Summary: You know the way Ron hurts Hermione & then what happens? Just read it! T rating just incase. A new guy & a ball.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately am (not) J.K, for if I was Ron & Hermione would already be together & there would be at least one picture of Ron with his shirt off in the book already!

It was a Friday night (7ish) where Harry & Ginny were yet again sitting on a Gryffindor couch, trying to ignore their best friends bickering.

"Excuse me?" yelled an aggravated Hermione, "You heard me you no-it-all bookworm!" yelled an equally angry Ron. "Ron, that is so old, you'll have to do better than that to get to me," she yelled back. "Well maybe this is something you've never heard it's called 'the truth' wanna hear it? You've got no friends! Harry, Ginny & I are your only friends & we don't even like you that much!" "Hey, leave me & Gin out of this" came Harry's voice, from the couch.

"You're a total loser!" As soon as those words came out of his mouth Ron instantly regretted it. He saw tears start to leak down Hermione's cheeks. "Hermione, I'm sorry, look I didn't mean…" Ron started his apology, "You no what Ron? I don't care anymore, do what you want but don't try to come near me," Hermione said in a voice near to a whisper, with that she ran out of the Gryffindor common room & up to her dorm.

Ron just stood still, then he slowly turned to Harry & Ginny who were in shock from what had just happened. "I guess I'd better go up & comfort Hermione. Oh & well done Ron," said Ginny sarcastically as she left for Hermione's dorm, leaving the hard job to Harry: talking to Ron.

"I'm such a bloody idiot!" said Ron to Harry. "Mate listen, you are a really, really big idiot & you did hurt Hermione, but she will get over it, all you have to do is prove to her you are truly sorry," said Harry calmly even though, in reality, he wanted to yell at Ron until he was hoarse. Ron was quiet for ages. "You like her don't you?" asked Harry, "Yer, I mean she's one of my best friends &…" Harry cut Ron off, "Ron, you know what I mean, you know as more than a friend?"




"YES Ron, you do & everybody except you & Hermione can see that!" said Harry getting annoyed with Ron's arrogance. "Mate, I don…. Mate! I do! I like Hermione Granger!" said Ron, surprised that he had spilled his feelings for his best friend to his OTHER best friend. "There you go mate! Now what are you gonna do about it" Harry pressed on, "I'm gonna! …do absolutely nothing." Said Ron looking downcast. "And why the hell not?" asked Harry confused. "Because I can't, ok?" with that Ron stormed up to the boys dorm. 'I wonder how Ginny's going with 'mione?' thought Harry.


"Don't worry about him 'mione, he's just an idiotic prat & trust me he didn't mean it, if he did, which he didn't, I'll maul him in his sleep, ok?" said Ginny trying to comfort Hermione. Hermione let out a laugh & wiped away her tears, "You know the only reason it hurts me so much is because I love him & he just thinks of me as a geeky, ugly, friendless bookworm," said Hermione sadly letting another tear rolled down her cheek onto her bed.

"Hey 'mione Harry & me are your bestest friends & so is Ron even though he doesn't always act like it," replied Ginny, then it hit her! "'Mione did you just say you loved my brother?" asked Ginny stunned. "Uh… no... I said I liked Ron as a friend," said Hermione defensibly, "No you didn't you said you loved him! OMG YOU LOVE MY BROTHER! EWWWWW!" said Ginny making a disgusted face. "I do not, I repeat, DO NOT love your brother!" said Hermione strongly.

"You do too,"

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"Do not!"

"Sure 'mione, you can think what you wanna but Harry & I both know you love Ron & you can't deny it!" claimed Ginny. Hermione sighed deeply "Your right, Ginny," she finally sighed, "No Hermione, nothing you say will make me or Harry think differ…..I'M WHAT?" asked Ginny confused & also wanting to cherish the one moment when she was right & Hermione was wrong. "Your right I love your brother, I love the way he goes red when he's embarrassed& the way he stands up for me & I love his lips I just wanna kiss them &….." "STOP! Please this is MY BROTHER we're talking about, so please don't make me picture my best friend & brother kissing!" yelled Ginny, blocking her ear & humming The Simpsons theme song, then both girls went completely spaz with laughter.

The next day (Saturday at 1pm) Hermione decided to go outside for a walk to the lake, where she could be alone & think or read.

She was sadly mistaken.

Being a hot day there were heaps of students in the lake swimming & prodding the giant squid with sticks. No more than 5 minuets later Hermione felt a tap on her shoulder & turned around to see Ron standing there. "What do you want Ron?" asked Hermione sounding annoyed, "Umm…can I sit down?" Hermione shrugged, "It's a free school."

"So, umm listen, Hermione I'm really sorry, I mean I…." Ron began, "Listen Ron, I don't want to hear it, if you didn't notice you really hurt me last night & why do you care about me? I'm just a friendless, ugly bookworm," Hermione yelled, with that she got up & ran across the grounds into the castle tears threatening to fall down her cheeks, leaving Ron feeling like a bigger prat than he already felt.

'Great!' thought Ron, as he watched Hermione run off towards the castle. For a while longer he sat quietly. "Uh, hi Ron," said a voice from behind him. "Oh, hello Lavender," said Ron as Lavender sat down next to him. "I saw what just happened. Hermione's sooo should've forgiven you." Then Lavender added smiling, "I would've!" Ron looked over at her, "You know what, your right, thanks Lavender."

"So, what brings you down here?" asked Ron a couple seconds later. "Well, I was actually looking for you," Lavender said, blushing. "Ok, well, here I am. Whadda ya need?" asked Ron grinning. "Well, um, Iwantedtoknowifyouwantedtogooutwithme?" said Lavender quickly, blushing & not looking at Ron. 'God girls can talk fast,' thought Ron, "Come again?" said Ron. Lavender took in a breath & said slowly, "I wanted to know if you wanted to go out with me?" Ron stared at Lavender in shock for a minuet, Lavender looked away, and then Ron realized what he was doing. "Yeah! Of course I'll go out with you Lav," he said forcing a grin. "Great, so wanna head up to the common room, it's so boring out here, it's like being in History of Magic," said Lavender getting up. Ron followed the suit & walked back to the castle hand-in-hand with Lavender.


Hermione was blinded by the tears that had welled up in her eyes. She was heading towards the astronomy tower but as she turned the corner she bumped into somebody & fell to the ground. "Sorry, I didn't see y…," said Hermione, stopping once she saw a hott guy standing there, "Not at all, most girls usually just say 'hi' if they wanna meet me, but you get extra points for originality." The boy laughed helping Hermione up. "Sorry, who are you? I don't think I've seen you around Hogwarts before," asked Hermione, "Oh, sorry, where are my manners, meh, probably left them in my dorm," he said as Hermione giggled, "I'm Patrick O'Shaunasey, but you can call me Pat the Victorious," Said Pat raising one of his eyebrows. "And who, may I ask are you, milady?" Pat questioned.

"Oh…I'm…umm… Hermione Granger," Hermione stuttered. "Hermione, eh? Well, the reason you haven't seen my around Hogwarts, is 'coz I just arrived. I'm from Drumstrang but I wanted to go to a co-ed school so, here I am!" Pat said, looking proud, "Looks like I make a good choice, the girls here are hotties!" He added looking at Hermione & winking. It was true Hermione did look much prettier now, her hair wasn't tangled & bushy anymore, now she had long soft curls & a great figure. Hermione turned a shade of pink, "Thanks, you're pretty easy on the eyes too," Hermione joked. "Hey, what's the matter Hermione?" he asked only just noticing she had puffy red eyes (typical boy!). "Oh never mind, just a stupid fight with a friend," she said, wiping away any tears that may fall out of her eyes. "Oh, poor baby, need a tissue?" Pat asked sarcastically, "No thank you, I'm fine you git," Hermione said, punching him on the arm. "You know, you're a lot like Ron, the friend I'm fighting with, he's funny, easy on the eyes & stupid too," she added thinking about how much she loved Ron, even though he was being a prat. "Oh, so it's your boyfriend you're fighting with? Gotcha," said Pat, "No, he's just a friend," she answered. "Well, if he's a boy & his your friend than he must be your boy-friend, true?" said Pat cockily. "I suppose, but I don't like him in THAT way," Hermione added. Then Pat muttered something that sounded an awful lot like 'Sure'.

Hermione shook it off. "So, do you know what house you're going to be in?" Hermione asked trying to change the subject. "Nah, I have to wait till dinner to find out," said Pat seeming a bit put out. "What house are you & your friends in?" "Gryffindor, it's the best!" she said happily. "Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I get in Gryffindor, nope not gonna work my bones are to brittle, I'm too old," Pat frowning, then he became happy again, "What year are you in anyways? I'm in my sixth," asked Hermione, "Me too! How awesome, well I gotta go, places to go & people to trip over, cya Hermione it was great to meet ya. Cya at dinner!" Pat said walking away towards the great hall, then turned around & came back toward Hermione. "Hopefully we'll bump into each other again before than, literally," with a sly smile Pat ran off down a near-by corridor. "Bye Pat."

Hermione feeling a hell of a lot better decided to head to the common room & decided on reading a bit of 'Hogwarts: A History'. After about an hour of peaceful reading in front of the fire, Hermione was disturbed by two people walking through the portrait talking very loudly. It was Ron &…..Lavender? Hermione watched them from behind her book. Lavender mentioned something about having to study up in her dorm for her transfiguration quiz. 'WHAT?' thought Hermione, as Lavender ran up the stairs to the girl's dorm. Hermione could not believe what she had just witnessed. RON KISSING LAVENDER! Hermione was about to chunder (throw up), she made a disgusted face behind her book, as she did she noticed Ron sit on the couch opposite her & start to do his Divination homework. After a few minuets of awkward silence Hermione got up & headed up to Ginny's dorm.


"What's wrong 'mione?" asked Ginny as Hermione walked into her dorm tears rolling down her eyes. "Ron! That's what is wrong, of course." Hermione sobbed, "That bloody PRAT, what'd he do now? Hermione if he has said anything else to hurt, so help me god, I will rip off his ba..." Hermione cut Ginny off, "No, he didn't SAY anything to hurt me, he did something,"

"That's it I'm gonna go rip that prat's head off & then I'm gonna flush it down th…"

"Don't worry 'bout it Gin, I don't care anymore," stated Hermione,

"WHAT? But just last night you said you loved him, as disgusting as that is, you do!" said Ginny. "Well, who cares Gin, obviously not him, he just pashed LAVENDER! I am so close to slapping him so hard in the fa…" "If I get a hold of him there won't be anything left to slap," said Ginny, leaving Hermione alone in her dorm. "No Gin- Aw no fair it'd be so fun to watch Gin beat up Ron," muttered Hermione to herself.