As Snape looked into the Dark Lord's mind memories flashed passed him, glimpses of how Voldermort viewed the world. It seemed a very cruel place.
Interesting as it was, it was not what Snape was searching for, and he knew that if he lingered, he would be punished severely, most loyal servant or not.

Not finding anything that might resemble a memory charm, Severus delved deeper yet. Then suddenly he came to a block, a space devoid of feeling, light or image of any kind.

YES! Now came the tough part of dismantling it, which would be no mean feet. Dumbledore, mudblood lover that he was, was still one of the more powerful wizards of the age.

Snape sent his mind toward the charm, probing for any sign of weakness to pull the charm apart and reveal any secret hidden truths within. There it was. Snape could feel a slight weakening, so slight that he might have missed it and kept searching if he was not combing the charm so thoroughly, for good reason, as Voldermort would be there when he came out of his mind.

The darkness started to fade as Harry came back into the land of the living to find his all time enemy screaming. Swinging his gaze over to Snape, he found that the potions master had a look of utmost concentration on his face.

It took a couple of minutes before he registered where he was and why he was there, and then... fucking HELL!"

This is not happening. This is not happening! This is NOT happening! Who am I kidding? This is happening.

Harry couldn't believe that out of all the people in the world, Harry had to be HIS son. But, it does kind of make sense in a very twisted way. You just have to look at all the similarities… the parceltongue "it seams you have inherited some of his powers when he cursed you as a baby" as if, the black messy hair, not that Voldermort has any hair now, but back when he went to Hogwarts as a student he did. The strange connection they seamed to have that drew them together at the end of every year, the brother wands… It's a wonder he hadn't ever realized it before, but then again, everyone was always telling him how like James Potter he was.
Now… what was Snape doing to Voldermort? It couldn't be good.

Harry was making up his mind about whether he should help his father and stop Snape from doing whatever it was he was doing to Voldermort, as the Dark Lord looked very much in pain, or trust that Snape wouldn't do anything to harm him, or just watch the scene play out and see what happens.

He was leaning towards helping Voldermort, when Voldermort suddenly stopped screaming and looked slightly glassy eyed. In the same moment, the expression of concentration on Severus Snape's face was replaced with a tired but satisfied look.

"What did you DO to him?"

A sharp look from the potion's master silenced any further enquiries from Harry. And couple of minutes passed, which seamed like hours to both Harry and Snape before Voldermort's eyes lost their glassy eyed look and focused on Harry. Harry felt somewhat giddy – he was looking at his father.

"So, it is true, you are my son. Dumbledore will pay for this!" Voldermort then shifted his gaze to Hogwarts current potion's master. "You must take Harry back before any of those good for nothing so called wizards realizes he's missing. Once there, await further instructions,"

"You can't do this! I just find out you are my father and you send me straight back to Hogwarts without giving me an explanation!..."

"I will give you an explanation," Voldermort cut him off "Once you get back to Hogwarts. We do not need Dumbledore figuring out you know that you are my son before we want him to. And I want to keep Severus in his position as a spy. So you will go back NOW! They will already be wondering where you are, and if you get back to Severus's office before they do, we can pretend you were in detention. I'm sure that Severus can make up a suitable scenario as to why you are in detention. Can't you Severus?"

"Of course, my Lord. Now hurry up Po-Riddl- Harry. Take my hand. We do not have all the time under the sun. Hurry up!"

He used my name. Well, that's a first. But it does sound good with that deep sexy voice of his.
WAIT… rewind, stop… SEXY? Since when have I ever thought that anything of Snape's was sexy? Harry, pull yourself together. This whole thing has messed up your brain.

Before Harry could question his sanity any further Snape had pulled out the portkey which had brought them to Slytherin Manor, grabbed Harry's hand and called out "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Which sent them spiraling off back to the potion master's office, leaving Voldermort and Slytherin Manor well behind.

As soon as they landed, Harry, predictably, fell on his ass. Snape just stared down at him with a look of utter contempt. Then Severus did something no one would have been able to predict.
He lent forward and gave Harry his arm, to help Harry up. Harry stared at Snape's hand suspiciously for a couple of moments, making Severus feel slightly uncomfortable, (though Snape would never admit it) before grasping Snape's arm and pulling himself up.

"Thanks" Harry mumbled embarrassed about the fact that he never seemed to be able to stay standing after traveling on a portkey.

Snape turned and sat down behind his desk, watching Harry dust off his clothes. He motioned for Harry to quickly sit down in front of his desk. Listening carefully, he could hear footsteps approaching.

Harry got the fright of his life when Severus started shouting at him for no apparent reason. Then he remembered what Lord Voldermort had said about Snape giving him a detention and decided to play along with it.

"Did you really think you would get away with it Potter? You're just like your father. Good for nothing wizard that he was, No wonder he got himself killed. It's a miracle you're still alive."

Even though Harry knew that Voldermort was his real father, he still felt a slight anger building up inside of him. But nothing like how angry he would get before he found out who his real father was. After all, if for your whole life, you grow up believing one man was you father, to find out that he's not. Your feelings are not going to change over night.

Just as he was starting to go red, on purpose I might add, to make the scene look more real, Dumbledore burst in the door, followed by McGonagall, Hermione and Ron. All had worried expression on their faces, as Harry and Snape had been gone from the castle for some hours and had been missing from dinner.

"Ah, professor Dumbledore, just who I wanted to see. You see, Mr. Potter here, decided it would be hilarious if he were to place three dungbombs under my chair when there was a sound outside and I had gone to check what it was. When I reentered the room, I found him crawling out from under my chair. When I looked under the chair to see what it was that he was doing, I found these." Snape opened one of his many draws, and pulled out three dung bombs.

Harry who though that he should step in now as he would usually do, shouted out "I never put the under the slime balls ("Professor Snape Harry") chair. I smelt something coming from his chair and went to see what it was. I haven't even had the chance to get dung bombs. Ask Hermione and Ron, they'll tell you I haven't got any dung bombs."

"Of course they're going to tell you that Potter didn't have any dung bombs. They're his friends."

And with that cries of outrage filled the room. Ron's loud voice could be heard over everyone elses. "At least Harry has friends, unlike you, you slimy git!"

"That's enough. Harry you will spend detention ("But… I), no buts. You will spend detention with Professor Snape for the next week." With that, a horrible look of glee came upon Snape's face. He's playing right into our hands, and he doesn't even know it yet.
"And you, Professor Snape, will meet with me in my office tomorrow morning at nine sharp."
Dumbledore then smiling looked at the three Gryffindors "I think it's about time that you three go off to bed."

As Harry was walking out the door, he got the shock of his life, when he heard Snape's voice sound in his head "Come back down after your little Gryffindor friends have fallen to sleep. Do not be seen!"

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