Harry was talking, Professor Severus Snape was thinking over the information he had just learned and how he would be able to tell the Dark Lord without getting killed. Though that would be very unlikely since he was His most faithful and loyal. Yes, that's right, you heard correctly. How could he possibly be loyal to Dumbledore? The muggle loving manipulative fool who trusted Snape to do the right thing and stand up for the mudbloods. Repulsive.

Especially when the Dark Lord had so much more to offer with a place by his side then Dumbledore ever could.

And how would he tell Harry Potter, who, now he thought about it, was really Harry Riddle, without him running off the Dumbledore whenever something was wrong, like the good little puppet he was.

Finally, by the end of Pot-Riddle's little speech he came to the conclusion that he would simply have to take Riddle with him to Slytherin Manor (Deatheater headquarters and also where Voldermort resided.) after class when the Boy Who Lived stayed behind, getting him off of his hands.

As he watched Harry make his way back too his seat, he reached under his desk and pulled out a piece of paper, making sure no one was looking muttered " Portus, Slytherin Manor" then placed the paper off to one side and waited for the class to end.

Like Snape, Harry waited for the class to end. He watched as one by one the students made their way up to the potions master, told him all the ancestors before packing up and filing out of the classroom, heading off to various destinations.

As Hermione walked out of the room (Ron had not made it in to advanced potions) she sent Harry a questioning look as he was not packing up, but thought nothing of it. Harry had been doing lots of strange things since Sirius passed away, keeping more to himself then spending time with Ron and her. In fact, he spent more time with Neville then anyone else.

When the last person disappeared out the door, Harry stood and walked up to the front of the classroom where Professor Snape was waiting.

"What did you want to talk to me about sir?""

Snape took a piece of paper that was on his desk and handed it over to Harry.

"Here, take it." Snape said.

Harry, now vary suspicious, didn't take it, but instead replied with" But its blank, sir."

The professor, now getting annoyed snapped "You think I don't know that? Now take it!"

You see, Snape had to wait until both he and Harry were touching the paper before saying the keyword that would activate the portkey and transport itself and anyone touching to the manor.

Harry, still eyeing the paper with distrust, tentatively reached out his hand and clasped it around the paper.

Before Harry had a chance to pull the paper out of Severus's hand, Snape whispered "Slytherin Manor" and with a familiar jolt in their stomachs, they were zooming out of Hogwarts and far away from Dumbledore and the long reach of the headmasters arm.