Heh, just a very short little story to show that I am still alive, Yay:oD. Yeah, anyhow, a very short Rob/Star with an awkward Robin. Please note that this story did not come from a personal experience though slightly different, and I do not relate to Robin's predicament in anyway, and that I am not just in a river in Bangladesh.

Disclaimer: I don't own it :oP

Denial… It ain't just a river in Egypt. Or Bangladesh as Beastboy says. Yeah, he's the smart one of the group. Though, it could just be because he thinks Bangladesh is a funny word… Either way, he's the smart one all right. Which leads to why his inquisition earlier was completely stupid and illogical.

Let us establish one thing… It was cold. And while she denies it she was shivering. What was I supposed to do in such a situation? I had a coat, and we all knew that Beastboy, being the extremely selfless person that he is (please note sarcasm) wouldn't give up his coat and Cyborg, well, it's not like he even owns a coat, and Raven, I mean, come on… really? What other choice did I have? To let her freeze while I remained toasty warm?

Of course not. It's my role as leader to keep the team comfortable and—I mean, it's not like giving her the coat was a gesture of repressed love and wanting! It was merely the tactful and gentlemanly thing to do! If I was to marry every girl that I have ever given my coat to I would be—well… ah… that doesn't really help my case any… hmm…

So of course they, as in, immature idiots one and two, decided to make a big deal about it. I don't see what the big deal is, guys give girls coats all the time! I mean, it's always done in those movies and—ah… in retrospect, that's not helping much either… I am going to kill Cyborg and Beastboy…They act like I'm in love with her or something! Not that I am, I'm just saying because they have to make a big deal about giving her a coat, not that it was a big deal, nor a sign of maybe a bit of a crush, because I clearly don't have one, a crush that is, not that it would be wrong to have a crush, because she is a very likeable girl--

I mean, for the love of Pete…