Icequeen-Yo! Well I just sitting here at 4:47 in the morning writing crap, because I cannot sleep. Hopefully I'll feel sleepy at the end of this. Its all done in Inuyasha's pov by the way.

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Every little detail

You never really pay attention to the most beautiful things in life, like the stars. I've never really noticed how they shine so brightly, and how they twinkle in the sky.

I always try to pay close attention to another beautiful thing in my life, Kagome. I've paid attention, but I try to take in every detail about her like they way her hair shines or the when her skin glows under the star light.

I hear birds tweeting meaning the sun will rise, the stars will fade and everyone around me who is in there relaxing sleep under the stars will awake and we shall continue our journey of searching for the Shikon Jewel. Everyone looks so different, when there own little dream land, they look so peaceful and sincere. I try to savour every bit of my journey because I don't when it'll end and what will arise after it, so at night I try to find every little detail in all my friends. My opinion has always been its all in the details, and this makes up a person.

Maybe its the way Kagome's hair blows in the wind or the way her eyes sparkle but theres something about her that makes her stand out to me.

The sun have risen and my friends shall awake soon, then will shall continue our quest to destroy Naraku. Maybe if I paid attention to Kikyou's details, I would have noticed that it was Naraku and not Kikyou who shot thoses arrows at me. Always pay attention to detail because you never know on what you could be missing out.

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